Sample Characters

This page is designed to help you make up your own character by providing some examples. Some are typical, some are not, it's all here to provide you inspiration and to demonstrate how the character generation system may be used.

This page will be updated with additional character examples, so if you're stuck, don't forget to check back for more inspiration!

Many thanks to individual players who have supplied us with character examples.


Middling Susan, Witch

Late middle aged peasant woman. 1000-yard squint.
Doesn't take any of your nonsense. Has ointment for all occasions.

Magician (Witchcraft) (+15)
Diplomacy Rank 2 (+3)
Organisation Rank 2 (+3)

Magical Expert (+6)
Astrologer (+3) - She knows what you done. Maybe she saw you done it.
Familiar Spirit (0) - She thought it was just a particularly persistant stalker for many a year.
Sick (-1) - She limps something chronic. Particularly when it's wet, or Thursday. Don't ask about wet Thursdays.
Commoner (-2)
Heretic (-2) - Atheist. She don't hold with that God manure. She saw a man from Oxford done it. He done it with a curtain and one a'them metal trumpets.
Bees (0) - Spent some time in New London in her wild youth. She got some ointment to put on it, but the swelling's powerful bad.

Wealth and Title: 0 (+0)
Affiliation: Sisters of Hecate (rank 3)

Baron Maximilian of Amesbury, Powerful Sorcerer

Likes to summon demons to occasionally fry his enemies. These are usually other wizards, barring his way for the College top spot. Naturally he's attracted the denizens of hell too much and now one lives on his shoulder, and occasionally his brain.

Magician (Sorcery) (+15)
Languages Rank 3 (+6) (Demonic Tongue, Greek, Hebrew; Specialisation - Mystical Languages)

Magical Expert (+6)
Demon On Your Shoulder (-2) - It seemed like a good idea at the time, but summoning Zaratron the Imprudent to bring his breakfast one morning turned out to be a really bad plan.
Magical Library (+3) - specialising in Sorcery.
Possessed (-3) - Zaratron gets really overwhelming sometimes.
Damned (-3) - Poor Joshua. He will not end well.

Wealth and Title 2 (+3)
Affiliation: Invisible College (Rank 3)

Sir Michael de Verlay, Bookish Academic

Doesn't get out much. In fact, he's basically locked in the King's personal library trying to make sense of all the tomes seized from the Catholics during the Civil War. This has resulted in him being so socially inept that when Matthew wheels him out for court, well, he's sometimes a sorry sight.

Doctrine Rank 4 (+10) (Specialisation: Catholic Theology)
Languages Rank 5 (+15) (Specialisation: Codebreaking)
Diplomacy Rank 2 (+3)

In Debt (-2) - He was just never very good with money, really. And then some lovely friendly people introduced him to this fabulous game that you play with dice…
Gauche (-2)
Monstrous Device (0) - Chained, locked and confined book. Sometimes screams can be heard.

Title 1, Wealth 2 (+1)
Affiliation: None

Master Giacomo Bardi, Court Entertainer

He can dance, produce pidgeons, make you look beautiful (for a short while) and light your pipe with just his finger. You don't know that he can also see what you're looking at and tells his secret masters.

Magic (Conjuration) (+15)
Artistry Rank 3 (+6) (Specialisation: Court Entertainment)
Diplomacy Rank 1 (+1)
Sneaking Rank 1 (+1)
Doctrine Rank 1 (+1)

Droit (+2)
Visions (+2)
Common (-2)
Heretic (-1) - Has so far been keeping it secret by telling Rabbi Josef that he attends Mass, and Father Paul that he attends Shul…
Nightmares (-2) - Recurrent visions of being caught out and burned at the stake for his Catholicism.

Affiliation: Order of Arundel
Title 0, Wealth 1 (+1)

Dame Caterina Hartnell, Troubled Poet

Poetry sends you mad, and she's proof of this. In debt, with many enemies, and trouble around every corner, she still writes the best damned poems anyone has read in Albion. She does them in Spanish too.

