Eliza Gamut Correspondence - Turnsheet 9

To Baron Wyndham

Your Lordship,

We did not have Time for me to Telle you alle that I Found your Star Chart when we Last Met and twas Cler that Menny Waited to Spek with you but the Omens of the Chart are such that I Thinke I must Telle you of them.

As I did Say I saw in your Past Signes of Blood Flotinge on the Water. In your Present if you Wille Pardon me for Spekinge Planly my Lord I did See a Goodly Amount of Ambiton. But tis your Future that Trubbel me for tis a Cleft Stick at Present it Seme that it May go one of Two Ways with Naught in between. One Road Lead to Surpassinge Powr. The Other doe Lead to Deth. If I have a Chanse I Shall Study this same Chart again and Try to Wresel more Meaninge from it. But my Lord I Wolde Advise you that if you have a Sceme wich Promise you Grat Powr then Gard yourself Welle lest it Undo you beyond Remedy.

Twas Somethinge Quer in the Chart alle in alle Like a Picter not Trew to its Frame but I Hop that I Can Understand this Bettr in Time.1)

I Meane to Scry for the Loyalty of O Farrell a Second Time in another Glas and Hop I Shall have Bettr Succes. I am Toled also that a Farm has been Found that was Own'd by that Romish Agent Jean Francois Delamarie2) of who I Toled you Yeares ago and I Hop that if I can Finde Aught of his there I can Lerne where he Can be Founde. Another Jesuit as I have Toled you is Johann von Bell who is Astrologer to Prinse Dorgon of the Manchu in Cathay and Holde much Powr there. One has Come to me and Sayed that they Wille Shewe me a Charte that von Bell has Reade in one Way to See if I can Reade it a Contrary Way so that this Might be Toled to Prinse Durgon and mayhap Cause him to Dout his Pet Astrologer.

I doe also Meane to Look into a Glas for the Man who Tryed to Kille Prinse Richard. My Lord it doe Seeme that the Minde Soule and Bodie of Prinse Richard is Assail'd on alle Sides. Inded of Late I was Gift'd with a Vision where I did See Brefly into the Minde of one who Sout to Inflense the Prinse and was Marvelinge at how many Others Wisht to doe so. I doe Heare that he Wille be Stayinge with the Countess Morag in Scottland for a Time and perhaps I Sholde Menton that Three Monthes ago I did Heare her Asking where she Might Come by a Love Potion. Of course it may be that tis not for the Prinse at alle and that I doe the Lady Wronge I Thot twas werth the Menton.

There are Other Wispers mongst the Sisters that the Suffringe of the Croppes of Late is Caus'd by the Prinses Injurey and that it doe Affect the Lande for that he is the Heire to alle. And this doe Seme not Unlike those other Rumors that I have Heared that the Wound'd Prinse is Like to the Fisher Kinge in the Romanses of Arthur and Must be Heal'd for the Lande to be Hale. Alle of wich doe Mak me Thinke that twod be Goode to Find the Man that Hurt him Quickly lest he Try once more for tis nowhere Writ what Wolde have Happn'd if Some Party had Stuck a Knyf Thro the Fisher Kings Neck.

I have now Lernt more of the Posseson of Kathrin Chandler. She is inded Possest but when I Look'd for her Possesor I saw not de Winter but Shewings of a Forse that Can be Naught but a Demon. Tis Call'd Kerinalamathatis and I did See in my Glas the Image of a Summoninge Circle. It Seme that the Devill has been Tuck'd in there like a Starlinge in a Nest for Many Yeares and for Certin Longer than I have Knewn her. Father Anthony doe Saye that his Rituals Wille doe Littel to Helpe one who has a Devill for so Longe a Tenant and soe I must Spek with Sorcrors. My Lorde I Beleve you have done Welle in Preventinge her Becominge Master tho now it Seme that she is to Leade the Serch for all Devilry in the College. Sinse I Thinke she Shalle not Start her Serch by Lookinge in the Miror I doe not Thinke this Scouringe Wille Leve Invisibel Clene.

I Have Tryed to Spek with the Spirit of the Invisibel College and it doe not Seme to have one wich is Very Wronge my Lorde for a Buildinge of its Age and Size. My owne College Saye that it did have one and they did Spek now and again but now tis Gone. It doe Seme also that some at Invisibel prepare to open the Roomes of the old Master for wich I doe wish them alle Luck.

There are Sundry Strange Omens Givn up by the Starres thus:

Judas Casts Aside the Silver and Saves his Leder.
The Weel Turns.
The Cavalry Comes Galloppinge along the Edge of a Knyf.
Unknowing they Enter the Garden where Knowllege of Love Lyes. Taste the Fruit and Knowe the Trewth of Devotion.
Wisdom Holdes the Cup.

I Have Wonder'd if the First Might Spek of O Farrell but if he doe Meane to Tak your Lyf with the Angelum this doe not Seme so Like. Of the Seconde I Cannot be Sure. The Third I doe Wonder wether it Perten to the Warre in Helle for I doe Heare that Baal is at Bay with the Forses of Alembertus alle but Knockinge at his Gate. The Forthe Colde Meane Menny Thinges and I Wolde not Wishe to Gess. The Last I doe Thinke Refer to the Grayle.

The Jeswits doe Feare that Albion Wille Mak Frends with the Countreys of the Continent now that the Warre is over and Hop to Prevent this. They doe also Beleve that the Armeys of Albion are Weken'd and Order their Agents to Strike to the Head and Kille my Lord Devereux and my Lady Hamilton and to Raide their Offises for Documents and Mappes the the Like. They do Calle Signer Niklo Meditchy a Thinge of Blasphemey and Wishe him Kill'd and Took away to their Slabbes for Study.

I Have Spok once more with the Man who do Calle himself Zacharias and have Lernt Littel more tho he did Ask if I Knew Aught of the Tonge of the Demons. Nonetheles he doe Seme more Frendly and I doe Thinke that if he does not Knowe that I am Repetinge his Wordes I may Lerne more.

My Lorde if you Wolde Knowe more of these and other Maters I Wolde have you Telle me.

God Helpe us alle,

Dame Eliza Gamut

1) Baron Wyndham supplied the correct birthday, but a deliberately false birth hour.
2) The Jesuit indirectly responsible for the murder of the witch Lizzie Scoggins
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