Eliza Gamut Correspondence - Turnsheet 6

To Baron Wyndham

Your Lordship,

I Promist to Spek more of those that Thretn my Life and who I Suspect.

As I Toled your Lordshippe the Glas in my Divination Shewed me no Face only Flame with a Stink of Brimston. This is Planly Devlish and I Thinke a Demon is Hidinge the Faces of Them that Serve him. Tis in Vain for I dare Say I Knowe whose Hand is behind this tho I doe not Knowe Certinly which Men are his Instrements.

I have Toled you that the Master of Invisibel College is no Frend to me and that I Belive he Seeke my Life. Years ago I Crost him by Chance for I Come Cross him with Divers Frends about a Mighty Pece of Mischif and I did Spoil their Fun. The Matter is not Forgot nor Forgivn and since then he has Tryed all Mannr of Triks to Mak those of his College to Watch me or Cudgel me in the Stret or Shortn my Days.

I Have Heared now that the Master of Invisibel is Bound to Servise of Baal and that the Sorcror Profesor Lovecrafte is of that same Cult.

Indeede they Seeme Thicke as Theves for it is Sayed in the Halles that the Master has Shewn Lovecrafte much Favor and has Took him in for Port some Eveninges. The Person who Toled me this was Toled by a Yonge Man in the Sorcry Facultey by Name of Joshua Varas. Varas is now et by Spiders1) and my Sorce2) is much Afeared of the Same Fate. My Sorce Say that bfore Varas was et Profesor Lovecrafte Give my Sorce a Warninge about Talkinge to the Sorcry Department and my Sorce Thinke Lovecrafte has his Fingers in this Bisnisse. I Woude Thinke that the Spiders were Lovecraftes but that he is a Sorcror and I am Advist that the Spiders were Likely sent by an Alcemist.3) But I doe Thinke he is in this Bisnisse.

It Seeme that that God has Smild on me for once and the Spiders had no Chanse to Harme me Gratly but I doe not Thinke that my Enemies are Like to be Idel and I Expect more to be Tryed gainst me.

There are Many other Matters which may Intrest your Lordship. Arundel have Seen that you Hunt out Those of their Faith and soe they Grinde their Teethe at you and Woude Seeke your Life. I Knowe they have Saught your Life for Many Yeares and not Found it yet but Stille a Carefull Head is more Like to Stay on its Necke. They Spek as if the Earl Marshall and Prinsess Mary were Still Alive tho this may be a Lie to Fil their Agents with False Zeale. But they Saye the Couple have been Attackt and soe the Order Seekes Revenge. If they cannot Murder your Lordshippe they may Turne their Knives to the Earl of Hereford or the Earl of Stafford. The Papists also Rage at the Barones of Pomerania for Escapinge them4) but they Thinke that she has Contact with Profesor Mandrak and the Sorcress from Cathay. They Ask their Agents to Finde the Baronesse thro these by Gile or by Vilense.

The bloody Order also have an Eye pon France and are Fearfull of Seeinge Albion and the French in Acord. They Woude see the Bisness of the French Thron Staye in a Stat of Confuson with No Man sure who Wille Weare the Cron next for that Wille Weken Franse but Leave Papist Countreys so Fearfull that they Shall Band Together Anyway. I Sholde Tell you my Lord if it has not Alredy Reach'd your Eares that the Kinge Wishes me to Drawe up Astrology Chartes for Queen Joanne and the Yonge Dofanne soe he can Deeme how Beste to Deale in this Matter.

I have also Heared that there is a Jesuit Call'd Johann von Bell who is now Made Leader of the Board of Astronomers in Cathay which Give him much Power for h Advis will be Ask'd and soe he Wille have that Yellow Emprors Ear.

Your Lordshippe Ask'd to Heare more of the Spanyid Silva. Mistress Gwen verch Morcant has Toled me that when Silva Bade the Witch-Kinge Leaf the Yonge Prinse the Ghost did Scof for it Sayed it Trust'd Silva not for it Saw he was of a Minde and Caracter very like itself. Twas Mistress verch Morcant who at Last Made it Leafe and she Saye that the Wardes Plact about the Prinse may Holde off the Ghost for some Six Monthe or so.

Silva hisself has Toled me that he was Lateley in Norway and Spoke with Odin who Rule those Frozn Wastes. Silva has since been Askinge how he Might Finde Somethinge Call'd Igdrassill or Otherwise the World Tree and has Spokn to Lord Grover for a Lodeston to Helpe him to it.

It Seeme the Spanyeard is also Mixt in some Trade of a Strange Mineral Lately Founde in some Pipsquek Kingdom of Africka and Call'd Celestium. Silva is Settinge up Trade of Celestium for the Merchant Companeys. Silva is also the Loudest of those who Saye that the Americkan Sunne must be Call'd back Usinge the Heathen Azteck way of Human Sacrifise and has Toled me that it must be soe for all the Christian World Neede the Golde which Por from those Landes.

