Eliza Gamut Correspondence

To Father Anthony


I Knowe that you are notte as Sure of my Lorde Devereux as I be but I doe Thanke you for your Blesinge. And I Hop you Shalle Faile not our Partie for I Shal Feele a Fule in the Midst of that Gathringe with Evryone Gogglinge at me.

You have Sayed that you Wille try to Helpe the Arckangell Michal and if I can doe Aught to Helpe I Shalle. We Cannot Leve him Beten and Broken in a Box. As I Toled to you I did have a Vison of one who was Tauntinge the Angell and Pokinge him with a Stick. Father if you Wishe I Canne Try to Divine who it was who did soe. No Dout the Jewess Brandage has Toled you that she Thinkes they were Betray'd and the Atack by the Angell Expected.

Tho it Little Plese me I must goe to Egypped for the Spnix is nowhere else Founde. My Lord Devereux is Neded a Thosand Plases at a Time but he Sayes that he Shalle Come. Also I Shalle have Lord Gray and I Shalle Spek with others. I did alsoe have a Vision of one who Spok with a Sfphninx1) but methinks that alle did not goe Welle for the Sfinncx was Passinge Hungrey. Tis my Hop that we Shalle Finde this Beest in Some Parte that is Fre of Demonnes but Father I Sholde be Gladde of your Blessinge bfore I goe and alle Aid you can Give me.

The Grayl is now in Albion but I doe Stille Thinke that Lilith Shalle Mak to Steale it from us. I Have Spok with the Angell that Visit me and he Saye that Lilith has Littel Powr but thro her Children exceptinge over those who Falle under her Sway. And he did Saye that the Angells who have the most Powr against her are Call'd Senoy Sansenoy and Semangelof. Father there is Somethinge that I Must Telle you that has Trubbeld me tho I Wolde Sooner be Gibeted than Telle anyone else. When we did Quest for the Grayl I was Sore Tested and I Thinke more soe than one of our Fellowes for twas a Test of a Diffrent Sorte. If there is a Gracefull way to Saye it I doe not Knowe it so I Shall Spek Plaine. I did Spende a Deale of Time Lock'd away for twas too Harde to Look upon my Lorde Devereux and not to Lette my Handes Follow where my Eyes Fell. I did not Asail his Purity but twas in my Minde a Grat Deale and I Cannot Say if this was Inflence of Lilith or the Demon in my Belley or some Evill in misself but soe it was. But we are to be Marrid and he Sayes that tho he must Remaine Pure of Fath as Bearer of the Grayl he doe not Ned to be Untoucht for twas only the Mappe that Neded him alle Unknowinge of Woman. So alle will be Welle.

The Prinse Suffers Stille and the Lande with him but we may doe Littel till that Wretched Cuppe do Decide that our Nede is Grat enuff. Mistres verch Morcant and misself doe Stille Drawe Chartes to Watche for other Danger to the Prinse and of Late it Seme that Hel itself is Takinge a New Intrest in the Prinse.

But for now the Kinge is in much Grater Danger for I have Cast a Divination to See what Thret he Wille next Face and did See Thre men who Stabb'd him and then Threw Catholic Croses pon his Corse. I Have Warn'd the Kinge also my Lord Devereux.

There Wil be Atempts to Arest that Sorcror Lovecraft and tis Time inded for everyone in Corte has Knewn for Yeares that he is Takinge the Devills Penny. And I am Toled that he has Made Contract with the demon Choronzon that he Sholde Stel Some Severall Thinges from the Est India Companey and Receve in Fee Life Imortalle. And soe tho he has Suffer'd Injurey and Deth Times Uncounted yet he Breths and Plottes to Mak hisself a Duk of Hel. They doe Saye that there are Thre Copeys of the Contract and it Canne be Broken only if alle Thre are Destroy'd. And they Saye that Lovecrafte do Holde one and the demon another and they Knowe not where to Finde the Thirde. And alle of this is Secret Maters for they Wolde not Give that Cretur Warninge. And tis Welle they Act Soone for the Cretur now is Fundinge an Orphnage wich May Meane a Dozen Thinges and none of them Goode.

