King Johannes Franz of the UAK - Fabio

Player: Fabio
Rank: Commoner (Rank 0)
Religion: Church of England

The strange man appeared in court claiming he had information regarding the King and that his life was in danger. His information would have been relevant for King Henry IX, the King that Johannes was expecting to see. Still, various curiosities about the man have persuaded the King to allow him to attend court and to continue investigating the mysterious circumstances of his return in the hope of understanding something.

He has proven himself an able soldier and has trained under the 13th in South America with Colonel O'Farrel and holds a Captaincy in the Regiment.


In the Memoirs of Johannes Franz, Man, Machine and Monarch we gain a unique insight into the formation and running of the United Aztec Kingdoms from its foundation to the present day, thanks to the waters of the Fountain of Youth which flowed up into a deep pool in the basement of the palace he retired to when his wife, Tlalli, died.

The book paints a picture of an honourable man and a military power working for the good of the UAK, and often impeded by his wife, though he never says so directly. In her later years she was quite consumed by self-hatred for what had become of her people, and her early abandonment of their religion when she ran away rather than sacrifice herself. Franz and his son, Necalli, held the Kingdoms together and ensured that progress continued.

His legacy is one of peace and progress, and this book charts it well.

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