The Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, Baron Wyndham, MP (DECEASED) - Peter M

Player:Peter M
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion: Church of England Email:

Lord Wyndham is a significant member of Parliament and advisor of the King. He is the son of a rich landowner from the Cotswalds and considered an excellently competend parliamentarian. He is a good speaker and has a significant, if quiet, following in Parliament which largely favours the King.

His wife is socially more visible than Lord Wyndham himself, though of course he is usually too busy to be seen at all the fancy social functions.

His position on the Privy Council makes him a powerful man and agent of the King. He has recently been instrumental in organising the successful recovery of the King's kidnapped son.



An extract from the introduction to Anastasia Robertson's Wyndham: Albion's Visionary (New York: Invisible College Press, 2006)

…a truly tragic character whose vision for Albion could not be realised. The nature of faction politics within the Court of King Matthew prevented the conclusion to great plans. The collapse into Civil War of the Episcopal Crisis following Wyndham's murder was just the beginning of Albion's decline…

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