In Game 1 the Ambassador from Zilmatillia, Meeash Han-Tiki Weatherwhite [Frances], was a regular correspondent with other members of the Royal Court. There follows a list of some of the traditional Zilmatillian ceremonious closings the Ambassador used:

  • May the Kind Face of God smile upon us in this Venture,
  • May you live longer than a cedar,
  • May your head never bid farewell to your shoulders,
  • May the Moon never fall on you,
  • May Snakes never adorn your Pillow,
  • May you never find Scorpions in your Soup,
  • May your Heirs never be stolen by Mongooses,
  • May Poison Ants never nest in your Head,
  • May your Eyes always shine like Dewdrops even unto your Ninetieth Year,
  • May your Soup ever be Free of Suspicious Unidentified Lumps,
  • May your enemies' archers always sneeze whilst aiming,
  • May you never choke on papayas,
  • May moths never nibble your cassock,
  • May rice grains never stick in the passages of your nose,
  • May flies never drown in your tea,
  • May caterpillars never woo your eyebrows,
  • May tigers never surprise you at breakfast,
  • May all your Eggs have Yolks,
  • May the sun never burn your ears,
  • May Termite never Gnaw through your Doorposts,
  • May the sand beneath your feet be ever slow and never quick,

Rebecca Lanik in reply:

  • May your Infestation of Distress be Infinitely Diminished,

Authors note: It appears that meals may have been a time of trepidation and even fear on Zilmatillia!

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