You did Spek of a Manne Lately Turn'd from the Jeswit Path and Wolde not Give me his Name for Consence Sake. I Askt if his Name came with an M and I Still Thinke tis Mandrak but I Shalle not Mak you Say Yea or Nay. My Lord Wyndham did Aske me to Consulte my Glas and see if Mandrak did Trewly Rebel from his Popish Ways and I did See a Vison of Mandrak Turning his Backe on a Pair of Skulkinge Fellowes in Casoks who did Looke Right Vext. It doe Seme that Mandrak Spek Trew unless it be that he Carrie one of those Littel Crosses wich they doe Say Foxes Divination. Father I Knowe that you have been Givn one Such to Looke at and if you Canne Telle me Aught about it or Lend it me a Littel Time so I Might Studie it twod Serve me Welle. All this too is Best Manag'd Privily.

The Master and Prinse Ali the Moor have Delv'd in the Roomes of the Olde Master in Invisibel College and Near Scar'd themselves to Deth for tis a Hellish Plase and now They Thinke to Close it Away and goe in noe More. They did Bringe out Sundrey Bookes of Sorcry tho wich now they doe Labor to Kep from Lovecrafte. They Thinke they have Founde the Spirit of the College Trappt in a Grat Chest and they Wil Lette it out Right Carefully and I Have Toled them to have Menny Gifts Redy for tis Likely it Wille be Passinge Cholric.

Father I Knowe not what you Thinke of the Man-Clock Medici but he has Come to me with Severall Star Chartes that doe Shewe that the Archbishop do Meddel with Sorcry and Traffick with Demonnes. I Have now Look'd at the Chartes and they doe Look Square and Trew enuff. This is no Goode Thinge for methinks the Archbishop has the Trew Angelum in his Handes. This is not Comon Knewn nor doe I even Meane to Telle the Lord Wyndham Strait where I Thinke it Lie untill I am more Certin that he Meane no Ille to the Crowne. And tis a Murkey Mater for their be soe Menny Fals Angelums a Man can Scarse Steppe for Trippinge over them.

I have also Spok with the Wyf of Colnel O Farel and I Cannot Saye if she be the Dampe Haysede she doe Seme. She Sayes that this Traytor Cassidy and her Husbond did Werke Together and Deside Mongst themselves who Sholde be O Farel that Wek and it Seme she had not the Wittes to Notise. Inded to Gess from the way she Tremblt and Wept when we Spok of Such Thinges it Sounde as if both of them did Knowe her Bedde and she Stille did not Gess how many Husbonds she had. Anyway she Sayes she is Arranginge me a Bridall Showr and Wille not be Gainsayed and tis so Lots of Women Canne say Goodbye to me wich doe Seme Quer Since I Wille Stille be in Oxford a Good Deale after.

The Jeswits Meanwil do go from Madnes to Madnes. They Beleve that the Strange Calamitey that has Struck Nipon from the Mappes is the Werke of the Rosy Cross tho I Thinke Notte for the Rosy Cross doe Seme to Thinke that it is the Werke of the Jeswits. But for this they doe Telle all their Agents that they must goe to Warre gainst alle Witches and Sorcrors in Albion and Strike them down. This I doe Meane to Telle the Sisters tho to my Minde the Sorcrors may Shift for themselves exceptinge the Cathayan Sorcress. I Have Warn'd Gwen verch Morcant for tis she they are Most Like to Strike at for she has New Took over the Cottage of Madame Selen. For Gwen is Notte our Leder because we do notte have Leders if you Get my Meninge Father.

The Papists also Saye that the Merchante Companeys are Sendinge Magicians to the New Worlde to Sette up a Factorey to Mak Gunpowder. They Meane to Stoppe them by Hooke or Crooke. They have also Notic'd that Solomon Jones has been Buyinge Cathlic Churches and they doe Saye that he Holde Unholey Rits in them wich I doe not Thinke Likely. But they Calle on their Agents to Stoppe him Anyways.

And for the rest the Jeswits do Howle at the Brandages for Causinge the Flode of Demonns in Egypped. The Rosy Cros do the Same and tho I Cannot Prase the Brandages for what has Past they have Perform'd a Miracle in Bringinge two Such Diffrent Factions to Singe to the Same Tune.

There are Sundrey Rumors that the Archbishoppe of Edinburgh do Seke a Sorcror but I Knowe no More of this.

I Shalle Telle you also of the Starres tho they doe Seme even more Despondent than Usual and tis Unlikely to Bringe you Cher. They have Spok thus:

Trew love can Brech alle Barriers but not alle Walls Sholde be Torne Down. In the Depest Darknes the Warrior of Heven Knowes Agny. From the Gratest Love Canne Come the Gratest Eville. Where the Sunne has not Shonne for Thosands of Yeares there they Gather. There they Rise to Spil out into the Worlde. The Sky Shakes and the Hevens Fall Asunder. Beware the Star Goat.

