Zackarias Fitz - Chris L

Player: Chris L
Rank: Common (Rank 0)
Religion: Church of England

Unknown amongst court circles, 23-year old Zackarias bears a vague resemblance to the king. He has once or twice been seen lurking in the shadows of the court, but has never had the courage (some would say gall) to appear in the open until now. Why he has suddenly decided to become involved in politics is unknown and worrying. Rumours abound as to his real indentity and those in the lower reaches of the court may well have heard other, more unsavoury, rumours regarding him.

The Legacy of Zacharias Fitz

A typical Guild recruiter's spiel.

So, you wanna join the Guild, eh? Get girls, boys, whatever, meals, and licensed to kill? Well, not so much licensed as we teach you how not to get caught. Couple of people off limits – the Royal Family, the Privy Council and the nobs of Hereford. Why? Because it keeps the King off our backs, you idiot. When he wants someone killed it'll cost him just like anyone else, but mean time we get to have a nice lifestyle not interrupted by the Drakes all the time. And, well, because after the slight incident in 1648 when Fitz kind of accidentally threatened to kill his half brother all our leaders have sworn alchemically binding oaths not to harm any of the Royal Family.

Oh. There is one slight thing. We're barred from all branches of the Midnight Rose. Forever. Y'see, Zackarias, our founder, decided to go out with a bang. No, not the gunpowder explosion, he survived that no problem, just pock-marked. It was the way he decided to go out. Now, some people are into the religious thing, and the Rose caters to all tastes, though personally I think the communion wine was going a bit far, and drugs are also provided. Just when you combine those together, and no one notices that the girl whose back is getting reduced to ribbons isn't a succubus, so will be having a certain amount of difficulty healing it. Yeah. Literally. They really don't like it when you do that. But don't worry, we have houses in the country, all mod-cons and narcotics. I think you might be just Serena's type.

Is it really like the conjurers show? Nah, they had to tame Bond down before they could show it. You should meet Abbadon, I think he'd like you. You have…imagination. So, still in?

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