Albion Email System


The Albion email system is designed to facilitate in-character communication and allowing in-character email addresses to be published without letting spammers email you.

The main features are:

  • Email can only be sent to an Albion email account from a registered email address (except when emailing the GM list)
  • All in-character emails are copied to the GM team
  • Any emails sent through the email system have any (recognised) external email addresses rewritten into Albion email addresses. So, when you send a mail to someone from one of your registered email addresses, they see it as coming from your in-character Albion email address!

How It Works

To expand upon the explanation above; To use the Albion email system, you must register any email addresses which you wish to use. This prevents spammers from emailing Albion players, and also allows the email system to rewrite your email address so that it comes from your in-character address.

Any email you send to an Albion email address (anything at is processed by the Albion email system. Firstly, any email addresses in the To, From and CC fields are converted to Albion email addresses, using the list stored in the system of which characters have registered which email addresses. Then, the message is sent to the first registered address of the recipient user.

So, to invent an example. Joseph Bloggs (user account joe_bloggs) has registered his email address ( on the system. If he now sends an email to Jane Doe (user account jane_doe), who has registered

Subject: Greetings, Sirrah!

The email system will convert the email as so:

Subject: Greetings, Sirrah!

And this email will be sent to

Hopefully this all makes sense.

In short

In short, make sure that any email address you wish to send IC emails from are registered in your email account. Otherwise, your email will fail.

Also, make sure you put the email address you want to receive IC emails from first in your registered email list.

There is very little point setting up your email client to send mail from your account directly, as emails from your normal account will be rewritten, but if you wish to do this you will have to add this account to your Albion user account profile (NOT first on the list) to allow the system to accept your emails.

As mentioned before, all in-character emails are copied to the GM team, so there is no need to copy us in when you use your in-character email addresses.

Emailing GMs

As mentioned elsewhere, the GMs can be contacted on Anybody can email this address, it is not restricted to people who have wiki accounts set up.

Also, note that when you email any one GM the email is copied to all the other GMs. This helps us to deal with queries if one GM is busy, and keeps the entire GM team up-to-date on what everyone is up to.

Registering Email Addresses

You may have up to five registered email addresses. Registering your email addresses can be done from your Albion user account, using the 'Update Profile' link at the top of the page.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the GM list at, and we'll help you out.

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