A Goode Deale doe Seme to Spek of the Dedes of Dalembertus. Wher it Spek of Love I am not Certin. The Star Goat is a Quer Omenne and Recall Menny Strange Nightmares I did have as a Childe for I had a Grat Feare of Goats back then with their Strange Sidewis Eyes.

God Helpe us alle Father God Helpe us alle,


To Baron Wyndham

Your Lordship,

I Have Alredy Toled you my Ansers to your most Pressinge Questons but the Worlde has Been Busy these Past Few Monthes and for the Grater Parte Busy Goinge to Helle.

My Lorde if you Might Plase thos Croses we Spok of in my Handes twod be Welle for then I Colde Assay my Skilles gainst them and See if I Might Understande them. Twod be no Goode Thinge to be Blinde gainst the Jeswits at this Time for I have Lerned of Danger to the Lyf of the King from Jezwit Asasins and of this the Kinge has been Warn'd.

The Order of Arundell doe Seme to be Waxing in their Madnes. They Rage a Good Deale gainst the Brandages who they doe Seme to Thinke did Loose the Forses of Helle onto Erthe by Desine. They also Howl gainst the Rosy Cros for they doe Blame that Secret Companey for the Strange Calamitey that has Struck Nipon from the Mappes. My Lorde methinks tis Neither the Rosy Cross nor the Jeswits but some Other Partey.

But as I have Sayed the Papists doe also Telle all their Agents that they must goe to Warre gainst alle Witches and Sorcrors in Albion and Strike them down. I Shalle Warne the Sisters of this and my Lorde if you Wolde Putte a Goodly Number of Us'd Hangmens Nooses into our Handes then when we Knowe our Enemeys you Shall Finde them Easy to Best for they Shalle Thinke their Heads so Fulle of Bees that they Wille Gladly See them Tooke off with Swerdes to Putte an Ende to the Buzzinge.

The Jezwits are Wroth with Master Jones for he is Buying Catholic Chapelles and they Saye that he is Performninge Unholly Rits wich I doe Thinke to Meane that he Try to Mak them Good Anglican Churches or else that he Teare them Down.

There is one other Strange Mater. Six Months Past Arundels List of Enemeys was Naught but a Deth List. But the List Sent out with the Last Sette of Orders did bid their Agents Kille alle on that List but two wich were my Lord Devereux and yourself. The Agents are bide Kep an Eye on you and noe More.

As you have Bid my Lorde I Have Look'd Further into the Illnes of the Cron Prinse. I Feare that tis as we Fear'd and as some of the Olde Wyfs Gabble for he is the Fisher Kinge borne again and we Must Tak Grat Care of him till he be Heal'd or twill be the Worse for Albion. If he be Harm'd the Lande is Harmed. If he be Kill'd well Lette me Saye that Wolde not be Goode my Lorde. If the Prinse be Knockt Aside from his Ritfull Plase as Heir then tis as if Erth Change Plase with the Sky and we Must Looke for Disorder and Ills from wich the Lande is not Like to Recover. And if the Kinge be Lost and the Prinse Tak his Plase twod also be Disaster.

Some few of us did Travell to the Solomon Islandes Follwinge an Ancent Mappe and after a Deale of Diffculty and Snakes did Find the Grayl wich is Sayed Canne Cure the Fisher Kinge. Tis Brot Home Safe but it Seme it doe have a Sense of Theatre my Lord and Wille not Ope till our Darkest Hour. It Seme that even wile Hel Marches on Heven the Hour we Face is not Dark enuff yet for its Purposes and we Must Expect a Darker one wich doe Offer Smal Comfort I Must Saye.

But in the Chartes I have Drewn for Prinse Richard I doe See a New Thret wich is that Some Partey in Hel now doe have an Intrest in him wich methinks Cannot be Goode.

As for the Omen of the Gardenne of Eden that did Aper in the Kinges Charte it has Since Shewn itself in Sundry other Chartes soe it doe Seme it was not Merly to do with his Majestey. But it is Worrisome that it Aper so Often.

