His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh - Robert C

His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh Player: Robert C
Rank: Archbishop (Rank 4.5)
Religion: Church of England
Email: henry_lockett@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

The second son of a minor Baron, Henry was sent into the church while his elder brother inherited his father's land. Henry is a very devout, very efficient Bishop, known for a strict hand to his diocese but a caring face to his flock. He is best known for his vitriolic sermons about the Heresy of Catholicism, but is very tolerant of Jews.

He was recently appointed the Arcbbishop of Edinburgh so that his great service to the Church might spread further and touch the peoples of the North.

Church of England Archbishop (Rank 4.5 - Edinburgh)


The Schism

From 'A History of the Church' by Rev. Studious Black, 1882

”..the Archbishop of Edinburgh was drawn away from his work healing Edinburgh and Hereford after the Second War in Heaven to deal with the growing threat from the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is only in these later days that we see how truly blessed by the Lord was the Archbishop, that he seemed to almost sense the canker growing in the heart of our beloved church. Archbishop Lockett had been an outspoken critic of the Canterbury for some time, but his attempts to draw attention to the Hell-taint upon the prelate were shouted down as a grab for temporal power.

And when the Archbishop attempted to excommunicate the King, it was Henry Lockett's stirring words which prevented most of the Church falling under the Demonic sway of Haroun in the body of Canterbury. It was Archbishop who stood fast with the King throughout the war, who was a shining beacon against the darkness of Heresy, Blasphemy and Treason of Haroun/Canterbury and the Treacherous Fifty-Two..”

The Future of the Church

From 'The Anglican Renewal' by Prince Michael of Wales

”.. Lockett's reforms were what started the Renewal of the Church of England, a reaction to the Devilry that had infected the once-proud institution. The Churches were brought closer to the people, taking on a more Puritan slant with many sermons on the nature of Sin and the Divine. Recusancy laws were enforced more thoroughly, and many preachers were sent out into Jewish communities to convert them to Christianity. The King himself listened closely to Lockett and the Church, which revered him almost as much as the King..”

The Death of Lockett

From 'A Biography of the Church' by Dr. Jennifer Drake

“Some years after the Civil War, which took its toll on the Archbishop, Henry Lockett's strength began to leave him and he saw it was time to withdraw from society to spend his last years with his wife and children. Thus he retired gracefully, although many begged him to stay he politely refused - although he still took occasional services for the new Archbishop of Edinburgh. And it was during one of these that disaster befell Lockett. He was administering the Eucharist in Edinburgh Cathedral when the great ornamental cross above the altar slipped and fell, crushing him to the ground.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of physicians he never properly recovered and died in bed some weeks later. 10 years to the day after the battle for Heaven and Hereford Valley, Henry Lockett passed away peacefully in his sleep. The country went into mourning for the loss of its most pious man. The king himself carried his coffin down the steps of Edinburgh Cathedral, the route from the cathedral to the cemetery was packed with those wanting to say their last farewell.

The being once known as Nicholas Lovecraft could never be conclusively linked to this event.

Legends say that as Lockett entered heaven, St Peter himself bowed to the man while the heralds sounded his arrival.”

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