Lady Morag Douglas, Countess of Kyle of Lochalsh (EXILED) - Cecily

Player: Cecily P
Rank: Countess (rank 4)
Religion: Anglican

One of the King's frequent hunting companions (largely because her estates in Scotland are perfect for it), the Countess tends to ignore some of the more subtle aspects of English law, such as not sinking English ships and Spanish ones when at peace with them. This has resulted in her being banished from Court for several months on more than one occasion.

A Story without a Hero

An extract from the diary of Elias Martin.

I was in search of company in Tartaruga when I met her. She promised to tell me tales of exotic Courts, daring adventure and treachery…if I would buy her the liquor to wet her tongue. Not exactly the kind of company I was looking for - far too old, but seeing as all the friendly girls were taken it'd do.

She spoke of a woman and sea serpents, of two which had been unnaturally created from inconvenient husbands. Lord Ronan of Kyle of Lochalsh, and Salik Gesman, former Ambassador of the Sublime Porte to Albion. She spoke of the witch who had made them that way, a bitter old hag twisted by her own husband's betrayal. Turning to Albion, she spoke of King Matthew, and the Bitch-Queen Joanne he had been forced to wed. The Queen's death, orchestrated by the same woman, who escaped execution by means of a love potion in the King's whisky.

When I told her that fantasies were best with elements of believability, she just laughed and moved on to the seduction of the Ottoman Ambassador, and his transformation, and the woman's pursuit of the King of the Ottoman Empire…and flight to the Americas, pursued by corsairs. Adventures in the Aztec Kingdoms followed, before being chased out to the colonies by a Queen who knew far too much of events in Albion. To Tartaruga, to gamble and drink away her sorrows.

I never saw the woman again after that night, though I did look.

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