Viscount Gwen verch Morcant of Cymru Newydd - Tamsin

Player: Tamsin
Rank: Common
Religion: Church of England

Gwen is an accomplished and respected witch, having been trained by Nesta. She is also a Boatwoman in the Guild of Navigators, and a Tree Surgeon in the Horticulturalists.


The Sisters

An extract from The Siblings of Hecate: Gender and Witchcraft

The liberalising efforts of Gwen verch Morcant were considerable, and considerably ahead of their time. Her influence allowed many men who had previously been practicing witchcraft in secret to become open about their interest and practices, at least for a time. Witchcraft began to lose its stigma as being reserved for common women, and began to be accepted as one of the “higher” magics.

However, when Gwen stepped down, much of her influence in the Sisters was taken by Eliza Gamut, and her opinions on men seemed to differ slightly…

The Health of the Nation

A plaque on the wall of the Morcant Hospital in Carmarthen

This hospital was founded in 1649 by Gwen verch Morcant, so that her knowledge, and that of her fellow witches, could be applied to the benefit of Albion. This hospital served a great role in preserving the country through the riots and war of 1648–1650.

Cymru Newydd

The cornerstone of the town hall in the capital of the American Colony of Cymru Newydd

This building built to hold the first full council of Kyme Mowth Cumeru Newed Simru Nooeth New Wales.

Scratched underneath


The Wedding

Extracts from Nearer

“…over by a clergyman who, while certainly Anglican, seemed somewhat antiquated in his style, and did not seem to be entirely…”

“…similarly lacking in presence were the flower-girls; while they were certainly there, they seemed slightly…”

“…moment seemed that the couple had overlooked the purchase of rings for the ceremony. That was until Nearer noticed the serpent rising from the cliffs, a small bag delicately…”

“…simple but beautiful ceremony, Gwen verch Morcant and Tavish Wylie were pronounced…”

Some time in the future, not so very far away

The nurse dashed up the corridor. With the epidemic, and what sounded like the Baron Eynesford rising again, the last thing the hospital needed was another drunken weirdo stumbling through the ward.

By the time the nurse returned with security, the woman who'd broken in had stripped off save the fancy-dress witches hat she was wearing, and had started dancing around the beds naked. The first security guard began to walk tiredly towards the woman — they'd seen this kind of thing before — before the other pulled her back. The strange woman was actually healing the people! This level of witchcraft hadn't been seen since… the last time… the hospital's founder… returned…

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