Lady Karin Molyneux, Viscountess of Sefton [Ellie]

Player: Ellie
Rank: Viscountess (Rank 3)
Religion: Catholic
Reputation: Gentlemanly

Dame Karin is a noble from the Dutch Republic. Now she has reached the age of 23 her uncle is trying to introduce her to English high society with a view to getting her betrothed to a nice member of the English nobility. She was recently married to Sir Richard Molyneux and has been granted the Viscountcy of Sefton by the King as a wedding gift.


Extract from a play by noted playwright Nathaniel Drake.

Karin: “Curse you, English dogs! For I have God on my side, and you can do me no harm!”

Theodocius: “I fear you are mistaken, Lady, for 'tis a Demon inside you! But methinks that it guides not your hand!”

Karin: “A Demon? Of course, I consort with such to further my Cause, to destroy England. Forsooth! It has made me immortal!”

Luca: “Aha! Think you that, but the Blade of a true Englishman is strong! Take that!”

(Karin is stabbed in the Heart, and falls to the floor)

Luca: “Come, my trusty men! To the Tower with her! We shall see if this Demon's work can be undone!”

Molyneux: “Alas, my wife Cuckolds me with Satan's creature! Archbishop, please, I can take this no more!”

Frewen: “Of course, a true Englishman should not suffer such indignity. Your marriage is annulled!”

d'Ascoyne: “Harlot! Traitor! Fallen woman! Daughter of Goats!” (aside) “I know not why I must Speak, but this Paper forces my Hand!”

From the memoirs of Sergeant Jack Fagan.

Of course, none but the Lord-General himself was Qualified to examine her to Determine if her Foul Magics could be Reversed. Many hours he spent in Solitude with the Traitor; who knows what Torment it was for a Loyal man such as himself. But after many Agnonising days wait, he found the Secret of her Immortality and Took it from her. And so, she was Questioned by the Lord-General, and revealed much Information about the Catholic Uprising. Although it seems Cardinal Howard was the Prime Mover in the Conspiracy, much help came from Spain and the Jesuit Order.

Extracts from a diary found on the person of one Cristophe Gavet, a confirmed Jesuit agent. Decoded many years later.

13th August 1609

My dear Karin is soon to be hanged. The English have finally discovered a way to take the curse of eternal life from her; at least some small good has come of this, but I fear for the fate of her soul. She deserves the chance to atone for her sins, and go to God cleansed.

18th August 1609

I have arrived in London. They are much more watchful for face-changing than in previous years, but there are ways in. None that would allow me to bring her out with me, and that pains my heart. I have small comfort in that I should have a chance to help her cleanse her soul before her death.

20th August 1609

I find it hard to write, but I must keep some record. I entered the Tower of London and could manage a few hours alone with her. The weight of sin was heavy on her, but I helped her repent and cleanse herself ready for her journey. I have heard her last Confession. Her soul rests in God's hands now. I have promised her that I will watch her execution, her final release.

A document by noted historian Thomas Wainwright, hidden in the Rosicrucian archives.

Cristophe Gavet, a noted Dutch Catholic priest and secret Jesuit agent, was known to be responsible for much of the Karin Mayer affair. From his diary and various other documents (decoded many years later by the Order of the Rose Cross), we have discovered much about his life from he was the handler for Karin Mayer, her uncle Arjan Mayer, the Lord Chamberlain (who was replaced with an impostor shortly before the assassination of King Henry IX) and many other agents in England. He is known to have used the alias of Pieter Van Damme when working in our fair isle.

Karin was a spy in the Royal court for the Jesuits. She had been in the service of the Jesuits for 13 years before her discovery, since an incident that occurred when she was 13 in her native Dutch Republic. Her father, a wealthy Protestant lord who traded extensively with the Ottoman Empire, converted to Islam. He was taken away by the Jesuits for questioning, and his wife only daughter Karin were also extensively questioned.

Her father was never seen again, his assets give to his brother Lord Arjan Mayer, also a Jesuit. Her mother was questioned and her mind broken by the Jesuits, but the more malleable Karin lived through her intensive questioning. She was remoulded by Cristophe into a useful agent by a combination of brainwashing and torture, and put into the care of her Uncle. She publicly converted to Catholicism, something that was on the surface tolerated by her uncle but encouraged in private. He ensured that she was brought up in high society circles, ready to infiltrate the English court.

She was particularly involved with the Catholic uprising, assisting the Bishop of Arundel. The preparations took over a year, with gunpowder shipped in from Spain from Arundel's contacts and from the Netherlands by Arjan Mayer.

Cristophe Gavet himself was tracked down in Rome by agents of Lord-General Sir Edward deVries, and covertly brought back to England for interogation. The Queen, deftly avoiding several diplomatic incidents with both the Netherlands and the Vatican, had Cristophe executed in secret after finding out all that he knew. Both him and Karin Mayer turned out to be very resistant to almost all forms of persuasion, with the questioners resorting to Magical means to gain information from them, including the above.

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