Eliza Gamut Correspondence - Turnsheet 1

With Baron Wyndham

[The letter has clearly been written with great care by a not entirely proficient hand. It is probably only mere chance that the grime on one corner looks like the footprint of a rat.]

Most Noble Lord Wyndham,

I am told how your Lordship is leadinge the Serch for the Young Prinse who was Assailed and Made Away with. Since the Kinge has asked us all to Asist I am making misself Available to your Lordship.

I am so Fortunut as to be a Student at Cains College Oxford persuing Astrology and Witchcraft. Should you need a Divination fore to know if Somethinge will go to Plan I can be at your Doore with a Fistful of Yarrow Sticks bfore you can Squeak. Of if you need Someone to go have a Peek somewhere without being Seen, Quietlike and not in the Common Way, I can be Found in College Most Days.

Your Humble Servante,

Eliza Gamut

[In a rather more proficient hand, on rather more expensive paper in a missive given to you by hand by a footman in the middle of a lecture]

To Goodwoman Elizabeth Gamut
From Baron John of Wyndham, MP Goodwoman, Greetings.

I thank you Greatly for your Offer of Aid, and would be Most Happy to provide you with such Knowledge of The Prince's Birth as will be Sufficient for any Divinitory Practices you might wish to Undertake.

With Regards to your Other Talents, I might Ask a Slightly Different Favour Of you. I have already been Contacted by One of Your Talents Offering his Services. I believe he will prove Able to Pursue such leads as are There. I am, however, somewhat Anxious of his Character, Being as he is, of Spanish Origin. I Might Therefore Ask that you Allow me to Arrange for you to Visit the Scene of the Attack at the Same Time as this Individual, Under the Guise of Investigating the Scene and appraise yourself of the Veracity of the Gentleman's Claims to be Performing Witchcraft Conducive to Finding the Lost Prince.

I Sincerely Hope that Phillip Silva is not Bound by his Birthright, and that He Offers genuine Aid to our King, to Whom He Has Sworn an Oath, but I believe that Where His Majesty is Concerned, we cannot be too Careful. God Save the King, God Save Albion. I remain, Baron John of Wyndham, MP

[On better paper, which looks very slightly as if it might have been torn from a book. No rat prints this time, though.]

Your Lordship,

Should your Lordship Wish I can Drawe up an Astrological Charte for the Young Prinse tho I Knowe not how there being Two Brethren Borne Together may Muddy the Waters. I Daresay the Midwyf Knowes exactly when each if them Popt out the Bottle so to Speake so their Charts can be made Diffrent but again their is a Difficulty for we doe not Knowe which Prinse we got. But for Alle This I am Willinge to Make the Atemt for I Never Done Twins bfore.

The Sisters of Hecate Seeme to Thinke well of the Spaniard for they have Accept'd him as one of their own in spite of him being of the Male Speshies. May I knowe what Magic the Spaniard meanes to Work? If it is Divination, I shall see Naught but the Outward Showe for even a Witch cannot Telle what Question another Witch asks with his Minde nor what Answer his Eyes see. Nonetheless I can Attend if your Lordship Wishes it.

Your Humble Servante,

Eliza Gamut

To Father Anthony


I Neede to get some of these Bisnesses out of My Heade because You Knowe what Happens when I doe not. Best Burne it when you are Done Readinge.

I Promist to tell you more of the Doings of the Order of Arundel. At Present it is all Snake Tricks and Forkid Tongue Games and Laying Snares. They Think to Put the Dragoons and the Order of Sir Walter Raleigh at Loggerheads, and in Truth I think they Look a Goode Deal like Kilkenny Cats already What with the Dragoons new Shippes and all. The Papists hope to see our Fleets Whittled to Nought by Squabbles.

The Papists also Seeme to Thinke that Princess Mary is a Shameless Hoity who can be Turn'd Gainst her Father and brought to the Side of Rome due to her being Thin on Dorterly Loyalty and Thick on [crossings out] well Just Plain Thick Actually. This is not Somethinge I would ever Think but is just their Scurrylerilous Bead-tellinge Ways and Nobody could Say I ever Said so misself.

Like I say the Order of Arundel got their Daggers Drawn for some Folks who are first Likely to Knowe about it when they get a Colde Snick between the Ribs if you get my Meaninge. They Talk of Feedinge the Bishop of Leeds Lies to make him seem Foolish for they Knowe he will Belive Anythinge Gainst the Papists. They have Similar Plans for the Earl of Hereford. They got their Eyes on Lord Wyndham who they Think Looks Likely to be a Rosicrucian with Links in France. Professor Alexander Nathaniel they Belive is also from a Rosicrucian kennel and may be Following his Parents Path. They are looking to Disgrace Cinaid Ambrosius1) and Captain Nathaniel Greyhawk, and have noe Love for the Baron of Wetherby and Sir Nicholas Lovecraft. They even Doubt Their Own for they are Wary of Signore Nathaniel Medici of Florence who Professes himself Catholic but does not Appeare to Attend their Mass.

I Knowe also that Persons Unknown did of Late Leave the Unholy Signe of Ba'al on the Flagstons of the East Quad of the Invisible College. The College ask them what Done the Deed to Come Forthe and Confesse but I doe not Think we will be Seeinge that Happen this Side of the Resurrection.

I Feele Lighter now this Letter is Finisht and I Think I might be able to Sleepe Now.

May our Dreames be Merciful,


1) submitted character concept, but did not play
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