His Eminence Cardinal William Howard, Archbishop of Westminster [Tom]

Player: Tom
Rank: Cardinal (Rank 5)
Religion: Catholic
Reputation: Gentleman
Email: william_howard@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

The Most Rev. William Howard has in the last few years been one of the most prominent Catholics in the kingdom. The son of an English Earl, he arrived directly from Rome after attending a seminary and was appointed the Bishop of Arundel. He is known as a theologian of some repute.

With the recent murder of the Cardinal Otromano he has been promoted to the ranks of the College of Cardinals and is now the most senior Catholic clergyman in England.

Catholic Cardinal (Rank 5)


An extract from “Catholic Albion”, a banned English-language pamphlet published in Spain and distributed in secret throughout Albion.

It is on this day that we turn our Thoughts and Meditations to that most Holy of men, Saint William Howard of Arundel, Bishop and Martyr; who, though gone from among us, remains in Spirit and Righteous Zeal wherever English Catholics seek to turn the Satanic Hand of Godless Protestantism from their door. Call him not “Regicide”, for the Pretender Henry was no more True King than the Unblessed Puritan Wine is the true Blood of Christ! Call him “Hero”, “Saviour” and “Protector”, sing his name from the Rooftops and praise him whenever the True Sons of Catholic England rise up in Honour and Piety against the Tyrannous Hand of the Usurper.

The Fight will be Long and Bloody, but in Saint William's name, let us strive to Overthrow the Heretic and restore the Archipelago of Albion to the Bosom of Holy Rome!

Although universally reviled by right-thinking Protestant Englishmen as 'The Regicide Arundel', William Howard was canonised by the Vatican in 1635 and, even today, is a rallying-point for English Catholic radicals. Small Catholic shrines to the saint, at Arundel and around the few crumbling mooring-points of Westminster, are frequently destroyed by Rosicrucians and others acting on Royal orders.

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