News: Turn 4 (October 1643 - March 1644)

Smoke and Mirrors

From a pamphlet published by Lady Mary Charlton of Luton, noted Fop, found in many of the better coffee houses.

When people think that a plain black mask is sufficient attire for a Masquerade I cannot but help wonder at the State of our Fair Nation. The Entertainment was unparalleled, however, with Smoke and Mirrors masking the identity of the Guests.

The Entertainments spiralled rapidly out of hand at the supposed unmasking - where I saw not one mask removed - and the Second Quad opened up a Portal to the Lower Realms, and Fireballs were hurled by many of the Guests, as their Infernal Nature was revealled.

From a sermon by the Bishop of de Vries Isle

Despite the Portents, Despite the Warnings of those who read the Stars and have studied at centres of learning such as Cain's, the Ball went ahead, and Catastrophe was only averted by the actions of a man in the guise of Octavian and a number of the Host who had attended the Event.

When in this Time of National Crisis, when the Nations of Europe turn against us, could Prudence not be shown?

Nearer—the publication closer to your heart

Extracts from Nearer, a gossip pamphlet covering the ups and downs of members of the court.

“…Nearer has spotted these two lovely ladies spending rather a lot of time together, and wonders how their Italian tuition is progressing…”

“…embassy welcomed Medici with open arms. Florence made…”

“…been spotted admiring Lady Weaver. Baron Wyndham needs to learn that Nearer picks up on all the gossip!”

“…princess is very interested in Glastonbury. Nearer wishes the two of them…”

“…wonders why no young man has yet been after the frankly gorgeous, and very elegible Anastasia Hamilton…”

“…sympathies go out to Lady Morag. Nonetheless, Nearer cannot help thinking that whilst she is now a widow, she has also become a very elegible member of the court…”

“…seen with a very attractive young lady. Captain Smashing should watch out, however: Nearer would hate to see him in trouble for his…”

The Power of the King

An anonymous note pinned in many high class taverns and coffee houses around Oxford.

”In times of trouble, in times of great adversity and strife, we look to our deepest convictions to guide us. We look to those principles for which our fathers fought and died. We look to the foundation stone of our kingdom, and upon it we find these words inscribed -

“No Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.”

Tho' the storm clouds gather o'er the enemy host; tho' the seas boil and the earth crack; tho' the heavens fall - let the Justice of Albion be done.”


Heard from a number of street preachers across the country, and also published in pamphlets distributed across the archipeligo.

”Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the Court of the Pharisees, and said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.

And when it was done, when the morning was come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against the Christ to put him to death. And when they had bound him, they led him away, and delivered him to Pontius Pilate.

Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed my people. And they said, What is that to us? See thou to that. And Judas cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

And the chief priests took the silver pieces, and said, It is not lawful for to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood. And they took counsel, and bought with them the potter's field, to bury strangers in.

Wherefore that field was called the field of blood, unto this day.

Whatsoever a man soweth there, that shall he also reap.”

…this continues in a similar vein for some time, often referring to Liverpool as the Pharisee Court.

A military leaflet

A leaflet posted in taverns military-types are known to frequent. It is signed “Sarah Moulden”.

”I do not say that I am eager to die, but I do not fear death. I fear, as all soldiers do, that when Fate comes for me, she will find me wanting. I fear that I will fail my brothers and sisters in arms. I fear that I will fail my father and my king.

I fear that when I face our enemy, I will turn craven, and run and hide from his shot and sword. Or yield like a maid rather than answer his threats with steel and shell.

I fear only dishonour. Never death.”

A Notice from the Master of Invisible College

“The Master's office wishes it to be known that, following Sorcerous and Philosophical investigation by the Department of Esoteric Sciences, headed by Professor Lovecraft, into the claims of the self-professed 'Sorcerer' and 'Philosopher' from heathen Cathay, one Tsung Chang-Mai, the Invisible College has stipulated a number of Regulations which it calls upon all Right-Thinking Christian Men and Women to Follow, and to encourage their Academick Colleagues to Follow.

