Professor Sir Alexander Nathaniel, Master of the Invisible College - Dan B

Player: Dan B
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England

The son of noted Inventor Jerome Nathaniel, Alexander has followed very much in his father's footsteps, and holds his position in the Invisible College.

Invisible College: holds the Chair of Experimental and Co-operative Invention (Rank 4). Offered to Alexander upon the death of his father, Jerome.


Invisible College

A Guided Tour of Invisible College

”..Many believe that the battlements on the College are merely decorative. However, they were put to the test during the Great Riots, keeping those inside safe. It is generally accepted by military historians that such defences were only useful for the short term, since those inside often run out of food. But when the besieged building is full of Magicians of every stripe there is little that cannot be done!..”

”..The New Master's Study. These Inventions are originals, installed by the first Master to use this room, Professor Sir Alexander Nathaniel. To the left is his Workshop, where he created some of his most interesting devices and studied those recovered from London. There was in fact an Old Study; it was removed from the building and sent down to Hell in 1666, since nobody dared attempt to open it without multiple astrological charts, protective wards, a large metal suit and ideally Someone Else to send in..”

”..This is Staircase IV, Room 6. Nobody quite understands the significance of this room, but it's understood that the Spirit of the College has some attachment to this room. There are rumours that Master Alexander Nathaniel used to visit here quite regularly after the spirit returned. He never did marry, and eventually retired to a modest College-owned house nearby, but rumours of his having some kind of a relationship with the Spirit of the College are quite untrue. He was admittedly devoted to the College, but that was an entirely academic affair. Well, maybe affair isn't the best word..”

”..This is the room in which Professor Nathaniel signed the Accord of 1656 with the University of Oxford, putting on a united front to the country to push forward the boundaries of academic achievement and to increase representation of the academic life upon which Albion's prosperity is founded..”

Finley O'Farrel

From the memoirs of Finley O'Farrel

“This book is dedicated to Professor Sir Alexander Nathaniel, may he rest in peace. Without his personal tutoring and friendship I do not believe that any of the wondrous things that I have created could have happened. I owe him a lasting debt of gratitude, and I only wish that I'd had a chance to properly repay him before his death. Sleep well, my friend, and I hope one day to meet you in Heaven.”

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