Signore Nathaniel Medici of Florence - Chris V

Signore Nathaniel Medici of Florence Player: Chris V
Rank: Signore (Rank 1)
Religion: Catholic

The son of a minor member of the Medici family from Florence, a city state in Italy, Nathaniel is a student of Magics of all kinds. After the death of his father he attended the La Valette College on Malta, and has now moved to Albion to continue his studies. As of yet he has not joined any of the Colleges of Oxford University, or the Invisible College. He is a very minor member of the Embassy of Florence - some suggest this is just to avoid recusancy fees, though the Embassy deny they would take advantage of their privileged position in this way.

Agent of the Embassy of Florence (Rank 1)



An extract from 'Man and Machine' by Dr Christian de Winter (no relation), 1966

“It was the dedication of Signore Nathaniel Medici to the Christian cause which finally had the Archbishop of Edinburgh declare that Mechanical Men were considered not to be Abomination by the church - as long as they have souls as any other man. Your author has done extensive research into the subject of Medici's work, including his Spirit Trap, Demon Void and Angelic Rapture - devices supposedly designed to capture the essences of Spirits, Demons and Angels respectively. There is plenty of historical evidence that these devices were used in a mighty conflict; and rather than dismissing these out of hand as does that Charlatan work “The Real Medici Code”, one might rather see this as lesser man's attempt to explain the known phenomenon of Daiesthaic-Hermetic Flux Misalignment and the Devices themselves as capacitors to equalise the unbalanced energy fields. The author of the aforementioned work obviously has little concept of the applications of Grace in conjunction with Theurgic practice, not as an entirely separate field.

And in fact, the concept of the 'Nephilim' is quite feasible (although obviously rare), caused by ordinary humans affected by Hermetic Flux Storm whilst in the womb. Indeed, the 'Angelic Rapture' device described could well have been attuned to such energy flows, and the Jones Entreaty would in this case be quite feasible (but again, most dangerous).”


Popular Culture

From the new Kinematoscope show 'Seagate: Atlantis'; our protagonists Hugh and Jane have entered Atlantis and have come across strange creatures!

HUGH: Oh my gods, what is that thing? Some strange Alchemical experiment gone horribly wrong?

Shot pans to a huge conveyance the size of a carriage but shaped like a cat, with a huge maw full of teeth and mice holding up headlamps. Flanking it are three more of the same.

HUGH: Jane! It's coming for us! What will we do? Hugh looks panicked

JANE: Hugh! We've got this aetheric communicator given to us by that strange mechanical man in the volcanic passageway! JANE presses a button and calls out: Help us! We're being attacked by.. Cat Carriages!

MEDICI appears from a side passage, flanked by a group of mechanical men.

MEDICI: You're safe now, Jane! You can tell your man to stop cowering, we'll stop these blackguards!

MEDICI's mechanical men step forward, their hands flip downwards and beams of blinding light shoot out, burning the Cat Carriages to a crisp.

HUGH: Who are you? How did you do that?

MEDICI: My name is Nathaniel Medici, Protector of Atlantis!

An Inventor's View

From the memoirs of noted inventor Finley O'Farrel

“I visited Atlantis but the once. A beauteous place, full of light and life, plants all around and a warm pleasant temperature despite being undersea. It feels as if the very city itself is changing itself to make you feel more comfortable..

”..The first thing you see as the elevator brings you down is the huge murals upon the walls - and it's not until later when you stand in the centre that you realise the entire city is a gigantic Orrery! The most complete model of the Heavens I have ever seen, in the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I could die now and be happy!..

”..The Zilmatillian presence in Atlantis was a pleasant surprise - I had met only one of these strange metal men before, and they have a most unique outlook on life!..”

”..I asked Medici about the strange metal outcroppings I could see around the outside of the city. He told me how Atlantis had tapped the power of the very Sun itself, and could concentrate this power to destroy anything that might threaten Atlantis! To this day I am unsure if he was joking with me..”

Mechanical Men

From 'Mechanical Men: A Treatise' by Muhammed Al-Nazir (no relation)

“Of course, the first of what we now call the true 'Mechanical Man' was Nathaniel Medici. However, even a Mechanical Man feels the need to create more of oneself. One of Medici's first experiments once the stabilisation of Atlantis was complete was to build a mechanical body for his father, stuck in a mechanical head through some mishap during the process which he presumably had used to create Nathaniel..”

”..Rumours that Medici found a way to allow the soul to travel between bodies; this is one explanation for his seeming supernatural ability to travel from Albion to America almost instantaneously. But as interesting as this theory is, there are many much more prosaic methods with which he could have done this..”

A View From Above

An article in Astrology Monthly, 1974

“And on a lighter note, referring back to last month's article on the complete lack of attention paid to the significant Southern Star in mediaeval astrology, a reader has written in with an interesting anecdote told by his grandfather. The story he was told as a child was that the Southern Star is actually the Lost City of Atlantis, raised up to the Celestial Spheres by its residents to escape the corruption of Earthly society. Of course all children know the legends of Atlantis, but this is the first time we've heard someone uniting these two fields. If only such a thing could be true!”

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