Lord Roger Menzies D'Alembert, Baron of Daresbury, RIP [Matt H]

Player: Matt H
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Decent
Email: roger_dalembert@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

Lord Roger was born the son of Lord Edward D'Alembert, the very unpopular Baron of Daresbury. When the old Baron died Roger inherited the lands and responsibilities, but luckily not the unpopularity.

B.Herm from the Invisible College.


Despite a long history of social faux-pas and generally insulting behaviour, Roger Menzies d’Alembert will always be most remembered for his failed attempt to kill Satan. He was last seen driving a terrifying Demonic-looking sword into a creature claiming to be Baal, who may or may not have been the Adversary himself. Later examination of the scene determined that d’Alembert had been sucked into Hell.

However there is a story that tells of Gloria O’Keefe travelling into Hell to bring back her Love. She looked back and was trapped, but d’Alembert was let out into the world. However, his time in Hell had changed him; the Demon Dalembertus was what emerged. Its location is currently unknown.

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