Professor Samuel Harris of the Alchemy Faculty of the Invisible College

Turnsheet 0

GM Notes

The original character concept for the NPC Samuel Harris. There was considerable divergence, however, when combined with the secret Invisible College plotline: that the College had become “Invisible” because one of the Senior Faculty once made a deal with the Devil - the entire place was an outpost of Hell, and could vanish into the Infernal Realms again at any moment. During the game this manifested as an ongoing, urgent, need for PCs to cool the place!

Professor Samuel Harris

An emotionless humourless man of late middle years, Professor Harris is one of the senior faculty of the Invisible College. He began his magical career as an apprentice to an alchemist of no great importance in the border town of Carlisle, but a small talent was turned into great results through persistence and he eventually made his way to the Invisible College as a student sponsored by the local bishop. This has coloured his perspective since; he has little time for the nobility, a great respect for the clergy and values the ability to apply oneself till a problem is solved more than the raw talent to do so. He is however willing to help those who he feels are making a real effort and is extremely knowledgeable. His favoured element is water, but his signature style is one of ice; everything he creates is formed of pure crystals and not-quite cold to the touch.

Turnsheet 1

Vendetta against Roger Menzies d'Alembert


An extract from the turnsheet of Dame Karin Mayer.

'Listen! I am coming like a thief! Happy is he who stays awake and guards his clothes, so that he will not walk around naked and be ashamed in public!'
- Revelations 16v15
'Huge hailstones, each weighing as much as fifty kilograms, fell from the sky on people, who cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because is was such a terrible plague!'
- Revelations 16v21

Such it is told will befall those who God hates in the end times. So too shall they befall Roger Menzies as it is unlikely he will live to see Gods punishment on judgement day in this life otherwise. Firstly I shall keep my ear to the court grapevine and work out when Roger Menzies is unlikely to be in his house due to a social engagement or likely to be in his house but so drunk after a party that he is effectively dead to the world.

I shall break into his house, steal all his clothes and burn them outside his house. It is possible I may run into trouble while breaking in - in which case my [skill at] fighting may come in handy - If it looks like I'm in real trouble then it is at this point that I'll use daredevil to increase my skill if needed. His staff are likely to be heretical Anglicans but perhaps they don't know any better being under the thrall of such an evil man - thus I shall merely try to incapacitate them rather than going for the kill… but if something should go wrong then so be it. God will make the final judgement.

Secondly using Street magician and an unrusted weather vane (I would suspect that's fairly easy to get hold of) I would like to subject the good lord to a mighty hail storm such as he has never seen before. May any hail stone that hits him cause him to curse God and blaspheme in front of the good people of England (maybe while he is out enjoying an otherwise sunny day or while he is at the theatre or perhaps when he is out hunting - if he's in a fairly public place so much the better so all the world can see how God is punishing him.) Keeping myself secluded and hidden of course


Written by Gareth.

Roger heads out to take care of some business, and you sneak in. His servants see not a thing, you easily get past them, collect his clothes and pile them outside unnoticed. You set up a nice bonfire of his clothes, light the touchpaper and retire to a safe distance. From your hiding place you see the first servants notice the fire, run out in a panic and try to arrange a bucket chain. By the time the fire is put out, the clothes are entirely ruined. Roger now has only the clothes he has on his back. God is not smiling on him.

The hailstorm is called up as expected, on an otherwise untroubled day. It follows him around London, pelting him with hailstones and making him most uncomfortable. Priests speak about how Sir Roger has displeased God.

News: The End is Nigh

”…thus it can be seen that D'ALEMBERT, the treacherous hell-spawn D'ALEMBERT, is not only Accursed in the Sight of the Lord but is himself the HARBINGER of the Apocalypse! O you Baron of Daresbury, how you have fallen from Grace! WEEP AND LAMENT, o ye people, for the running-dog of the ADVERSARY walks among us, in the very COURTS of great King Harry is the foul stench of his breath seen! For has he not been seen walking abroad, NAKED, his very clothes AFLAME on the pyres of HELL? Have HAILSTONES not attended his waking hours, falling with HOLY WRATH from the sky? And was it not thus foretold in the Revelation of St. John? Lament, o ye people of England, lament and fall to ground weeping, for the Final Days are upon us!

