The Correspondence of Eliza Gamut

After Turnsheet # Key Events Extract
1 Eliza begins her employment with the Baron Wyndham who she will serve loyally for more than four years.

At this stage she is uncertain how much to reveal to the Baron, so she is much freer with information with her confessor, Father Anthony.
"The Papists also Seeme to Thinke that Princess Mary is a Shameless Hoity who can be Turn'd Gainst her Father and brought to the Side of Rome due to her being Thin on Dorterly Loyalty and Thick on [crossings out] well Just Plain Thick Actually. This is not Somethinge I would ever Think but is just their Scurrylerilous Bead-tellinge Ways and Nobody could Say I ever Said so misself."
2 Less than full trust of Baron Wyndham, to him she does not reveal her suspicions about Earl of Glastonbury "I Mighte Trust Wyndham more if our Heav'nly Father had not Punish't me for Most of the Deedes I have done for Good-Heart'd Reasons and I Cannot See why this Should be Diffrent unless He has Chang'd his Humer."
3 Warnings against the Pembroke Ball and suspicions of the true allegiance of the Earl of Glastonbury "But I Wille Saye that Nothinge on this Earth will make me Set Foot in that College let Alone goe to a Maskrade Helde there on All Hallews Eve inside what Might be a Summoninge Circle and it Trubels me that the Kinge Meanes to Attend. Your Lordship has the Kinges Ear and Might Perswade him to Spende that Eve elsewhere."
4 Names the Earl of Glastonbury to Wyndham as a Jesuit, and attributes the murder of the Bishop of Carlisle to Nicholas de Grey.

Informs Father Anthony of much that is supernatural such as Leah Brandage's interest in Eden and that the Angel Raguel trapped in a bottle.
The Chartes I have Drawn from the Stars of Late are mostly Pitch and Misery and Calamity and if I Toled alle I Woulde be Call'd Doomsayer."
5 Both Baron Wyndham and Father Anthony are told of her suspicions that Philip Silva is responsible for the young prince's possession.

Father Anthony receives much news of the Nistarim and the danger they may represent if the Jesuits should control one. The War in Hell features too.
"I Knowe that you Wishe to think Welle of Master da Silva but I doe not. Not for that he is Spanish tho that is a Count against him nor for that he is a Man Witch tho many of those doe goe a Bit Funny Like. No I Mislike the Spaniard for he Make my Thumbs Prick. I do not Like the way his Eyes Light when he Spek of the Dead. He is a Man who Knowe he is Clever and soe will Always be about Somethinge Clever."
6 A sudden explosion in the quantity of information reported!

Eliza reveals her concerns about the devil worship being practised at the Invisible College, and names the Master of the College and Sir Nicholas Lovecraft as servants of Baal. The supernatural threats against Albion multiply for Eliza fears that danger comes from the demons of the East through the Merchant Companies, from Silva and his practise upon the rescued Prince and his connection with Odin, and from the spirits of Wales.

Conventional threats include the Order of Arundel and her own tutor!
"When a Man has Ask'd me to Look for an Anser I have Never yet Givn him a Lie for his Money and I am Loth to do soe now. And also I Feare that If he be as Wise as he is Olde he May Have Some way of Knowinge if I Play him Fals. And Yet I Woude not give the Anser he Wishes if it Woude put an Agent of the Rosy Cross in Perille."
7 Eliza is concerned by Baron Wyndham's public possession by the Spirit of Albion, and the lack of diplomacy it shows. She also warns against the Boat Race, which has been altered to become a way of sending Oxford to Hell! Various dangers continue against the members of the royal family. And what are the Merchant Companies up to? They have blown up Naples, lost a Cathayan sorceress and have a strange new facility. "Father I Thinke Master Silva has Done Somethinge to Give hisself Much Powr and I doe not Knowe yet alle that it Wille Meane. He has Saught out Yggdrasil the World Tree and has Hunged hisself from it Like Odin bfore him and been Spitted with a Speare and has Tooke the Runes. Mistres verch Morcant also Telle me that when he was Anger'd with O Farrell he Spake Diffrently as if he had been Us'd to Fein one Voice and had for a Moment Falln Back into his Own. You may Saye that alle he has Done is in Servise of Albion but I Have Longe Since Stopt Drinkinge the Tea what he Makes for us at Meetinges of the Sisters."
8 Eliza is deeply worried about Dame Katherine Chandler who she believes may be possessed by the dead Master of the Invisible College, who so recently sought to destroy Oxford. She continues to be concerned for the physical and metaphysical well-being of Prince Richard. The danger posed by the Witch-King who has taken Rome is also vexing.

