Capt. Sir Nathaniel Greyhawk of Padstow - Joff

Player: Joff
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Jew

A Captain in the Order of Sir Walter Raleigh, Capt. Greyhawk is primarily famed for having a very nice ship, the Stilletto, and a clockwork parrot on his shoulder. The Captain, as with most privateers, is very fond of attacking Cadiz.


Care and Feeding of a King

From The Life And Times of the King of Cornwall by Richard Comelightly

Most sources credit Admiral Nathaniel Greyhawk with the safety of the first King of Cornwall during the early years of his reign. In particular, the King's bodyguard was appointed by Greyhawk. Known only as Keane even to recent historical scholars, this red-headed gentleman saved the Prince's life many times. Often injured in the line of duty, he nonetheless served the King faithfully throughout his life.

Greyhawk is also known credited with introducing the King to his wife. Despite the belief of many of the residents of Albion, Greyhawk's open-minded religious bent once more showed itself in his choice of spouse for Richard..

Ambassadorial Duties

A speech given in Nahuatl by King Xiocatl Tzatlec of the Kingdom of Texcoco ('New Cornwall')

“And of course, we must thank the late Ambassador Greyhawk, may he rest in peace. For without his tolerance and clear-headed vision of the future our land would surely have been swept away by the colonising forces of Albion. Some may say that sending our valuable Coca crops to Cornwall is a waste, but I hold our friendship firm in my breast..”

Cornish reforms

From the Bumper Boys' Guide to Spy Gadgets

“And to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of the creation of the Obfuscated Order for Special Circumstances, we're giving away a real-life Golem-chair1) with every issue! Hide it in your sister's doll-house and then watch as it tears apart her 'Lizzie' doll, just like the real ones did to King Esteban I of Spain! Read about the history of the Order, their gadgets, gizmos and Inventions! See the story of the first spy-parrots! Find out how the Order used these Amazing Inventions to keep Cornwall and Albion safe!

From the 'Top 100 Men Born Before their Time!' kinellusiory show

“And at number 7, we have the famous religious thinker Nathaniel Greyhawk. In his day those who followed Pagan religions were seen as dangerous Diabolists to be burnt to death in horrific pogroms! But despite this handicap Greyhawk pushed for religious tolerance and freedom throughout Cornwall and then Albion. And not only his own religious beliefs; The reason Greyhawk made number 7 was through his tolerance of all religion and his defence of every faith, even Christianity!”

The Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh

From Jane's History of Naval Warfare

“Of course we don't want to be giving a history lesson here, but some digression is needed. The Reforms of the Venerable Order under Admiral Greyhawk were one of the most important steps in creating a more agile and adaptable naval defence force for Albion. With the Captains of the Venerable Order taking six months out of every three years as National Service, they received valuable training in fleet tactics and the importance of a strong hierarchy. And with the rest of their time spent in more profitable endeavours, they were much less a drain upon the Treasury than the Navy had been..”

From a Biography of Nathaniel Greyhawk, by Naval historian Horace McWhirter

“It seems to me that Prince Lang of the Kingdom of Tungning, yada yada yada, was not so much an enemy of Greyhawk toward the end of his life. It is true that Greyhawk never managed to capture Lang for any significant amount of time, but this is not so much due to any failure of skill on Greyhawk's part but more of an enjoyment of the chase. Indeed, records say that Prince Lang grew most upset as Greyhawk aged and could no longer chase him with the fervour he once did. It seems to me they had a great bonhomie despite their emnity, and one wonders what their conversations may have been like, over a glass of port, were Lang in Greyhawk's custody?”

The Death of Greyhawk

Even toward the end of his life, Greyhawk was an active man. His end, or so the stories tell, came during a hunt with his firm friends King Richard and Walter Devereux during a visit to Cornwall. Whilst chasing down a boar, Greyhawk became separated from the hunting party. No response came to repeated calls of his name until the sudden clarion call of a horn was heard deep within the wild woods. Following fast upon the heels of the horn's cry the companions came forth into a clearing deep within the weald, to see a hunting party clear across the green grass. And at it's head, a horned figure clad in a cloak of boarskin and only a cloth covering its loins. And at its side, a man in the same attire but likened to Greyhawk in his prime. And the hunter's horn sounded once more, the hounds and horses quickened to a gallop, vanishing into the woods as the horn was heard blowing for the last time.

1) 1/40th scale model
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