The congregation will now hear a reading from Revelations, Chapter 16, verses 15-21…”

The rantings of a particularly frothy Catholic priest in a minor country church. The sentiments, if not the vigour, are quietly muttered and repeated by many other voices throughout both Anglican and Catholic churches.


“An alchemist has started work on Undying Flowers! Harry must be planning to marry Elizabeth”

Turnsheet 2

Make it rain over the Invisible College


An extract from the turnsheet of Dame Karin Mayer.

I'm being blackmailed, this is unacceptable but for the moment will have to be tolerated. Prof. Samuel Harris knows far too much about me and my abilities. At some point I shall have take care of him. At this point in time however I shall make it rain over the Invisible college for him. It shall rain hard, very hard. In the middle of the night on the new moon when it shall be darkest and I am least likely to be spotted by anyone who might be looking out for such a person casting this spell and when it shall be easiest to escape should the need arise.


Written by Gareth

In the middle of the night, when the moon is new, you bring your storm to the grounds of the Invisible College. The rain pours down, but as it approaches the ground it steams as if off hot coals. However, the rain gets lower, and by the end seems to be almost hitting the ground. But what is washed off is not quite what you'd expect…

You get a very clear vision of the College; you get the impression this vision is hundreds of years ago, although you have no idea why. You walk inside and see a man standing outside a ritual circle, while some form that you cannot make out stands inside. They are talking. The conversation comes to an end, and the figure in the circle seems pleased at the outcome. The gentleman outside the ritual turns, and you see his face; it is Samuel Harris.

Suddenly there is a tremendous hot wind; the view outside the windows changes, and there is brimstone and heat-haze blurring the view across some monstrous landscape. You are sure that the college has been transported to Hell itself.

The scene blurs somewhat; there is an impression of fear, anger and tension from hundreds of people. Time is passing strangely, magic is gathering and suddenly the view outside changes back to London. However, the oppressive heat and shimmer is still visible across the lawns of the College; the return is not entirely successful, and the College is now something else; an outpost of the Adversary in London. As the vision clears, you can still feel an oppressive taint upon your soul; this vision has left its mark upon you, and you feel horribly unclean.


An extract from the turnsheet of Dame Karin Mayer.

Hail Mary, full of Grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed are you among women, hear my prayer and pray for this sinner’s soul. Watch over Samuel Harris and should he blaspheme, taking the Lord's name in vain and break his solemn oath, may he be struck down by a terrible plague with all the fury of our vengeful God. Amen.

Extract from the Invisible College Briefing

Written by Helen.

We would kindly remind all those who attended Professor Harris' lecture on “Crystalline Alchemy in a Daemonic Environment” last Thursday that the Quicksilver fumes in use during the practical demonstration are well-known to cause both optical and auditory illusions. Therefore we would kindly thank undergraduates for refraining from spreading stories about the respected Professor Harris dropping a beaker, shouting 'Damn', falling over screaming from an apparent pain in his head, getting up, saying 'Christ, what was that?' and then falling over again.

Professor Harris is quite well, and any rumours to the contrary are clear fabrications. He has begun moderating his language over the past few weeks on the advice of his parish priest, and for no other reason whatsoever.


To the Lady Kendall,

You approached me at the recent Royal Court to speak of a matter in some confidence, an Item you wished me to use my Alchemical Artes to create. As I gave you to understand this Item will be expensive to create, costing a considerable amount of gold (OOC: basically wealth rank 3 and you're in debt…) and a number of rare alchemical ingredients. My requirements are the blood of an adult Dragon and the ashes of a Phoenix.

