Captain Dick Smashing - James W

Player: James W
Rank: Commoner (Rank 0)
Religion: Church of England Email:

The roaring, roistering, rogering King of the Cornish Pirates, Captain Dick Smashing has transformed his subjects from a bunch of scruffy, bearded vagabonds into nearly respectable (Gauche) members of the Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh. (That means that they only pirate other people, notwithstanding that unfortunate mistake with the Earl of Gloucester (Disgraced). ) His ship, the Black Sun, is the terror of the Spanish navy.

Admiral (rank 5) in The Most Ancient and Venerable Order of Sir Walter Raleigh.

The Further Adventures of Dick Smashing?

From “Aztec Adventures”, a popular pamphlet telling of a hapless explorer in Central America, whose mishaps always occur at regular monthly intervals.

Your correspondent was engaged in negotiations with what he had formerly believed to be men of the United Aztec Kingdoms, but turned out to be warriors of Jaguar tribe, and was being escorted back to their village by a strange conveyance consisting of a pole to which both arms and legs are tied. Though this was traditionally thought to ease muscles stiffened by walking the ache actually increased, and it was with some not insubstantial pleasure that your correspondent spied the face of Sir Richard Forrester, noted explorer, swinging in on a liana and setting about the natives with his sturdy walking stick and sending them scattering into the jungle, though the suddenness with which I was set down was less pleasant. Your correspondent was most perturbed when the man, known to be a favourite of Queen Tlalli (indeed, there were rumours of an affair!), explained the true nature of the pole-conveyance, and likely intent of the natives…

An extract from Atlantean Annals, detailing the calamities occurring during a visit of a number of young nobles to the Kingdom of the Spirits.

Steering the run-away Feline Carriage with a lasso thrown around each ear, the technician was nearly thrown off its back as it careered across the track, doors and mouth snapping in concert in a vain attempt to unseat the children within and make a meal of them. As Thomas Senley put a screwdriver through one of the headlamps it howled in pain, trying to claw…

An extract from the Invisible Student.

Has the History librarian finally flipped his lid? Coming back from a sabbatical in Venice, Master Wrackham could talk of nothing but a duck! No ordinary duck this, but one which spoke with a voice like the sound of trumpets, of riddles and boxes, and loss. Since then he has been carefully examining every duck in the quad and checking to see if it could speak! We can only hope that he recovers soon – or perhaps not, for those facing fines for late return of books.

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