The Cron Prinse is Travellinge to Wales to be Mayde Prinse of that Countrey and you Sholde Knowe my Lorde that these Last Few Yeares the Sisters have Seene the Spirits of Wales Becumminge more Sprightley Like. They Aper more and Speake more and Saye Much of the Old Ones Returninge Meaninge those who Spoke to Spirits in the Past. I doe not Knowe if this Meane Danger for the Prinse but Mistress verch Morcant Silva and misself Wille be at the Coronaton with our Eyes Stretcht Lookinge for Trubl. This too was Suggest'd by the Spanyad.

The Jewess Brandage Saye to me that she Thinke that your Lordshippe with the Archbishop of Edinburgh Have Wilfully Made out the Census Wronge by Countinge too Few Jews and she Hop to have my Helpe in Provinge it at Some Point which Suspishion by the way I am Sure she is Mistook about my Lorde. I Woude be Gratfull if my Lorde did not Pass this on Lest it Reache her that I Spoke of it for I Thinke it Goode that she Spek so Freely to me.

There is also the Queere Matter which may Meane Naught but which I Thot your Lordshippe Sholde Knowe. There is at my College an Olde Profesor by Name of Soldall who Tret me Right Kindly but who has Lateley Ask'd a Favor which Truble me. He has Ask'd me to use a Divining Glas to See who is he that Use the Name the Watchfull Man.5) My Lorde I doe Knowe that this is the Codename for an Agent for the Rosy Cross but I have never Look'd Further nor Saught to Knowe his Real Name. I Knowe that you have Frends in the Rosy Cross and Thot I Sholde Warne you of this.

When a Man has Ask'd me to Look for an Anser I have Never yet Givn him a Lie for his Money and I am Loth to do soe now. And also I Feare that If he be as Wise as he is Olde he May Have Some way of Knowinge if I Play him Fals. And Yet I Woude not give the Anser he Wishes if it Woude put an Agent of the Rosy Cross in Perille. I Wonder my Lord if a Trik might be Manag'd where a Willinge Man might Agree to Use the Name the Watchfull man in Some Way so that I Might Telle this Profesor Right Truly of this Man's Name. That way the Man he Saught Woude be Watchfulle indeede and Reedy for Danger. I Coude then Speake further with the Profesor and Trye to Learne more. I Woude not See the Profesor Made away for his Goodwill and Libry are of Grat Use to me and also I Think the Spirit of the College Might Mislike it if Blood was Spilt on its Gronds.

My Lorde I Heare of a new Purtan Order Call'd the Corinthians which is Risinge in Scotlande and Making Mischif.6) I doe not Knowe if Witch Jones have a Hande in this but it Sounde very like his Porridgey Kind of Doctrin and if I am not Mistakn he Wille make hisself a Heroe mongst such Peple by his Speeches which doe Raise Scotland and the Puritans to the Skies and dash the English Church and Cron to the Nether Hells. As I am sure you doe Knowe my Lorde Master Jones has Littel Plesed the Sisters of Hecate either by Burninge one Mistress Scoggins for a Dealer with Devills when she was noe Such Thinge only an Honest Witche. This I Thinke Shalle be Prov'd a Month or soe from now when he Come to Trial and I Thinke my Lorde it Might Hobble the Cause of the Corinthians if afterwards the Facts of this Case grew Well-Known in both Albion and Scotland. It is the Hop of the Sisters that the Trial Wille be Helde in Albion and it Seeme Fit for Master Jones is now a member of the Parlement of Albion.

There is also I Thinke Grave Danger to Albion which Come in Part from the Wars in Helle and in Part from the Yellow Countrey of Cathay. Of Late my Star Chartes have Givn me these Wordes.

The Capital and the Crown, all fall down. The ground rises up, and from the East a dragon comes, and the hordes of demons behind it. But when Hell is not Hell, and the two collide, shall the two unite or divide?

This doe not to me Sounde a Merry Prospect. The Dragon I Thinke is Linkt to Cathay for a Sixmonth ago when War was Fercest and the Emperor Died the Stars Toled me that The Dragon Screamt in Pain. I Have Heared that the Infernal Armeys in the War in Helle Seeke to Bringe the Many Kindes of Demon in Cathay into their Fight and now I Feare that these Troopes may Travelle West thro the Mortal Realms and perhaps the Battles of the Devills Spill upwards to make our Landes their Battlfeld. Already many Imps and Devills are Fled to our Countreys to Hide from the Grat War.

The East India Company have in Secretsey Set up a Stronghold7) which they Saye is for Peple of Cathay who have Fled the Wars there. But they Wille not Spek of where it is to be Founde and they make Covered Aproches to Finde themselves Guards and bid alle Merchants to Report Strait if anyone Asks about the Stronghold and where it is to be Founde. This Seeme a Deale of Cloakt Doings and I Start to Wonder at the Nater of this Hiddn Cathayans. I Have Also some Thots about where they are Hid if your Lordshippe Wishes to Knowe.

Your Humble Servante,

Eliza Gamut

2) Also Katherine Chandler
3) Eliza was attacked in her rooms by the demonic creatures
4) A Jesuit scheme to make their agent, the Baroness von Pomerania, seem more trustworthy
5) The Rosicrucian codename of Baron Wyndham himself
6) A scheme of the Jesuit Nicholas de Grey to inflame religious tensions
7) A gunpowder factory, in preparation
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