Item the First, That, since this Cathayan Individual has herself been witnessed to claim, and to demonstrate, that the Boundaries of the 'Sorcerous' circles she utilises for the purposes of Summoning are not as clearly Delineated by their Physical Boundaries as good Christian protective Circles, a qualified Academic Philosopher, preferably an adept of the Holy Path in case the necessity for Exorcism occurs, must supervise her Summonings, inscribing a larger Protective Circle around the Experiment.

Item the Second, That, should the Cathayan Individual, or any other Charlatan of her Ilk, refuse this Condition, that she is clearly guilty of rank Heresy and wilful Endangering of the Lives and Immortal Souls of all those good Christians in her Vicinity, and should be immediately Arrested and Tried for Diabolism by the King's Men or any loyal Noble of Albion.

Item the Third, That, An authorised Sorcerer or Philosopher should immediately and Posthaste test the knowledge of Tsung Chang Mai and the entities she claims to Control upon her knowledge of the Daemonic Tongue, so as to enquire concerning their place in the Cosmology of God's Universe, and their position relative to the Infernal Host…”

The notice continues with various legal waffle for some time. Although the declaration has no binding legality until it is passed through Parliament, such regulations are rarely passed from the Master's Office and often heeded when they are.

Pembroke Lectures

From the 'Dreaming Spires', a pamphlet about Oxford University business.

Pembroke College's lecture season has started with an impressive set of lectures from a number of notable nobles from the Court of King Matthew.

Haroun ibn Rasheed, Baron Eynsford has been lecturing in Comparative Philosophy, his lectures meeting with much success (and some confusion) by the students. Dom Alonso da Veleta, the Portuguese gentleman has been teaching his native language as well as Spanish and Latin. Signore Nathaniel Medici, the Inventor from Florence (aren't we at war with them?) has given some well-received lectures on the basics of Invention, although his decision not to become too closely attached to the college seems sensible considering recent events.

And for some reason the Cathayan Sorcerer Tsung Chang-Mai has been giving lectures on Cathayan sorcery and Calligraphy. Why the respected Earl of Pembroke is allowing someone well known for being unable to keep her demons under control to lecture to his students is unknown. Hopefully he has some good reason.

However, by far the most impressive lecture set were by David Brandage on the subject of Basic Theurgy and an Introduction to the Angelic Tongue. Young David was most animated on the subject, impressing the students and other College lecturers. Indeed, students interested in Theurgy have been turning toward Pembroke in the hope of studying under Mr Brandage. Cain's College has long had a reputation as the most prominent College for Sorcery; perhaps Pembroke will become the country's most prominent Theurgic institution?

The Boat Race

A report on this year's Oxford Boat Race.

“…A pretty poor showing by Oxford University this year. It looks like one big win was all they had in them, with no really notable entries. Invisible, however, have outdone themselves. A most exciting race, with two particularly notable entries…”

“Brevet Colonel Anastasia Hamilton's Royal Serpent came in first, closely followed by Alexander Nathaniel's Hurricane. Two very different schools of design, as usual. The Royal Serpent, a reasonably normal boat Alchemically modified to cut through the water with ease. Indeed, the Serpent slid through the water like its namesake, overtaking the Hurricane at the last moment. The Hurricane itself being a mechanical ship powered by an Alchemical Jar of Air, which (so we are informed) utilises 'reticulating flux-manifolds through an oscillating hypoparietic phlogiston matrix', although we have no idea what that actually means.”

“Several Oxford University boats were disqualified for heresy, scrottling, inadequate flange and overuse of rummaging before the race began.”

The Exhibits of Elias Ashmole

From a discrete and stylish pamphlet distributed in the better class of coffeehouse Sir Elias Ashmole invites the gentry of Oxford and Albion beyond once more to inspect a fine collection of curiosities at his townhouse. Among them are the horn the famed Roland who died bravely saving Charlemagne's army.

