Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live Jones, MP - Stuart

Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live Jones Player: Stuart
Rank: Commoner (Rank 0)
Religion: Puritan

A puritan who believes in modest dress, burning (evil) witches and the spiritual benefits of a good bowl of porridge. Sent to court by The Lord of the Isles, almost certainly as some sort of insult to the king.

When not preaching the word of The Lord or collecting firewood he sails a boat around the western islands of Scotland and is a member of the Guild of Navigators.


The faculty

In 1659, the Theology faculty at the Invisible College gained a new tutor: Andrew Jones, a quiet bookish chap who lectures on Christian relics and their final resting place. Hanging on the back of the door of his office door is an old whip, a wide brimmed hat rests on the hat stand and a large iron bound bible, somewhat battered and slightly foxed, rests on a nearby lectern. Every now and then Andrew Jones leaves on a “Research Trip” and so do these treasured possessions.

Late in life, on sabbatical from Invisible College, Jones finally met one trap to fast and clever even for his whip and bible. Heroically saving a Synod of Bishops from the terrible danger they are placed in, he is nevertheless overcome by the flames of Hellfire and his body consumed. Reports indicate that his soul safely acceded to Heaven, assisted by his Celestial Guide Abdiel. The being once known as Nicholas Lovecraft could never be conclusively linked by this event.

The Dark Side

A plaque above one of the rooms in Invisible College, there since shortly after the arrival of Andrew Jones, tutor in Theology

Theurgy is holy, to use it selfishly is the path to evil. Selfishness leads to desire. Desire leads to envy. Envy leads to hate. Hate leads to evil.

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