The Dragon is a rare creature in Europe in this age. Its extraordinary armoured scales and the potent magic coursing through its blood, as well as the prestige that accrues to one who slays it, means that most have been hunted and killed already. I have however heard tell that a few Dragons remain in the ice-covered Fire Mountains of the aptly named Iceland.

As for the Phoenix, the bird that is Born again in the fire of its own Death, legend tells us that it comes from distant Araby where it nests by a well in the desert. Rumours have reached my ears that an ambassador from the Ottoman Empire - where the Phoenix is greatly prized - has been recently dispatched and will reach England within a few months. He may well be able to provide you with more details.

It seems to me that you are a young woman of considerable hidden resources, but that these may be within yourself rather than your purse. You asked if there was anything else you could provide to make me look more favourably on your attempt to enlist my aid. Now I offer to fund the required gold from my own pocket if you should acquire for me the Crozier of the Bishop of Arundel. I hope I can rely entirely on your Discretion in achieving this end.

Finally, I must warn you that I have been approached by Another wishing to enlist my aid in this selfsame Crafting. The First to agree my terms and deliver one of the required Magickal Ingredients, either Dragon or Phoenix, shall win my aid.


Prof. Samuel Harris
Faculty of Alchemy, Invisible College

To Professor Harris:

I thank you for the opportunity to provide you some measure of assistance in your work. I assure you that your trust in my discretion will not be in vain.

Although you mentioned that the crafting of such an extraordinary item would not go unnoticed by your fellows in the College, I would like to ask you to maintain secrecy as long as you can. As you pointed out, the creation of this particular artifact may be regarded as a message of a very specific kind, and I would be most appreciative if the inevitable rumours could be held at bay for as long as possible.

Meredith Wargrave

To the Lady Wargrave,

I shall be pleased to render you all the assistance I can. Beginning, of course, once I have received payment, of one form or another, and one of the artifacts mentioned. As to your discretion, I would not have trusted so much to you if I was not sure that you could be relied upon.

Unfortunately it will be impossible to keep the crafting of the Item secret. Certain steps in the process cannot be hidden and there are observers at the College who will notice such things. I suspect there are a number who have been promised generous rewards to notice. I can assure you that I shall not mention your name in connection with the matter and shall do all in my power to hide what I may. That is all I can do.


Prof. Samuel Harris
Faculty of Alchemy, Invisible College

Groundwork in Arundel Cathedral

An extract from the turnsheet response of the Right Honourable Meredith Kendall, Baroness of Wargrave. Written by Fed.

You prepare to visit the Cathedral and, at a convenient moment visit the place, plan it out and sneak around. You are able, after several visits and observations to construct a plan of the whole Cathedral and nearby buildings and gardens.

After a few days of sneaking around and casually wandering in and out of the Cathedral you realise that in the early morning and later/afternoon evening you are always far more lithe, quick and shadowy.

At one point, you are trying to make your way out of the gardens when you notice Dame Karin Mayer (a regular visitor of the Cathedral it seems) coming round the corner and then looking directly at you. Amazingly, she seems neither to recognise, nor even notice you! You conclude it must be the work of the Shadow.

Another visitor you make a note of is Dr. Judith Harrow, who has become, it seems, a recent frequent visitor. On some days you're even convinced that she is glowing slightly.

Dragon Hunting

An extract from the turnsheet response of Lord Michael Gerard, Viscount of Surat. Written by Fed.

While you're there and can't get back in a hurry you might as well go and hunt the dragons, eh? You manage to find out where a few might be after talking to the King [Zattixi] and make your way up the American coast.

There a guide identifies a dragon hunting-ground (by virtue of the scorch-marks… you get it) and suggests you go and do your hunting while he remains on the boat and plays dice with a couple of sailors (the locals seem to get addicted quite easily).

Trekking through the plains and the forests eventually takes you to a dragon that is casually removing the tasty bits of a half-dozen buffalo. You all valiantly pile, musket blazing, sword shining and cut the damned thing to pieces. Granted, you lose a third of your men, but at least the thing isn't getting up, breathing fire on your ass or otherwise trying to eat you!