Dist Oliver: «Paien unt grant esforz,
De noz Franceis m'i semblet aveir mult poi!
Cumpaign Rollant, kar sunez vostre corn:
Si l'orrat Carles, si returnerat l'ost.»
Respunt Rollant: «Jo fereie que fols!
En dulce France en perdreie mun los.
Sempres ferrai de Durendal granz colps;
Sanglant en ert li branz entresqu'a l'or.
Felun paien mar i vindrent as porz:
Jo vos plevis, tuz sunt jugez a mort.»
(Says Oliver: “Pagans in force abound,
While of us Franks but very few I count;
Comrade Rollanz, your horn I pray you sound!
If Charles hear, he'll turn his armies round.”
Answers Rollanz: “A fool I should be found;
In France the Douce would perish my renown.
With Durendal I'll lay on thick and stout,
In blood the blade, to its golden hilt, I'll drown.
Felon pagans to th' pass shall not come down;
I pledge you now, to death they all are bound.)

Another item is the shield of Sir John of Ilswood, a companion of Richard the Lionheart on the crusades

That he died for nothing cannot be said and the sands of Jerusalem ran red with his English blood. Yet Richard lived and proved a true Saviour of Christendom and through him noble Sir John, England's son and God's servant.

Religious Dissent

An Inflamatory pamphlet distributed freely across the major towns of Albion and relatively popular in some areas

Yet we continue to welcome the Jews as if they have never commited the mose heinous crimes in our Glorious Country. For many centuries we were but at threat from witches and diabolists, but these past years we are even not safe from the Jews once expelled to keep this land free from their traitorous blemish! Do we not know that they are most crafty and villanous in their crimes and do affect themselves so as to Deny their evil? They steal away and murder Christian babies, never touching their own, and drink their blood, or else keep it to sacrifice to false gods. We have testimony of these things, but the majority still choose to ignore their Diabolical crimes.

An extract from a news pamphlet

Thanks to the Dragoon troops provided by Colonel Hamilton, the new Ottoman Embassy was kept secure from this last riot. In some bizzare and terrible rememberence of a past assault, some citizens of Oxford seemed Inflamed so as to attack the Embassy of the Ottoman Empire, crying for the death of Infidels. I was able to but witness this madness from afar, but could clearly see as one man, a minor functionary of the Embassy I am informed, was seized upon and torn to pieces as if but a Doll. And these men and women were filled with such a thirst for Blood that they would throw all their selves at the embassy walls were it not for Albion's stern soldiers and their bright swords that kept them in check.

The Formation of The Princess Royal's Own Grenadiers

Extract from an announcement circulated around Glastonbury.

… I, Edward Marshal, Earl of Glastonbury, Govenor of Malta, do henceforth order and commision the creation of a regiment of Foot, to be raised with the funds of my earldom and from the people of my lands, to be completed post-haste with all possible skill and speed, and to be entitled “the Princess Royal's Own Grenadier Guards” in honour of HRH the Princess Royal…

An extract from “On the Fasions of Malta”, a pamphlet allegedly commissioned by the Princess Royal

Of particular note are Lord Edward Marshall's men, seen attending dressed in their finest. Their uniforms, cut from the finest deep navy cloth imported from the Indian penninsula, are a most impressive sight. They display pride for Albion in their colour of their crimson sashes and the gold edging…

Most Terrible Death Among Oxford's Finest Remembrancers

From an Oxford newsheet “MISC Items” usually reporting on financially-related news

Fates most horrible and gruesome have reached one of the most useful professions of Oxford. Men employed as 'Remembrancers' by the finest financial establishments of the city have been found Gruesomely Murdered.

Employed to counsel individuals on the subject of how to quickly and safely return debts, these men have been the Backbone of financial Oxford. It is a DEEP and SHOCKING blow to the very structure, though of course not insurmountable.

MISC officiales have not revealed any suspicions that they may have, but murders are widely seen as Baffling. Indeed, the notable Robert Scott was found in SEVEN neat bits Strewn across the street in a most distasteful manner…

The Spanish Inquisition

From “The Blight of the Catholic Church” a an extensive pamphlet on the Spanish inquisition. Theological, political and well-researched, it particularly concentrates on the most recent actions of the Inquisition.