My Lorde I have Spok with the Wyf of O Farel. I Cannot Telle if she be as Wette and Witlesse as she Seme but she Give me to Understande that O Farel and the Imposter Casidy did Contrive Together for to Lette Casidy Tak his Plase. She Sayes that she did Travell to the New Worlde because Casidy did Bid her doe so some Few Yeares ago. She Claime she Knowe not where to Finde her Husbond and but Wolde Derly Like to doe so.

If you have Heared Aught of the War btween Hell and Heven my Lorde you Wille have Heared that the Angell Michal is Taen and Held Prisner in a Burninge Box his Wings Brok and his Bodie Betn. Many Mortalls and I mongst them have Felt his Agny and Hoplesnes in Drems and it May be that you Have also my Lorde. But I Have Sen another Vison my Lorde in wich I did Glimse another Minde and did Gette a Feelinge of one who did Poke the Prisner Angell with a Stick and Taunt him Most Cruelly as one Abandon'd by his God. I Thot twas Werth the Menton for the Brandages doe Saye that they were Betray'd and if a Mortall was at the Torturinge of Michal then tis Unlikely that that Person be on the Side of the Angells.

My Lorde I Hop that the Imp that Dalembertus did Leve with you has Caus'd you no Perill or Hurt.

The Omens of the Starres do Mostly Tret of this Warre and doe not Seme Full of Hop for they doe Runne thus:

In the Depest Darknes the Warrior of Heven Knowes Agny. Where the Sunne has not Shonne for Thosands of Yeares there they Gather. There they Rise to Spil out into the Worlde. The Sky Shakes and the Hevens Fall Asunder.

The Starres Offer other Omens wich Runne thus:

Trew love can Brech alle Barriers but not alle Walls Sholde be Torne Down. From the Gratest Love Canne Come the Gratest Eville. Beware the Star Goat.

I Cannot be Certin what these Sholde Meane. Perticly the One bout the Goat.

It doe Seme that of Late some Sorcrors of Invisibel College did Try to Sumon Baal to Helpe with the Warre. I have Spok to Some that Saye twas Meant to Sumon him to Hel and not Erth so that he Might Fight with Dalembertus but the Ritul was Intrupted and Some Say twas Brok up by a Cult of Kerinalamathatis who is the Demon that for a Time did Posses Kathrine Chandler.

It doe Seme that Dame Chandler is now Cur'd as my Frends Promis'd tho I Wolde Nede to Drawe a Charte to be Sure. She doe Stille Aper to Hunt down Cultists in the College but now to Pass them to those who Sholde Imprison them and not to have her Dogges Teare them Apart. It Seme from Talkinge to her that Yeares ago the Demon was Sumon'd into her by a Sorcror Frend of hers at Invisibel who Strait After did Find a Yearninge for the Travelinge Lyf and Scamper'd off.

I Heare also that the Sorcror Lovecrafte is now the Patron of an Orfnage. My Lorde I Struggel to Thinke of a Way in wich this Canne be Goode.

I doe not Knowe if it Intrest you my Lorde but there is Somethinge a Mite Quer bout this Central Americkan Constructon Companey that Owne the Canal in Panama. I have Putte Some Coin in the Venture I must Confes and did Draw up a Charte to See how it Might Fare and tho it Looke like my Coin Wille Find Frends it doe also Seme that there is Some Sort of Taint to the Bisness. I have Spok to Prinse Ali of this and also the Baron of Ensford but they Saye they Knowe not what this Wolde be. But Since a Grat Number of Albions Shippes are Like to Travell thro it to the New Worlde Perticly now there are Rumors of Golde in California I did Thinke it Werth the Menton.

It doe Seme that Profesor Mandrak has Calm'd the Companeys and they Wille now Selle Gunpowder to my Lorde Devereux. If your Lordshippe doe Stille Thinke that the Merchants Meane to Rise gainst the Kinge and Wolde Wishe me to Digge a Littel I Hop my Lorde Wille Saye.

The Privteers doe Saye that the Isles of Japan are Suffringe an Infernall Invason wich they doe Thinke Come from Nipon. But the Privteers are Most Busy with Votinge on a New Leder wich Looke Likely to be Captin Smashinge. I Sholde Menton also my Lorde that some Privteers are Askinge about those Domisile Pirates who doe Raide Flotinge Houses in their Flotinge Shippes and Call themselves Privteers. For some mongst the Privteers Thinke that if this Prove Safe by the Law then they Shall Have a Share in that Game and Quick for they do alle Carry Leters of Marque. If Flotinge Bildings are as Shippes as Peple are now Sayinge then we May Have Sea Battels in the Sky my Lorde.

