The power of prayer is said to be greater than any magic, for while we feeble humans may search for power in arcane arts, God is omnipotent.

All the clergy, whether Anglican or Jewish will emphasise the importance of prayer and the need for the flock to pray to God regularly.

From a scientific point of view it is impossible to prove whether prayers work since its effects can be varied and the communication is very personal. Many have claimed they have been granted their wishes or miracles have occured in response to their prayers.


All ordained or appointed clergy from any religion or denomination may submit one prayer per turn of whatever nature. It may ask for information, guidance, or for a particular thing to happen, it may also give thanks or anything you could care to think of. This a very special prayer that the priest or rabbi prepares for (possibly fasting) and (in their belief) it is more likely to reach God.

The effects of this are not arbitary, though they may intially appear so, the resolution depends on long-term and short-term piety, specific good or bad deeds recently performed, and so on.

Those who are religious but not a member of the clergy may also submit prayers though, unless incredibly pious, they are unlikely to be answered in a significant way (the effects will be less detectable).

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