The Fraternity of the Rose Cross

…or Ordo Rosae Crucis, or one of a host of other confusing and lengthy names; most outside the organisation find it simplest to refer to them as simple Rosicrucians. Protestantism's answer to the Jesuits, they are a mystical society originally formed under the leadership of Johannes Dee, Queen Elizabeth I's court magician. They act as spies, assassins and deniable agents for the Church of England.


For many years before Johannes Dee created the Fraternity, he was one of the main proponents of Theurgy in the Anglican Church. Indeed, he was the unofficial leader of the Theurgic orders and spent much time helping his brothers (and latterly, sisters) in their research. When Elizabeth I called on the Church to go forth and drive the Catholics out of England, her Court Magician seemed the most best-suited to do this. Indeed, Johannes and his acolytes had huge success, arriving in the cities of England with Angels at their backs.

This is still the central tenet of the Ordo Rosae Crucis, to keep the Faith pure and keep the Anglican Church strong. But it's a badly kept secret that the Ordo have agents throughout Europe, meddling in politics and trying to spread the influence of Anglicanism throughout the world. When the Head of the Church is also the Head of State, pushing England's agenda abroad becomes a religious duty.


The Rosicrucians employ a variety of magics in defense of the Church. Theurgy in particular is popular, and most powerful Rosicrucians are Theurgists. However, Alchemy and Conjuration are also very popular amongst members of the order. Witchcraft is frowned upon and Sorcery is seen as a Tool of the Devil, to be stamped out (or at least hit with very big sticks). There are rumours that a few high-ranking members are secretly Sorcerers, although this is almost certainly vile slander spread by Catholics.

Strangely enough the Order are mostly ambivalent about Invention, and almost no members have shown any interest in it.


The Fraternity consider themselves more of a brotherhood of equals than a formal organisation; however, as in all things, some are more equal than others. Theurgists tend to be well-looked upon by the more powerful in the Ordo and can even make a name for themselves as pure researchers. Other members have to become known for their deeds, although their reputation is rarely known outside of the Rosicrucian order.

Many members of the Ordo are signed up as Watchmen. These are people with resources, skills or contacts useful to the Order, who are not often called upon to perform particular tasks but are expected to keep watch for suspicious activity in their area of operations and report anything of interest to their superiors. Courtiers, merchants, even soldiers may be brought into the Rosicrucians in this way. Watchmen often advance to higher positions by being particularly resourceful when doing or finding out something particularly useful for the Ordo. This will lead to more specific tasks assigned by their superiors and slightly less freedom to do what they will.

Since the Rosicrucians consider themselves more of a Fraternity than an Order, they are generally happy to supply members with resources they may need to complete a misson.

Rosicrucians abroad

Since the first Civil War, many people with knowledge of the Rosicrucians complained publicly that the Order should have had some inkling of what was happening, in particular detecting the shipments of gunpowder coming from abroad. The leaders of the Rosicrucian order secretly agreed with these criticisms, and so resources on the continent have been greatly expanded. These foreign agents often work in a 'cell'-like system, started by noted Archbishop of the Dutch Anglican Church Augustus Wells-Lacy, keeping groups of agent separate and ignorant of each other to maintain secrecy.

What remains of the Netherlands is known to host a large Rosicrucian presence, and much of the information gathered on the continent comes through the remains of this benighted country.

Playing a Rosucrucian

You may want to contact the GMs for more information if you are intending to play a Rosicrucian. Starting as a rank 1 Watchman will allow you to make use of small amounts of the Order's resources if you need them, but your superiors will expect you to provide useful intelligence to the Order. Higher ranked members will be occasionally assigned missions to perform on behalf of the Order.

Requirements: At least two ranks in Languages, Sneaking or Doctrine, or some ability at Magic. Members must be worshippers in the Church of England.

Affiliation: Private only.

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