His Grace Anthony Sutcliffe, Bishop of Carlisle - Joe R

Player: Joe R
Rank: Dean (Rank 3)
Religion: Church of England
Email: anthony_sutcliffe@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

A quiet, somewhat brusque clergyman from the rural parish of Thorngrove, Father Anthony is known to be an excellent linguist and is often sought after by the University, particularly Cain's College, for occasional lectures. He has recently been promoted to the post of Dean of Carlisle Cathedral. He is known to suffer badly with severe back pains, connected to some sort of accident or fall in his youth.

Bishop in the Church of England (Rank 4).


The angel Anthonius is, according to what little other angels will reveal, the one defending what remains of Eden against all comers, taking the place of the archangel Uriel. After the incident with the Brandages, no theurgist has been willing to entreat him directly lest some attack be made upon Eden again.

It is still unclear where Anthonius came from; there were no references to him in any texts dated before about 1650, and some scholars hypothesise that he was once the bishop Anthony Sutcliffe, although solid records of mortals ascending to angelic beings are so few and far between that this seems highly unlikely. A more popular explanation is that Anthonius was simply a minor unnotable angel, until he obtained the sword of Michael, and was simply in the right place at the right time to take Uriel's place.

Rumours abound as to Anthonius' aspect and appearance; not even the angels seem to agree. Some say that he appears as a wolverine, others, a mere mortal man in simple brown robes, save his wings and holy glow. Still more call him the angel of truth, formed of shifting words and stories.

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