Lady Margaret O'Farrel, Viscount of Athlone - Tony P

Player: Tony P
Rank: Viscount (Rank 3)
Religion: Catholic (has sworn fealty to the King over Pope)

Wife of Colonel Adam O'Farrel, who for the past 5 years has been impersonated by Master Cassidy. Given this, and her friendliness with members of the 13th, she has something of a reputation as a hussy.


Margaret O'Farrel lead a long and mostly happy life, assisted by the odd strange turn of fate. When both her and her husband were kidnapped by rogue Aztecs for sacrifice the men only got as far as sacrificing her husband, before all simultaneously being struck by convulsions and dying in a slow and painful manner, allowing her to walk free. The being once known as Nicholas Lovecraft could never be conclusively linked by this event.

She died peacefully of extreme old age in bed, surrounded by the orphans she had helped on their way to prosperous careers. Some of the orphans speak of two others who watched over her last hours, one with a sword and one carrying a scythe , but none have anything other than hazy impressions.

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