Travel and Other Countries

Although the main thrust of Albion will take place within the Archipelago, it is certainly possible to visit other countries during downtime. There are many reasons—politics, war, magic, etc.—to interact with other countries, whether by letter, messenge or personal visit.

It is assumed that you can travel almost anywhere in the world during the downtime between each session. You will only be able to get to the Americas once per session, but travel around Europe is pretty quick. Of course, if you manage to obtain some form of transport other than just a regular ship, you may be able to get further, faster. The AP cost for travel is normally assumed to be contained within the cost of whatever actions you are performing while abroad.

Great Powers

The following countries are considered major players on the political arena:

Major Powers

Distant Powers

States that are further geographically, cultularly or technologically (or any other reason) are found also known.


Many European countries have estensive Colonies in the New World including North and South America, Africa (mostly coastal), India and the Far East.

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