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Game Start

Logistics and other important information - Where, When and How? Remember to sign yourself up for the Society Game mailing list - rpgsocs to receive e-mails regarding sessions, weekly News and other important messages.


The Society Game runs each week on Tuesdays during Oxford University term-time from 7.30pm to approximately 10.15pm.

The next session is on the 15th of January (Tuesday 1st Week).

(The introductory session will be focused on character-creation with GMs on hand to help. We will not be accepting Turnsheets from 1st Week, and though there may be some limited role-play if lots of people turn up with ready-generated characters, we request that you keep it low-key.)


Albion is currently running in the Morley-Fletcher room of Worcester College (located on Worcester Street).

When entering Worcester College for the first few sessions, please pause at the Lodge to sign yourself in.


Directions: After you have passed through the Lodge and entered college you need to go left and down some steps. Immediately in front of you is a long passage way (it has a 12 above it) through which you need to pass and then follow the path with the lawn to your right. There is a path going off to the right, signposted on the tree as 'Linbury' - this is NOT where you want to go. Instead, continue down the path and through an archway in the building on your right - carry on straight until you hit the laundry on your right and the Morley-Fletcher on your left.


As you are. You don't need anything special to play in the Society Game. You might want to bring a pen and maybe some paper along, especially if you intend to generate - or finalise - your character during the first session.


The GMs will have various degrees of costume, mostly to distinguish between the various character they will be playing. While we encourage players to also appear in costume to enchance the flavour of the game this is by no means necessary. There will be no penalties for not turning up in costume and we shall certainly not chastise you for it.

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