If you Wolde Knowe more on these or Other Maters then doe but Lette my Knowe my Lorde.

God Helpe us alle,

Dame Eliza Gamut

To Lord Devereux

Letter 1

My Own Love,

I Did as we Discust and did Fede Wyndham a Spoonfull of Fact with an Equal Mesur of Fancy. I Toled him Trewly enuff that my Divinaton did Shew the Angelum in a Box with Menny Locks and Nearby a Figur that to my Minde Look'd much like the Archbishoppe. But my Lord Wyndham may also now have the Belef that a Charte was Drewn wich Shewed Maters Difrent and the Angelum Restinge in a Metall Hande or in the Hande of one Lately Deade wich he doe Thinke Might be Casidey the Impostor. And he do Seme to have Fixt on the Idea of the Metall Hande and Sayes he Thinke it to be Franz. Soe now the Waters are so Muddie I Thinke he Shalle not Knowe wich way to Swime but if he Swime at all methinks twill be towards Franz.

And now that I have Brok my own Rule of Tellinge Trewth of my Divinatons I Thinke I Sholde Tell the Same Thinge to Fitz for I Stille Cannot be Sure that he doe not Trade our Seckrets to Wyndham or that he Wille not if his Demon Master bid him. And for that Mater I Thinke twod not be Welle for Fitz to have his Handes upon it at alle.

And we must Decide if tis Safe to Leve it in the Handes of the Archbishoppe for I have Look'd at the Chartes of Medici and they Seme Strait enuff and doe Inded Say that his Grase doe Dabbel with Sorcry and Traffick with Demons. And if tis Trew that it has been in his Kepinge bfore it may be that this has Corrupt'd him. This Angelum is an ill Thinge and twod be Best it were Destroy'd.

Fitz Sayed that he did not Knowe when he was Borne. Perchance tis even Trew. But I did Caste a Divinaton and was Shewn the Night Sky as it Gleam'd above his Birth and because Sundry Starres did Falle as I Watch'd I Colde Worke out wich Night it was. I doe not Thinke I Shal be Telling Master Fitz that I Canne Draw Chartes for him at Wille.

Of Late the Charte for Prinse Richarde doe Shew a new Shadew for it Seme that Hel Taks a New Intrest in him and methinks this is thro Zacharias Fitz and his Master. It Seme that the Prinse Colde be Us'd to Chanel a Deale of Magickal Powr but onlie gainst Albion.

We Must notte Falle into Thinkinge ourselves Safe just because the Grayl is now in Albion. I doe Stille Thinke that Lilith Shalle Mak to Steale it from us. I Have Spok with the Angell that Visit me and he Saye that Lilith has Littel Powr but thro her Children exceptinge over those who Falle under her Sway. And this did Trubbel me a Littel for tho I doe not Thinke misself under her Sway yet there is a Demon in my Belley and such Thinges Ought not be Forgot. And the Angell did Saye that the Angells who have the most Powr against Lilith are Call'd Senoy Sansenoy and Semangelof and alle of this I have Toled to Father Anthony.

As you Knowe I have Drewn another Charte to Looke for Dangers that Thretn you. For the Grater Part tis only the Perills wich Face a Soljer and wich I Supose I Must Grow Custom'd to but now I doe See a Hint of Thret from a Jewish Sorce. It doe not Seme Pressinge or Large but Holde it in your Minde my Love.

My Love I Cannot Helpe but be Gladde that you Wille be with me in Egypped. Prinse Ali has Sayed that he Wille give us Mappes and Native Clothes and Contacts and as much Helpe as he Canne for tis Lande that he Knowes Wel. Lord Gray is with us but Captin Greyhawke has not yet Givn an Anser. I Have Writ to Solomon Jones but have not Heared from him. Now I Thinke to Writ to more of our Fellowes on the Grayl Quest such as Captin Smashinge.

Another Divinaton that Lord Wyndham did Aske of me was to See if Profesor Mandrak had Trewly Turn'd from the Jeswit Cause. I did Looke into my Glas and saw him Turne his Backe on a Pair of Fellowes in Casoks who did not Seme Well-Ples'd. If this Speke Trew it doe Seme that he has Abandon'd them but that doe not Meane that he is to be Trusted in alle else. And now that alle Spek of the Magick Croses the Jeswits Beare wich Befuddel Divinaton I Must Wonder if I See Clerly and Shal Wonder till I have my Handes on one of these Croses and can Assay my Skils gainst them.

