Eliza Gamut Correspondence - Turnsheet 3

To Baron Wyndham

Letter 1

Your Lordship,

It has no Doubt come to your Ear that I have been Spekinge against the Earl of Pembrok's Party and have Earn'd his Ire for doing so Loudly. The Earl hisself Ask'd me to Drawe a Charte from the Stars to Shewe the Fortunes of his College but I have been Busy with many Kinds of Bisness and only Drewe up the Charte of Late.

Your Lordship I have Seene a Grat Deal of Chartes but never one Like to this. To Saye that it was Poison and Damnation and alle Wronge with Naught Right Would stille be to Spek too Meekly. To Saye the College is Doomed is to Spek too Brightly. The College is not just Doom'd. It is Damn'd and Damn'd in no Small Measher. I Cannot Saye if Haroun ibn Rasheed is to be Trust'd but if he is then the College is also Built to be a Grat Summoninge Circle for Callinge upon Devills.

I doe not Saye for Certain that Aught ill will Happen at the Party.

But I Wille Saye that Nothinge on this Earth will make me Set Foot in that College let Alone goe to a Maskrade Helde there on All Hallews Eve inside what Might be a Summoninge Circle and it Trubels me that the Kinge Meanes to Attend. Your Lordship has the Kinges Ear and Might Perswade him to Spende that Eve elsewhere.

God Helpe us alle,

Eliza Gamut

Letter 2

Your Lordship,

It is Goode to Knowe that you are Lookinge to the Kinge's Saftey. Let us Praye that alle be Welle and None of our Caushon Needed. I Spoke with you about the Yonge Prinse in a Swoone who is in Perill from some Ghostly Inflense. I Have Spoken now with Mistress Gwen verch Morcant who is a Goode Witche and much Respected mongst the Sisters. She Saye that if she is not Eatn by Azzteks and Lizads she Might have Time to Looke at the Yonge Prinse if she is Permited in.1) Perhaps your Lordship might Arrange that she is Allow'd to Looke at him.

Your Lordship Ask'd me to Keepe an Ear to the Grounde for the Papists Doings Regardinge the Navy. At Present they are in some Confushon for some of their Agents Telle them the Dragoons and Privteers are Claws Drawn and some of them say they are Reachinge an Understandinge. They hope any Bargin will Leave the Privteers far from Albion's Soil as much as Posible. If a Navy is Form'd they Saye they must Controlle it and Talke of Slipinge more Spies into the Dragoons which Sounde as if they already have Ears and Eyes there.

I have Heared a Wisper from another Sorce that bsides Silas there are Two other Arundel Agents who Shoulde be Watch'd for and that they use the Codenames Titus2) and Bartholomew3). Should your Lordship Hear these Names anywhere Best Keepe your Eyes Sharpe.

Your Lordship has Ask'd me to Lissen for Worde of Master Silva. I Knowe that of Late Master Silva has been Spekinge with the Ghostly Lionne that is Call'd the Spirit of Albion. I have Heared that he has also Takn the Earl of Glastenburghy as Ward who bfore was Ward to Captain Hooke. It is my Belif that Glastenburghy is a Papist and Member of that Infamus Order. I Cannot Say wether Silva Take him on Knowinge this or wether out of Innosense. Master Silva has also Promist me a Divining Glas that has Seen many Climes and Ask'd if it would Helpe if it had been to Cathay which Sounde as if he Plan to Travel there or Knowes someone who Wille Goe there.

It Would be of Servise if your Lordship Could Telle me what you Suspect of Silva and what you Would Knowe of him.

God Helpe us,

Eliza Gamut

1) Involved in the plans to relight the sun in South America; hence the risk of being eaten by Aztecs and lizards!
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