Being very careful you find a relatively fresh area of the dragon and extract a large vial of blood from it.



“I'd been out drinking, was just climbing in via the Scholar's Way to [the Invisible] College. Then it started raining. Thing is, the rain was disappearing into steam before it even hit the ground.”

Turnsheet 3

Theft at Arundel

An extract from the turnsheet response of His Grace William Arundel, Bishop of Arundel. Written by Helen.

During an eventide vigil at Arundel Cathedral shortly before Court, you notice a new face in the congregation. You don't think much of it.

When you wake in the morning, you are down your cassock, your crozier and your mitre. The vergers are going absolutely spare - they saw and heard nothing. Karin Mayer was away at the time, and nobody can find any way that the thief could have got in or out. No witnesses were seen.

In the places where the items were kept, the following messages are left:

Editor's Note

The Bible verses are:

But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,
- Matthew 23:5
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.
- Matthew 23:15
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.
- Matthew 23:27

Arundel Cathedral

An extract from the turnsheet response of the Right Honourable Meredith Kendall, Baroness of Wargrave. Written by Fed.

You visit the evening vigil in Arundel while using Fair and Outward form and after everyone begins to disperse you slip off into the shadows undetected. After some three hours of waiting and extreme discomfort, you are sure that the Cathedral has been entirely closed down and its interior empty of people. Apart from you of course.

You creep through the church, relying on your memory of the place rather than the moonlight… because you've made sure there is none. As you pass one of the enormous oak doors you hear a guard walk past and shout something into the distance, pausing in the corner you wait for more noise, but nothing happens.

Eventually you come to the inner-sanctum which is locked up and with no obvious way in other than the door. Inspection of the walls and top reveal that it is an entirely covered room and there is little to do but try to open the door. Casting the Mercurial Key takes some time and there are at least two occasions when you stop because of false-alarms, but eventually the conjurated key is inserted into the lock turning smoothly and letting the door swing slowly inward.

Inside, a single long candle burns. You creep in and quickly identify where the crosier, mitre and cassock are. You carefully remove them and begin appropriate preparations. After scribbling messages across the board, you pick up the episcopal paraphernalia, flick your fingers… and disappear.

All the guards ever see is a door that they clearly forgot to lock swing open from the wind and a faint feeling that someone was laughing.

You arrange for a meeting with Dr. Harris and shortly before session deposit the crosier in his possession.


An extract from the turnsheet response of the Right Honourable Meredith Kendall, Baroness of Wargrave. Written by Fed.

You work your seductive magic on the newly-appointed 'Keeper of the Royal Phoenix' who has the job of looking after the thing for now and you manage to find out all the necessary information regarding when it was due to hatch, when it will burn up, and when the optimal time to collect the ashes is…

Dragon Blood

An extract from the turnsheet of Lord Michael Gerard, Viscount of Surat.

I have dragons blood, I will give some to Professor Harris and seal the deal about making the undying flower.

Turnsheet 4

Finding the Bishop of Arundel’s crook


An extract from the turnsheet of Dame Karin Mayer.

It has been stolen by person or persons unknown and must be recovered. His grace is most distraught that this most holy of possessions should be taken from him. The last time it vanished of its own free will and later returned its self, now it has been taken by someone else and it might not be able to return its self so easily. I shall I fear have to use Lodestone to locate it, a shame to scar myself so close to the wedding but I'll try and do the two as far apart as possible and wear gloves at the wedding. Once I have located the Crook (and this could take some time I realise as it could be anywhere in England) I shall do my utmost to recover it. My talents lie in secretive entry and theft so I shall play to my strengths and attempt to steal back the crook (using violence if needed) from whoever has taken it and return it to His Grace post haste.

If it turns out to be in the Invisible College (no real reason, just in case) - I’ll also keep an eye out for any of Jerusalem’s Sand as used as a component in 'Cry God for Harry'. This may come in useful later for the Bishop of Arundel’s plan.


Written by Gareth.