It doe Seme tho that Mandrak has been Doinge you a Favor for it Seme he has Spok up for you with the Merchantes and now they Wille Sell you Powder again. Minde you I Thinke they are not Like to be Short of it. As I Toled you bfore a Littel Birde has Wisper'd that the John Company was not Blewn up as they Saye and Still Mak Gunpowder. And tis far Harder for them to Selle such Powder to the Crown Prinsess Ping of Cathay for the Gerard Canal is Fulle of Demons and it Have Harm'd a Good Deale of the Trade with Cathay. Also the Jeswits doe Saye that the Merchant Companeys are Sendinge Magicians to the New Worlde to Sette up New Factoreys for Gunpowder and the Jeswits doe Thinke to Stoppe them.

I Knowe that you are a Parte of the Planne to Arest Profesor Lovecrafte. If you doe Nede a Charte Drewn or if you doe Nede me to Distract him with a Buzzinge in the Brayne then pray let me Knowe my Love. There is Stille a Muckle ado in Invisbel College and I Trust you have Heared of the Sorcrous Summoninge of Baal that did go Awry of Late. But the Prinse Ali doe Seme Sensible and the New Master do Seme to be not a Baalite and Kathrine Chandler doe Seme Recoverd and with Luck and Some Jugement we May Gette the Spirit of the College out of the Box where we Thinke tis Lock'd.

My Love I did Cast a Divinaton Hopinge to see who Kill'd Lady Wyndham and how. Twas too much for a Single Spel but I saw how. For there were a Paire of Handes wich did Pour from a Littel Bottel into a Tureen of Soupe and then Serve it into two Bowles. Then those Handes did Tak away the Soupe and Leve the Bottel in view. I Thinke I Sholde Knowe that Bottel again tho is Likely tis Remov'd. Tis Certin then that the Poyson was in two Bowls and so praps Lord Wyndham had an Antidote his Wyf Lack'd. If the Handes that Poyson'd were the Handes that Served then tis Likely that a Servante was an Engine in this for tis Hardly Like that the Baron Sholde Serve his own Soupe.

I have also Ask'd the Glas who did Kill Madame Selene and it did Shewe me two Sever'd Heads being Carried down a Darken'd Stret by a Figur whose Face I Colde not See. Twod Seme that whoever Slew her did Finde Justise Close at their Backes. Tis Likely they were Jeswits and Few Shal Wep for them.

The Order of Arundell Meanwil do go from Madnes to Madnes. They Beleve that the Strange Calamitey that has Struck Nipon from the Mappes is the Werke of the Rosy Cross. The Rosy Cross Meanwile doe Roare that it is the Werke of the Jeswits. Methinks tis Likely both are Wronge.

But for this Cause the Papists doe Telle all their Agents that they must goe to Warre gainst alle Witches and Sorcrors in Albion and Strike them down. This I doe Meane to Telle the Sisters and the Cathay Sorcress but to my Minde the other Sorcrors may Shift for themselves. I Have Warn'd Gwen verch Morcant for tho the Sisters have no Leder yet the Leder we doe not Have is Gwen. And there is another Witch in Corte who is Wel Knewn but you Knowe her Name Wel enuff my Lorde.

And for the rest the Jeswits do Howle at the Brandages for Causinge the Flode of Demonns in Egypped. The Rosy Cros do the Same and tis Passinge Strange to find those Two Factions in Such Accorde.

There is one other Strange Mater. The Orders from the Leders of Arundell doe Always List those they Consider Enemeys and six Months ago insted of Bidding their Menne Watch this one or Deceve that one it Became Naught but a Deth List. But while the Last Missives did Bid their Agents Kille nearly alle on the List there were Two Exceptons wich were Lord Wyndham and you my Love.

The Rosy Cros do Beleve that Menny new Jeswit Magicians are New Brot into the Countrey and that a Goode Deale of them are to be Founde in Dorset.

There are Sundrey Rumors that the Archbishoppe of Edinburgh do Seke a Sorcror but perchance you Knowe more of this than I for you doe Knowe him Beter.

It is Welle that I Telle you also of those Messages that doe Aper in the Starres over and over. These Few doe Seme to Spek of the Warres of Helle and Heven.

