The year is 1642.

The Archipelago of Albion, a necklace of islands and floating city-states, stretches from the Hebrides to the accursed Isle of Lundy.

At the heart of the Archipelago, the ensorcelled Island of Oxford soars a proud hundred feet above the tossing waves of the English Ocean. It is here, at the jewel in Albion’s crown, that the good King Matthew, grandson of Queen Elizabeth I, makes his capital and holds his court, And it is here, not in flooded and derelict London, that the poets, philosophers, magicians, priests, explorers, dragon-riders, drug-sellers, merchants and nobles of the realm come to pay court and play intrigue among the ancient stones of the Colleges and Embassies.

The face of Europe has changed beyond recognition, and in the world of Albion, anything is possible…

Albion is a Society Game running under the auspices of Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society in Michaelmas term '07 and Hilary term '08. It is set in an alternate-history version of the English Renaissance, but is not intended to be a historical game - the setting should feel Renaissance, not be Renaissance, and no great historical knowledge will be required to play.

You can navigate around the site by the bar on the left hand side. We suggest that you check out the Introduction page first. Sessions are every Tuesday at 7:30 at Worcester College during Oxford termtime - directions and other details are here.

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