Eliza Gamut Correspondence - Turnsheet 4

To Baron Wyndham

Your Lordship,

We had Littel Time to Spek at Court and Indeed perhaps it is better so for as I Have Sayed there are many Eyes upon you. Once again there are Matters which I Thinke may Int'rest you.

By now you may have Heared this from other Sorces but I am now Certin in my own Minde that the Earl Marshall is Workinge for the Papists. I Have no Proofe and Most of his Dayly Deedes Seeme as Clen as a Kitten after a Lickinge. But the Order of Arundel Call'd on its Agents to Woo the Prinsess Mary and he has Done so and indeed Again and Again he has Act'd as if Obeyinge their Orders. Of late he had a Prisoner1) in his Cellar who it Seemes was a Jew captur'd by the Jesuits. The Prisner now Seeme to be Rescu'd but a Resent Vision of Mine Leaves me in no Dout that the Earl Knewe that the Prisoner was in his Cellar and was Surpris'd when he Disapeard.

I have already Toled you that the Grisly Murder of the Bishop of Carlile was the Worke of a Papist using the codename Silas. I have Casts Spelles to Learne his true face and my Glas has Shewn me the Featers of Nicholas de Grey. This I Belive is your Bishop Killer and Right Dangrous he may be if the Bright Angel that Join'd the Scone Rowinge Team a Yeare Ago is aught to do with him.

It Seeme that the Order of Arundel have Trubles byond Albion for they Say that the Flaminge Swerd of Uriel that Gard the Basilca of Rome has been Snapp'ed up by some Thievinge Sort. It Seeme Somebody Meanes to Steale all the Swerds of Uriel and Loose alle Manner of Trubble.

The Latest Orders from Arundel also Spek of Silva Sayinge that he must be Destroy'd for he Helped the Defeat of Malta and Swore his Loyalty to Kinge Matthewe. They Saye an Agent Nam'd Lazarus2) is to Deale with him and Suggest'd Addinge Poison to the Food of his Shippe. Eiter that Strange Spaniard is in Danger of the Papists are Playinge the Double Game to Lure out Spies. They Also Spek of Kidnaping the Baroness of Pomerania3) for they Saye she is an Agent gainst them like her Husband.

God Helpe us alle,

Eliza Gamut

To Father Anthony

Father Anthony,

I Knowe Littel of the Theft of the Romish Uriel Swerd but I Shalle Repeat what the Papists Say. They Report that the Swerd Garded the Inner Sanctum of the Basilica and was Stole away by a Theef in the Night. They Say the Swiss Gard did Injure the Theef but that he Fled and it is Thaught he is Come to Albion with the Aid of Theurgy. Perhaps there were others that bore Injuries in Court but I did Notice that Doctor Leah Brandage wore a Long and Ruddy Mark down her Face like a Healinge Wounde.4)

I too start to Feare that the Brandages are Nephilim.5) The Order of the Rosy Cros Belives them to be so and Thinkes that they may have Caused the Flood. The Rosy Cros Thinke them Unholy and Wishe to Watch them and Learne of their Plans.

The Jewess and I have Trad'd some Wispers so that both may Learne of Thinges that can only be Wisper'd of but I am Grown Wary. She Seeme Gratful Stille that I Toled her where she Coude Finde the Truss'd Jew who was Later Pluck'd from his Prison by Captain Swal and Jehozadak Galgenvogel and Numros other Jews. At the last Meetinge of Courte she Mention'd a Garden in the East but I Founde misself Loth to Spek Freely of it but Sayed Merely that I had Heared it was the First Garden and she Sayed it was and Look'd at me for a Time as if she Expected more but she did not Seeme Unfrendly when I Acted as if it were alle I Knewe.

From the Jewess I have Learnt more of the Doinges of Heaven and Hell. The Chartes I have Drawn from the Stars of Late are mostly Pitch and Misery and Calamity and if I Toled alle I Woulde be Call'd Doomsayer. One part Reads right Strangely as an Eye for an Eye a Tooth for a Tooth but what do you Trade for a Demon? The Jewess Toled me that Mammon hisself is Willinge to Trade a Demon for an Angel in a Bottle which is in the Hands of Nicolas Lovecrafte of Invisible College. She Saye the Angel is Trapp'd so for Havinge Lost a Wager.

God Helpe us alle,


1) one of the Nistarim
2) there was no such agent, his existence being misinformation planted by the Baron Mandrake
3) Likewise a Jesuit, and aware that spies had penetrated the Order of Arundel
4) This theory was correct; Leah Brandage was possessed by Lilith, who performed the theft
5) Also correct
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