Artistry Rank 5 (+15) (Specialisation: Poetry)
Languages Rank 3 (+6) (Old English, Hebrew and Romance)
Doctrine Rank 3 (+6)

In Debt (-2)
Enemy Faction (-2) - No matter how funny it seems at the time, writing satirical villanelles about the Archbishop just doesn't pay.
Poet (+4)
Damned (-4)
Visions (+2)
Bees (0) - Her parents were colonists on the tempestuous Choctaw Coast. In fact, it's just after she left for Albion that she started getting those visions…

Affiliation: Kabal of Yehudim (Rank 2).
Title 1, Wealth 1 (+0)


Captain the Rt. Hon. Sir Jack Animo

He's good, damn good, except that when he's inevitably thrust into Europe's hotspots by the Earl of Essex (who thinks he's a competent diplomat-soldier) the only thing he dreams of is getting away from it all. Still, he's damned lucky to have escaped from the dungeons of the French king. How did he get there? Sleeping with his cousin Mary.

Adventuring Rank 3 (+6) (Specialisation: Horseriding)
Diplomacy Rank 4 (+10) (Specialisation: Seduction)
Languages Rank 2 (+3) (Romance, Arabic)
Fighting Rank 2 (+3)

All for Showe (+3) - Can fake Fighting at Rank 5.
Enemy Faction (-2) - Catholics. Mostly French Catholics.
Damned (-4) - He just keeps getting into trouble…
Cigarette Case (+6) - …and out of it.
The Pox (-1) - …and in again…
Fop (+1) - …but at least he's well-dressed while he's doing it!

Affiliation: Earl of Essex's Dragoons (Rank 2)
Title 1, Wealth 1 (+0)


The Duke General

He's got the money and he's got the regiment he raised himself. He's fought in Spain, he's fought in Italy, and both now hate him ever so much. On the other hand, he knows how to smooth things over when it's needed and the King may need him to make peace with the hated Spanish. Of course, his military bent and love for war keep him pushing for not declaring peace which have upset the Merchant Companies wishing to get away from all the bother of war.

Fighting Rank 3 (+6) (Specialisation: Leadership)
Diplomacy Rank 3 (+6)

Letter of Marque (+1) - Everyone has to have a hobby, and a military man is a seafaring man these days.
Creature (+2) - “Oh, Towser? Saved his life in Cadiz. Followed me like a dog ever since. Devil to keep fed, doncherknow.”
Enemy Faction (-2) - Order of Arundel
Enemy Faction (-2) - The Merchant Companies
Sick (-1) - His leg's never been quite the same since he took that musket-ball outside Padua.

Affiliation: Church of England (Rank 0, lay worshipper) - he's getting on a bit, and becoming more and more concerned with the state of his immortal soul.
Wealth and Title 5 (+15) (Duke). Owns a large Regiment.

Joshua the Pyrate

What a nice young man! He has yet to kill anyone, having beaten all his enemies into unconsciousness. Everyone loves him. He is also totally naive.

Fighting Rank 5 (+15) (Specialisation: Non-Fatal Combat)
Navigation Rank 3 (+6)

Favoured of the King (+2) - Matthew has a soft sot for his dashing privateering tales.
Holy Guardian Angel (+2) - Raphael occasionally perches on young Joshua's shoulder and offers him sound advice about clean living, personal hygeine and chaste behaviour. As such, he is also a
Virgin (+0)
Letter of Marque (+1)
Enemy Faction (-2) - the Catholics (Order of St. John in particular. Apparently they don't take kindly to their ships being looted “because I was in a hurry and didn't really see your flag and anyway they looked a bit Spanish, are you sure they weren't Spanish?”.)

Affiliation: Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh (Rank 3, Captain)
Title 1, Wealth 2 (+1) - invested in a ship, the “King Matthew's Pride”.


