Recent Events in England and Abroad

1581 - November - Parliament passes the Act of Rights and Equals giving women an equal stance to men in all matters of state and secular life. An article is added to entreat the Church of England to follow suit.

1595 - The first woman bishop is created in the Church of England after further reforms. Most Protestant churches already allow women in all parts of the church hierarchy. The Holy Roman Church still does not allow women priests.

1603 - March 24. Elizabeth dies, despite remaining very healthy to the last. Prince Henry is hailed King Henry IX by the sitting Parliament which immediately dissolves itself ready for new rule. Henry declares a year of mourning for his mother.

1603 - April 4. King Henry IX crowned at Westminster Abbey.

1604 - September. King Henry convenes the first Great Noble Court and agrees to call elections for a new Parliament.

1606 - King Henry XI marries Princess Elizabeth of Scotland. Dragons and sea serpents gain rights under English law. Judaism is excluded from the Recusancy laws - practicing Jews are recognised under English law.

1607 - February - The First Civil War begins with the assassination of King Henry IX and a simultaneous Catholic rebellion across England. In hindsight it is recognised that the rains that have lashed the country for a month are the start of the Flood.
March - Elizabeth is crowned Queen of England. The siege of Bristol is broken.
June - The Spanish invade Dover.
August - Birth of Crown Prince Matthew.
September - the last Spanish forces are driven from the southeast.

1608 - London is abandoned and the island of Oxford is raised above the frequent floods of the Thames (and later the sea). The Invisible College moves to Oxford, as unofficially does the Court. The plague in Yorkshire finally burns itself out but King James of Scotland now controls much of the north of the kingdom. The Civil War continues in the south.

1609 - The Queen's Own Horticulturalists are given a Royal Patent. It becomes clear that the Royalists will win the Civil War, though Catholic zealots and small rebel armies continue to fight.

1610 - The First Civil War ends. Catholicism is made illegal without an oath of loyalty to the Queen before the Pope.

1612 - Pope Leo XI is discovered to be an artificially animated dead body. King James of Scotland dies and Elizabeth claims the crown of Scotland by right of birth, the Second Civil War starts.

1616 - Second Civil War ends. The capital is officially moved to Oxford. Elizabeth becomes ruler of the entire Archipelago of Albion, bringing Scotland under her control. The flood waters appear to have stopped rising. Parliament is reconvened.

1617 - Guild of Navigators formed in central England, ensuring reasonable prices for transport and passage throughout the midlands.

1619 - Pope Pius VI comes to power, and bans all magic except Theurgy to Catholics. Theurgy is restricted to priests alone.

1623 - Crown Prince Matthew marries Princess Joanne d'Orleans of France. The marriage proves fruitful.

1624 - Princess Mary born to the royal couple.

1625 - Prince Richard born to the royal couple.

1626 - Queen Elizabeth II dies. Prince Matthew, her only heir, becomes King of Albion. His wife becomes Queen of Albion, sharing the throne.

1632 - Identical twin Princes William and Henry born.

1633 - France renews its alliance with Albion in a grand ceremony in Oxford and Paris. Princess Elizabeth born.

1634 - Long simmering tensions between France and Spain erupt into war again. Albion supports its French allies.

1636 - Prince Michael born to the royal couple, but dies nary a week afterwards. The country mourns for the young Prince.

1639 - The Anglo-French war with Spain ends with a grudging peace; little has changed, less has been settled.

1642 - Princess Mary comes of age.

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