This is the format for how the GM team would like turnsheets to be laid out, if possible, followed by an example turnsheet for a fictional character.

It’s worth putting your actions in order of priority, so that the GMs know what’s most important to you. If an action would require slightly more AP than you thought to succeed then we can take them from an action that’s less important to you.

If you don't know how many AP an action should require, feel free to ask the GMs. (It’s no guarantee because the other players’ actions may affect the eventual difficulty.)

Check out syntax for information on how to format headings, bold, italicise etc. At the very bottom is the template as it appears in wiki syntax.

Any questions, please email us!

Turnsheet Format: Turnsheet [Number] for [Character Name]


  1. XAP: Action summary (Relevant Skill, Rankname, Specialisation)
  2. Repeat for each action.


1. [Action Name] (#AP)

Action description, including names of any other PCs involved.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: List of Relevant Quirks & Skills with Rank and Specialisation where appropriate

2. Repeat for Each Action

Housekeeping / 0AP Actions

  • Detail of housekeeping action
  • Repeat for each action

Sample Turnsheet: Turnsheet 1 for Lord Bob of Brunswick


  1. 2AP: Raid Cadiz (Fighting 3 - At Sea, Adventuring 2)
  2. 2AP: Write a play about raiding Cadiz (Artistry 1, Holy Guardian Angel)
  3. 2-4AP: Magical Research (Sorcery, Library)
  4. 2AP: Seduce the Clergy (Heretic, Diplomacy 4 - Seduction)
  5. 2AP: Conditional: Find Solomon (Spy Network 1 - Catholics)


1. Raid Cadiz (2AP)

Lord John of Chichester and Captain Martha Davenport are raiding Cadiz this season. I intend to go help them, preferably swashing my buckle as much as possible during the harbour actions, and only getting involved in the messy street-to-street stuff if absolutely necessary.

While there, indulge in a healthy amount of looting. Wine, women, Spanish gold - whatever's going.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: Fighting 3 (At Sea), Adventuring 2

2. Write a play about raiding Cadiz (2AP)

When I get home, I think it's time to try my hand at this playwright lark, as per my Hidden Master instructions from last turn. Try not to make it too atrocious or experimental. Master Swelton indicated he might help out here - gratefully accept any editing he suggests. Also ask my Holy Guardian Angel, Sansenoy, for advice - I'll need all the help that I can get, and he's got to be good for something other than sitting on my shoulder and disapproving of my taste in men.

If the raid doesn't happen, clearly there's no point in writing a play about it. See below.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: Artistry 1, Holy Guardian Angel

3. Magical Research (2-4AP)

I intend to put 2AP towards researching “Summon the Womblespoon”, the next spell on this Sorcery path, with the aim of finishing off next turn. Hopefully my Magical Library should help somewhat here. I'm aware that reading through all those books bound in virgins' skin might exacerbate my Nightmares, but some things can't be helped.

If the Cadiz raid doesn't happen, put the AP from that action here and complete the spell. If it requires less than 4AP, put any remaining into starting to research “Rhombus Mustellius”.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: Library, Sorcery, Nightmares?

4. Seduce the Clergy (2AP)

I'm afraid that the parish priest has been getting awfully suspicious about my inattendance at Mass lately, and I fear he may have been talking to the Rabbi of Durham, which would of course reveal I haven't really been going there either.

Therefore I intend to invite him round for a full and frank discussion of what's been troubling me, “bare my soul” to him, confess my sins and see if I can't get into his cassock. A nice, juicy, explicit list of all the unworthy thoughts I've been having should do the trick. Once I've got him into my bed, I should be able to keep him off my back for the forseeable future.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: Diplomacy 4 (Seduction), Heretic

5. Conditional - Find Solomon (2AP)

If the Cadiz raid doesn't happen, then instead of writing a play about it I intend to track down this Solomon fellow who's been writing all these inflammatory pamphlets. Get my spies in the Catholic Church digging up as much dirt as they can - contacts, friends, even a name if they can manage it.

Relevant Quirks/Skills: Spy Network 1 - Catholics


  1. Allow John of Barsdale to use my library. Keep him out of the restricted section.
  2. Attend Sir Andrew's party.
  3. Keep my ears open for any more pamphlets from this Solomon fellow.

Turnsheet Format in Wiki Syntax

====== Turnsheet Format: Turnsheet [Number] for [Character Name] ======

===== Summary =====
  - //X//AP: //Action summary (**Relevant Skill, Rankname, Specialisation**)//
  - Repeat for each action.
===== Actions =====

==== 1. [Action Name] (#AP) ====

//Action description, including names of any other PCs involved.//

**Relevant Quirks/Skills**: //List of Relevant Quirks & Skills with Rank and
Specialisation where appropriate//

==== 2. Repeat for Each Action ====

===== Housekeeping ====

  * //Detail of housekeeping action//
  * Repeat for each action
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