The Bishop of Arundel learns the theft has been executed professionally with lots of preparation. Clearly not something easily uncovered.

You are led to the Invisible College, and after much creeping about finds Professor Harris has the crozier. He is naked, covered in sigils written in some kind of (obviously not human) blood. He is conversing with what is clearly a demon, an incredibly powerful demon. You can identify some bits of the following exchange: “Though with this pact you have granted me … I intend no longer to be your whore.” The demon replies in a foul tongue you cannot understand, but clearly threatening. In reply he hefts the crozier which has a spear point attached, and stabs the demon in the face. Professor Harris laughs maniacally, “I have defied both Heaven and Hell. Neither can touch me.”

For a moment you stand shocked, your breath taken away – you have just witnessed a Diabolist ritual, and one of the most foul Spawn of Satan. Righteous fervour overtakes you and you leap at him with your dagger out. You repeatedly stab the demon-consorting heretic monster until he is very dead. And then you leave with the crozier.

You return it to the Bishop of Arundel, still very shaken. He asks what has happened, but you tell him you are not yet ready to discuss what you saw.


An extract from the turnsheet response of the Right Honourable Meredith Kendall, Baroness of Wargrave. Written by Fed.

Easily done, given enough patience, careful manipulation of the Keeper and so on. The Phoenix is a most magnificent creature and you are awed far more than you expected by its 'death' and rebirth. You have managed to attain a small amount of its ashes, as required, as well being able to pick up the gryphon feathers.

News: The Royal Wedding

An excerpt from “Good Morrow” a regular pamphlet discussing the doings of the nobles.

At the Invisible College Samuel Harris, one of only three alchemists in England known to be capable of making undying flowers, has locked himself away in his study! Indeed, an Alchemist of Note within the College itself confirmed to me that from a study of the Effluvia produced (what is left over from the practise of alchemy) Professor Harris can, indeed, only be working on these most wonderful of flowers that will bloom forever, come acid or volcano fire, to grace Princess Elizabeth on her wedding day.

Turnsheet 5


[Lady Karin Mayer] receive[s] a letter from Professor Samuel Harris. Strangely enough it's dated 2 weeks in the future.

Lady Sefton,

The Invisible College and I myself would like to Thank You for your most Generous Donation. If only more of the Nobles of this Fair Land would provide for the Education of our Youth what a Golden Age we would Enjoy.

If you would Wish to tour the College and meet the Faculty that we may Show you how your Generosity has Endowed us, and to Receive out Acclimation, then I should be Happy to Arrange such a Visit.

Yours with thanks,

Professor Samuel Harris
Faculty of Alchemy, Invisible College

As you read the letter though the ink seems to float off the page and then to flow and smear like it had been dropped in a pool. Just as quickly though the process reverses and the ink flows into new words. The letter now reads:

Bring to me her Eyes that she shall not See.
Bring to me her Heart wrapped in her Rosary Beads that she shall Never Rest.
Then I shall know you have Done the Deed.

You look round to check that no-one has seen (none has) and when you glance back down the letter is as it first was.

Editor's Note

Prof. Harris demanded that the Viscountess Sefton murder the theurgist Dr. Judith Harrow, suspicious that she had learned the truth of him.

Prof Harris must die


An extract from the turnsheet of Lady Karin Mayer, Viscountess of Sefton.

Prof. Harris has invited me to tour the college due to the generous gift I have donated. I shall arrange for such a gift to be given out of what I could give without it troubling my husband (so nothing too significant I would imagine). I shall then take up the offer of a tour of the faculty. Eyes so that she shall not hear and a heart wrapped in rosary beads so she shall know no rest. I think the poor professor is mistaken. The rosary beads shall let the spirit know rest and assure that it meets with Gods judgement. And it shall not be her heart wrapped in them but His. He has tried to blackmail me, to think I nearly let his corruption win, let his taint taint me in turn. He is of the devil, consorting with them and involved in ungodly relations with them. He himself admitted to being Satan's Whore! God will not look favourably upon his actions. He has placed himself above both Heaven and Hell.

