The Right Honourable Lord Alexander Gray, Viscount of Crieff - John R

The Right Honourable Lord Alexander Gray, Baron of Wetherby Player: John
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion: Church of England

Lord Alexander Gray is an alumnus of Oxford University in Esorteric Languages, and a Gardener in the King's Own Horticulturalists. Although he is not exactly an accomplished diplomat, he has a remarkable ability with animals


The Horticultural legacy

An Extract from A Military History of Albion, the standard textbook for Scone's military academy

Following his promotion to the post of Master Gardner after Tolliver's death at the end of the civil war, Alexander Gray led the Horticulturalists through one of their greatest periods of development. As well as expanding the number of gryphons, dragons and sea serpents already under their command, Gray brought in the scouting and command worms that now provide such an advantage to Albion's forces at war. Further, while the Horticulturalists still officially deny the existence of the Special Sphinx Service, vague reports of elite trained sphinx flying units date back to shortly after Gray's promotion.

Gray's work with France firmly cemented the alliance between the two countries; although tensions raised on many occasions, no war ever broke out in his lifetime, not least as many of the creatures in France still considered themselves loyal to Albion, and specifically to Gray himself.

In Memoriam

A plaque on the Scottish parliament building in Crieff

In memory of Alexander Gray. A true friend of Scotland and of Albion, beloved in both military and academic circles. Died in a freak worm accident, 1680.

Also in memory of Jane Gray, a loving and loyal wife, died quietly in her bed, watched over by their three children, the five family gryphons, and the dragon Idris.

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