The stars kindle new doubts about the trustworthiness of the Baron Wyndham.
"Alle this may be True Father but Forgive me I Cannot Rid misself of the Thot that if my Lord Wyndham and the Lady are Dancinge it is the Kinde of Jig his Wyf Wolde not Smile at. Inded she doe Seme to be Smylinge very Littel of Late and it is up and down the Town that Husband and Wyf doe Kep House like Kilkenny Cats these Last few Months. If twere Naught but Jigging then his Lordshippe and Lady Hamilton Might Jig their way thro a Dozen Beddes for all I Care but this Busines it Causinge Crownes to Tumble Trubbels me. But twod be best if this Thot were not Spokn Freely."
9 The stars indicate a decision awaits Baron Wyndham which will lead him to either glory or death. The evidence mounts that Prince Richard has become linked to the land that Albion's chaos and Richard's malady are one and the same. Problems with the Invisible College and Katherine Chandler's possession continue. "My Lorde I Beleve you have done Welle in Preventinge [Chandler] Becominge Master tho now it Seme that she is to Leade the Serch for all Devilry in the College. Sinse I Thinke she Shalle not Start her Serch by Lookinge in the Miror I doe not Thinke this Scouringe Wille Leve Invisibel Clen."
10 Eliza sends two letters, similar but with important differences. Wyndham is warned about the continuing dangers to King and Prince, of Jesuit schemes and of the exorcism of Chandler and its aftermath. He is quite specifically not told about the grail quest. Father Anthony learns many of the same details, but with an admission of her love for Walter Devereux and additional warnings about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Eliza no longer trusts Wyndham with the health of the prince. "I am also Trubbled by a Charte wich I did Drawe for the Kinge for it did Seme that there were at Least Thre Scemes to Tak his Powr from him. Twas Impossibel to See the Culprits for they did Wrestl in that one Smal Charte and twas a Littel Like Watchinge a Skirmish in a Bathtubbe and Tryinge to See who Own'd wich Limbe."
11 To Father Anthony she recounts the recovery of the grail, the prosecution of Lovecraft, the discovery of Mandrake's role with the Jesuits and Jesuit and Rosicrucian views of events in Egypt and Nippon. Wyndham learns much of the hidden dealings of the realm's sorcerers.

With her love Devereux she plots against Wyndham, revealing that much has been hidden from him and much revealed to distract him. Only Devereux learns of Eliza's search for information about the murder of Wyndham's wife.
"If there is a Gracefull way to Saye it I doe not Knowe it so I Shall Spek Plaine. I did Spende a Deale of Time Lock'd away for twas too Harde to Look upon my Lorde Devereux and not to Lette my Handes Follow where my Eyes Fell. I did not Asail his Purity but twas in my Minde a Grat Deale and I Cannot Say if this was Inflence of Lilith or the Demon in my Belley or some Evill in misself but soe it was. But we are to be Marrid and he Sayes that tho he must Remaine Pure of Fath as Bearer of the Grayl he doe not Ned to be Untoucht for twas only the Mappe that Neded him alle Unknowinge of Woman. So alle will be Welle. [...] And for the rest the Jeswits do Howle at the Brandages for Causinge the Flode of Demonns in Egypped. The Rosy Cros do the Same and tho I Cannot Prase the Brandages for what has Past they have Perform'd a Miracle in Bringinge two Such Diffrent Factions to Singe to the Same Tune."
12 Eliza determines that the Brandages seek the Garden of Eden, and reveals more of the machinations of Lord Wyndham and Lady Hamilton. The War in Heaven has begun in earnest. To Devereux she reveals that she has astrological knowledge of the assassin Fitz and of a very dangerous game of secrets she has played with Lord Wyndham.

Trusting those who have aided her in the quest to recover the Grail, Eliza prepares to perform a monumental work of witchcraft. It will reveal everything to her, but she will need agents to use the knowledge.

Finally, Wyndham receives a distracting tissue of truths.
"My Frends when I Cast this Ritual I Believe I Shalle Knowe alle these Thinges and More but I Shalle be Unable to doe more than Knowe and Spek what I Knowe. If tis not to be Wasted then Others must Acte on what I Shal Telle so that we Canne Best these Threts and Dance one Steppe ahead of our Enemeys even as they Change their Plannes. If you Gentelmenne Canne Putte Aside some of your Time to Act pon what I Shal Knowe when I have Cast the Ritual then twod be Welle inded and we May yet Suced in this."
13 Eliza reveals a great trove of secrets she has learned through her witchcraft, including the destruction of the Jesuit conspiracy in Dorset and the defeat of the Host of Heaven upon the plains of Hell. But it is the doings of the Brandage twins, and the danger they pose, that now captures Eliza's attention. "Of corse the Brandages are notte Bleedinge Ded. For they Wolde be Verry Fules to Die soe when they have Frends Aplenty of the Devillish Sort who Wolde Tak their Shaps and their Plase and this I am Sure did Hapn. And I have Spok with one who has Seene them Twise since their Deth. And the Starres that did Spek of the World Endinge in Fire and Snakes if the Children of the Sons of God and the Dorters of Menne did Walk on the Grass of the Garden doe Saye soe Stille but more Urgent Like. And I doe Knowe that Leah was Askinge bout Cain for I was one of the Peple she Ask'd and we doe Knowe that Caine doe Knowe somethinge of the Garden. And it Trubbel me that the has been Spekinge of Beginninges and Endinges as Beinge the Same for praps she is not Afear'd to Brek this Pore World and Thrive in what Come Hereafter."
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