The Society of Jesus

…as the waves of the sea, without stay, do one rise and overtake another, so the Pope and his … ministers be never at rest, but as fast as one enterprise faileth they take another in hand … hoping at last to prevail.

The Jesuits are an illegal organisation in Albion, and those operating here are generally acting as spies, couriers and assassins for the Holy Roman Church. The penalty for membership of the Society is death or exile - be aware of this possibility if you want to play a Jesuit. You may not play a member of this organisation if you have the quirk “Stay thy Hand, Father”.

The Order of Arundel

In the Archipelago of Albion, the Society of Jesus is known as the Order of Arundel, named after the martyred Saint William of Arundel.


The Jesuits are the CIA of the Catholic Church. They are the ninja bishops in stealth cassocks, spreading the faith by hook or by crook (although often by crook), walking the line between Saviour and Sinner and occasionally stepping over, carrying orders of pre-emptive absolution from the Pope himself. They are the reason so much of Europe remains Catholic, and so many monarchs say 'Bless you' when the Pope sneezes.


The Society of Jesus is not so mystically-oriented as the Rosicrucians. Many members do make use of magic, though this is frequently low-level, often Theurgy and Sorcery (although keeping primarily to the Holy Path). There are known to be many street magicians in the Order, and even a few hedgewitches. Despite the Pope's ban on the use of magic by all Catholics, the Society have been given tacit permission to continue as before, although this is hotly denied by the Cardinals.


Very little is known by the outside world about how the Jesuits organise themselves, although there are rumours that the hierarchy of the Catholic church is mirrored to some extent within the Society.

Playing a Jesuit

Players wishing to play Jesuit characters should email the GMs if they need more information.

Requirements: Jesuit PCs must have a Catholic background, or have converted to Catholicism; and have at least one point in each of Sneaking, Diplomacy and Doctrine.

Affiliation to the Jesuits can only be Private.

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