Francesco de Verdando, Spanish Diplomat

He's smooth, he's slick and he happens to be a Catholic priest. Though technically part of a calculated insult on the part of the Spanish ambassador (his whole entourage being made of Catholic priests), he's a very smooth operator and outspoken critic of the Privateers Pirates of England.

Diplomacy Rank 4 (+10) (Specialisation: Espionage)
Languages Rank 2 (+3) (English, Romance Languages)
Spy Network Rank 2 (+3) (Church of England, Earl of Essex's Dragoons)

Quirks: Enemy Faction (-2) - Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh. He will keep making those speeches…
Ordained (+1) - Catholic Church

Droit (+2)
Holy Guardian Angel (+2) - the Angel Remiel sometimes sits and whispers to him, and has been a sovereign comfort in these heretic lands.

Title 3, Wealth 3 (+6)
Affiliation: Embassy - Spain (Rank 3 - Consul)

The Rt. Hon. Jonathan Wells, Wealthy MP

He's common as muck, but he's got enough wealth to get him a place in Parliament. Since he owns a decent stretch of North Wales, and has his fingers in the many pies of mercantile transport within that valuable area, he's been kept sweet by the King, though his common birth and inability to adapt to the rules of etiquette have hardly helped his standing with the nobility.

Diplomacy Rank 4 (+15) (Specialisation: Parliamentary Politics)
Spy Network Rank 3 (+6) (Church of England, East India Company, Rosicrucians)

Common (-2)
Important MP (+3)
Favoured of the King (+2)
Gauche (-2)
The Pox (-1)
Nightmares (-1)

Affiliation: Guild of Navigators (Rank 3 - Navigator)
Title 0, Wealth 4 (+5). Wealth invested largely in his fleet of river boats.

Bishop Frederick of Southwark, The Court Priest

He's the Bishop of Southwark. It's what he does.
Actually, since Southwark is underwater, strictly speaking he's the Bishop of North Invictus Isle, but he's a raving traditionalist who's held the position since before the Flood. You try telling him he's not the Bishop of Southwark some time.

Doctrine Rank 4 (+10) (Specialisation: Excusing Sins)
Languages Rank 2 (+3) (Greek, Hebrew)
Diplomacy Rank 3 (+6) (Specialisation: Preventing Scandals)
Organisation Rank 1 (+1)

Possessed (-3)
The Pox (-1)
Ordained (+1)

Affiliation: Church of England (Rank 4 - Bishop)
Wealth 3, Title 3 (+6)


Sir Peter the Very Wrong

It all went so very, very wrong.

Adventuring Rank 5 (+15)
Navigation Rank 2 (+3)


Daredevil (+5)
Widget (+4) - an innocent-looking gold ring.
Cigarette Case (+6)
Enemy Faction: The Catholic Church (-2)
Enemy Faction: The Church of England (-2)
Enemy Faction: The Kabal of Yehudim (-2)
Disgraced (-2)

Affiliation: None
Wealth 1, Title 1 (+0)

Major the Lord Horatio De'ath, Viscount of Frinchester

Wealth 3, Title 3 (+6) - He's a nobleman in good standing;

Fighting Rank 3 (+6) - noted for his skill with a sword
Organisation Rank 2 (+3) - and he can keep the peasants in line.
Spy network Rank 4 (+10) - He's the Earl's eyes and ears

Droit (+2) - and he knows his way around Court;
Demon on your Shoulder (-2) unfortunately this wretched denizen of the underworld showed up after he lost a bet with one of the Lord Admiral's men. It doth whisper profanity without cease and make lewd practice with his cat.
Street Conjurer (+7) - He's tried everything to get rid of it.
Debt (-2) - When I say everything, I mean everything.
The Pox (-1) - no, really. Everything.
Monstrous Device (0) …except for pressing this one button…
Damned (-4) - He's really in a bit of trouble because of it.

Affiliation: The Earl of Essex's Dragoons (Rank 3 - Major)

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