In the Depest Darknes the Warrior of Heven Knowes Agny. Where the Sunne has not Shonne for Thosands of Yeares there they Gather. There they Rise to Spil out into the Worlde. The Sky Shakes and the Hevens Fall Asunder.

There was also this Passing Strange Omen that did Warne against the Star Goat but I Knowe not what to Mak of that.

And there are these wich doe Spek of Love and by Curios Chance I was Tellinge Father Anthony of these very Omens when you Came into my View and Made your Proposal wich Swept Starres and alle out of my Minde like Chaffe in a Strong Breze.

Trew love can Brech alle Barriers but not alle Walls Sholde be Torne Down. From the Gratest Love Canne Come the Gratest Eville.

I Knowe that we are not the Onlie Lovers in the Worlde tho it Feele that way Sometimes and that tis Unlikely these Omens Spek of us.2) Tho they did often Come to my Minde on the Grayl Quest when I was Lockinge misself in my Cabin Fearfull of Marringe alle by Lovinge you too Welle.

With alle my Hert,


Letter 2

My Love,

I have Recev'd a Leter from Wyndham. It Seme he is in noe Hurrey to Putte one of those Littel Croses that the Jezwits use into my Handes and Sayes that he has Had to Give his to Someone Els on a Mater of Nashnall Importanse.3) Tis a Grat Suprise to us Bothe I am Sure. My Love I Thinke I Must Gette one of these Croses Els we Shal be Never be Sure of what the Glas Shewe me. If you doe Hapn to Capter one of thes Jezwits and they Have Such a Cros on their Persons I Pray you my Love Let me Have it. I Have Almost Thot of Askinge Master Fitz to goe Finde a Jezwit and Bringe me his Cros tho if I did soe I Wolde Doutless Putte Some Fellowe in the Grond.

Wyndham Saye a Good Deale of the Way the Jezwit Forces are Gathringe. He also doe Saye that he Wille Soone be in a Positon to Mitigayte the Buildup and I doe Wonder a Littel what he Meane by this. Tho it doe inded Seme that the Jezwits Grow Mader and Mader I doe Sometimes Wonder if my Lord Wyndham doe Use them as Scarecrowes so that we Shal not Watch him for Tremblinge at the Papists. Twod be a Wily Move to Come and Rescew Albion from them by Takinge alle Powr to hisself after alle. I Might Wonder bout such Thinges if I was the Suspectinge Kinde.

He Claime he doe not Knowe why you and he alone are Not Mark'd for Deth on the Jezwit's Liste of Enemeys. He Sayes he Fele a Littel Insulted by the Lack of Threts to his Lyf.

I have Toled Wyndham as you did that we Have the Grayl and that the Prinse is the Fisher Kinge. I Have Toled him that if the Prinse is Hurt or Kill'd twill be most Dolrous for Albion. But I have also Toled me that if the Prinse be Knockt from his Trew Plase as Heire twill be Passinge Badde for twod be as if the Erth and Sky were to Change Plases and so forth. And this Last Pece I must Confes is of my Fancey tho it may be Trew for alle I Knowe. If it Mak him Pause bfore he Move to Replase the Kinge and his Heir then tis Werth the Wissel.

And now that I Have Sayed soe he is alle Frenzy to have the Cuppe Open'd. He has Ask'd whether Father Anthony might Aske Angells to Smite the Seale. He has Ask'd if we Might Aske the Spirit of Albion to Persude or Trick the Seale into Belevinge that the Time was Right. I doe Trewly Dout that Such Thinges Wille Serve and I Shal Saye soe.

My Love if I Canne Mak him Feare that Albion Wil Sufer if he Oerthrow the Prinse whil the Prinse is the Fisher Kinge perchance he Wil Delay his Plannes whilst the Prinse is Unheal'd.

He doe also Encorage me to Looke into the Panama Canal for I have Warn'd him of a Taint I Notict in the Charte for the Central American Constructon Companey and I Wonder if he doe soe to Kep me Busy. For if my Eye is on Americka it Cannot be on him.

With Depest Love,

Your Eliza

1) The Brandages retrieving the Ark of the Covenant
2) I believe both are, in fact, in reference to Tsung Chang-Mai, but not connected to her relationship with Dr. Leah Brandage
3) Lord Wyndham and Lady Hamilton surrendered their crosses to the Brandages to aid them in deceiving the Ottomans on the matter of the twins' execution.
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