Although I fear my actions may lead me into sin I fear this may be the only way. The morning of my visit to the Invisible College I shall open the puzzle box and make my first wish of the three granted to me. I shall wish that as soon as I lay eyes on Samuel Harris he shall forever lose his sorcerous power and become mortal, subject to the laws of God but not know until it is too late.

Then comes the plan. The plan involves the following: I shall ask if I might visit the department of Jenner (the woman Harris wants me to kill) and if she would be willing to give me a short run through of what she does. Then when she is done I shall excuse myself and find my own way directly back to Harris. I shall have with me a small bag containing a fresh, well wrapped, pigs heart wrapped in Rosary Beads and two Pig’s eyes (hopefully they shouldn’t leak). I shall ask to speak with him alone. I am sure he will be willing to do this as he believes I am going present him with the death of his opponent.

Instead when we are alone I shall overpower him and knock him unconscious and lock us in his apartments so that we shall not be disturbed. I shall then tie him down, gag him, and cut out his eyes. When he comes round I have no doubt he will be somewhat perturbed but no matter. I shall quote his own message back to him ‘Bring to you his eyes so he shall not see’ and then ‘Bring to me his heart, wrapped in his rosary beads that he shall never rest’. I shall then explain to him his fault that the rosary beads are a symbol of the power of God and that they cannot separate a soul from him. I shall then tell him that it is possible I might be wrong, so I shall have to test the theory. I shall cut open his chest, carefully, keeping him alive for as long as possible and exposing his heart. I shall then wrap it in Rosary beads before pulling it out of his chest and killing him.

Then I shall remove my probably blood stained clothes and burn them completely. I shall then put on identical spares that I brought with me. I shall try and hunt around in his office for any incriminating evidence he has on me (and burn it) or anything suggesting he consorted with demons – and leave it with him. I shall then leave the college (locking his office door behind me) saying goodbye to anyone who I pass and calmly be on my way.


Written by Gareth.

The morning of your visit to Professor Harris is marked with slight trepidation. As you start to open your puzzle-box you wonder if there is another way than consorting with who-knows-what creature this Heathen Djinn may be. But you harden your heart, knowing know other way of bringing the Whore of Satan to his judgement. As the creature comes out it smiles knowingly at you, its eyes seeming to look into your soul; what it sees there, who knows?

You make your wish, that as soon as you lay eyes on Samuel Harris he shall forever lose his Sorcerous power and become mortal, subject to the laws of God, but not know until it is too late. The Djinn smiles at you and bows with a mocking smile on its face. “As you will, mistress”, it says, before vanishing back into the box.

It is trivially easy to acquire a pig’s heart and eyes without anybody knowing. You wrap them up in waxed paper to stop them dripping blood all over you, and visit the Invisible College. Your donation has had its expected effect, and you are admitted to see Doctor Judith Harrow. She is a nervous woman, making strange motions with her fingers. A Theurgist of some note, she is a student of Bishop Mary of Leicester and her trusted deputy. She was the woman who cast the Cry God For Harry ritual whilst Bishop Mary was indisposed.

As you leave, it occurs to you that those strange motions she was making would fit perfectly with a rosary between her fingers…

You head up to Professor Harris’ office, and knock on his door. He is already alone; it seems he was expecting you. As your eyes settle upon him, he shudders slightly and looks briefly confused; you feel a rush of blood through your veins and a strange, unnatural euphoria. But then all is normal again; the Professor smiles as you hand the heart and eyes to him.

“Well done”, he says; and these are the last words he speaks. You hit him hard in the temple with your fist, and he collapses like a sack of potatoes. You quickly take him through to his apartments behind the office, and tie him securely. The ceilings are high, and the living room has a domed top; it seems the Professor has done very well for himself in the College hierarchy. Indeed, the rooms are very well appointed. You tie him down to the floor by some of the staples which hold the carpet in place, put a gag across his mouth and bring out your knife.

