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A holding page for previously GM eyes-only information that's now being published.

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Note: All NPCs.

Turnsheet Name Killer
1 John Fletcher, Catholic Priest Rachel de Courtney
2 Bishop of Oxford Karin Mayer
John, a serving boy of Edward de Vries Rachel de Courtney
3 Archbishop of Canterbury Rachel de Courtney
4 Viscount Sefton's boy Rachel de Courtney
5 Servant of Viscountess Sefton Augustus Wells-Lacy
Jack Staywelp, actor Rachel de Courtney
Professor Samuel Harris Karin Mayer
6 Sister Agnes Rachel de Courtney
7 Safiye Mayer, Ottoman Ambassador Karin Mayer
Lord Chamberlain Karin Mayer
Lord Matthias Kimmons Rachel de Courtney
8 King Henry IX William Howard

Game 2

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