As it slides down behind his eye, he comes to; his eyes bulge wide and he tries to scream, prevented by the gag. You slide the knife down behind his left eye, cutting it from his head; it comes out with a slight ‘pop’.

“Bring to you his eyes so he shall not see.”

The Professor still attempts to scream, and thrashes about, looking terrified; but you have the advantage on him. As you slide the knife down behind his right eye, he continues to attempt to scream, tries to do something that will save him. But he cannot escape your blade. His right eye comes out from his head, and two empty eye-sockets stare back at you.

“Bring to you his heart, wrapped in rosary beads so he shall not know rest. You are mistaken; the Rosary is a symbol of God, and cannot separate a soul from him. But it’s possible I may be wrong; I shall have to test this.”

You cut down the left side of his chest and carefully break his ribs. He tries once more to scream, but the gag is too secure. He makes a terrified whimpering sound and water starts to pool in his empty eye sockets. You pull his chest cavity open, expose the still-beating heart to the air and wrap the rosary around it. Your hands and clothes are soaked in blood up to the elbows, and the front of your dress is covered in it. As you pull out his heart he attempts once more to scream in terror, thrashing around, but he cannot escape you.

As you pull his heart from your chest, you feel a sudden rush of something from it, travelling up your arm and suffusing your body. The feeling builds and builds, until you are throbbing with an exquisite agony. And then as suddenly as it started, it stops. But something is terribly different. You know things you should not know. You understand the ebb and flow of the elements, and feel the Spiritus Dei flowing through your body. Professor Harris’ knowledge of Alchemy is now yours; and with it comes the realisation that your Spiritus Dei does not leak from your body as it does normal men; his immortality has now become your own.

You look down and see the corpse before you, with a hideous rictus of fear and agony. And you clean up in a daze, shaken to the core by what has just happened to you. You spend many minutes at his bathroom, washing your hands over and over again, long after the blood has been washed off. And eventually you recover enough to burn your clothes. As you stand naked in front of the body of the Professor, watching the fire burn away the evidence of your presence and the small amount that was written down about you, a realisation comes; there is no entry to Heaven for those who are cursed to spend eternity on this Earth.

You gather up your clean clothes and leave the college. You pass in a daze through an unreal scene full of Demons, and Men trying to fight them. It seems somehow unimportant. Your journey back to your apartments is equally uneventful.

Jesuit Briefing

Written by Gareth.

[…] The Invisible College is a most foul institution; they have been consorting with the Powers of Hell; indeed, our sources have discovered that the College was until recently an outpost of Hell itself. The foul Sorcerers and Diabolists of the College have been consorting with Demons and selling their very Souls; more proof of the Evil of their degenerate art. Their numbers should be reduced. Preferably to zero. 'Judas' has been doing excellent work to this end. […]

Prof. Harris

An extract from the turnsheet response of the Right Honourable Meredith Kendall, Baroness of Wargrave. Written by Fed.

Professor Harris seems keen to acquire the phoenix feathers and pressures you to decide whether to make the trade for the Potion of Focus. Reluctantly you agree. In some ways this is fortuitous since you later discover that he has been murdered! (And no future deal will be possible.)

News: Murder

From “The Bloody Playbill”, a cheap scandal sheet read only by the commonest sort, which deals in unreliable tales of murder and suspicious deaths.

…and since Professor Harris did Weep most Piteously it was his Eyes that were Taken first, Cut from his face to leave Sightless Bloody Holes. Was his Butcher one of the Fell Beasts that roamed the Invisible College that strange day or was it a Man? Did it matter to Samuel as his chest was Sliced open and his Heart Exposed? What Pleas did he make, secrets Reveal or offerings Promise as his still Beating Heart was wrapped in the necklace of the Popish rosary Rites before being Torn from him? We know only that he must have been grateful for the Release into God's Mercy. (We Scorn those who say that no Demon would touch the Beads from the Marian Cult.) But what to make of the Paraphernalia of Diabolism strewn around him? Could Professor Harris have been one to Consort with Demons…

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