Yet it is hard to ascertain, for now, whether this is a new Inflamation of the Inquisition. Many of the signs do point to the renewed activities of the Inquisitors much like those from the most turbulent periods of the past centuries. Indeed, as before families themselves are seperated and under torture brother condemns brother and the children witness against their parents all accused of deviating from the path of Church. A path so thin and indistinguishable in the eyes of the Inquisition that surely the whole world must tried and found guilty of many sins and crimes against the Church and State.

So, in the last four months, the Inquisition has been quick and effective in responding to the troubled spirits of Spain. The murder of priests, frequenst blasphemy uttered in Church, secret cults of Satan and False Gods once more sacrificing animal and human alike and the corruption of pure and virtuous maidens. All Spain seems awash with the rumour that the Inquisition will soon visit upon them all such a punishment as has been yet unknown.

Hereford Parades

From “The Middle Isles Messenger”, a relatively new regular pamphlet on news from the lands North of Oxford and near Wales

How splendid all Hereford looks as the Earl's 31st once more march to recruit this land's brave men and women into the fabled Armed forces of Albion. The 31st Hereford is, thanks to the Major-General Devereux, turning into one of the most respected and well-trained regiments of the land, but more importantly, one of the best-looking by far.

The celebrations, declared in honour of the Regimental holiday, were quite remarkable and I myself had the fortune to see but some of the wonders the Earl prepared. It signifies the Earl's concern over his holdings and his desire to ensure peace and prosperity across the whole county and we must be thankful that he carries out his duty so finely.

Though minor unrest has concerned us since last year, this show of force and benevolence has surely quelled it and shown all the country that the Earl of Hereford is a true Englishman.

The Most Infernal Play

An incredibly vitriolic pamphlet “The Ban of All Holy Albion” distributed in many of Albion's Churches is an attack on the play “Infernal Glory”

The MOST Abominable play of All eternity, Stretching the Hellish 'art' of Actors to its most DEVILISH extremes. The BLASPHEMY is but the direct work of Satan who hath in Players found most Loyal SLAVES of HELL. For not only does it CORRUPT the Audience, but cause CALUMNY across ALL Englande - it makes our BABIES be born with two cows for heads and POSSESSED DUCKS to FEAST on human flesh and speak in DEMONIC Tongues causing ALL HELL to break LOOSE. We have all Seen the ladies VILELY abused to Speak the foreign Language of ITALIAN and ABASE themselves before all Men MOST HOLY.

This MOST UNHOLY play must now be BANNED lest the whole of Albion is CONSUMED by DIABOLICAL hate. BUT WORSE, the government is letting JEWS sit in the HOUSE OF LORDS which is but indication that we are too Late. We can expect these Lords to SACRIFICE to BAAL as much as vote for the DESTRUCTION of this AFFLICATION on all England.


The Oxford Idler

Extracts from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

“…particularly notable this season is newcomer Helen Fervent, who has ably taken on the heroine's role in Infernal Glory with a confidence and fluency that will surprise theatregoers who have seen the contentious play elsewhere, and are aware of the role's technical difficulty. Seconded by Leonard Bassano as d'Alembert, the Baron Daresbury, and with the New Rose's usual excellence in stage production and Conjuration effects, Fervent carries the role remarkably, and your correspondent would not be surprised to see her invited to take on a Romeo or even an Elizabeth II before the season is out.

Remarkable in this particular production – which your correspondent heartily urges you the Gentle Reader to view as soon as possible, avant the inevitable zealous backlash which follows any decent performance of Infernal Glory removes this wondrous item from our stage – is the production of the final lines. Where, ordinarily, one would expect Glory's descent from the stage and D'Alembert's departure, stage left, to be followed by the single scream which has become the play's signature finale, the Director of the New Rose's Company has instead chosen to end the performance with the sound of running footsteps. Your humble correspondent is interested to hear what the pamphleteers of Albion and Europe will make of this directorial decision…

…worst-kept secret among the Oxford Companies that funding for the play's impressive Conjuration effects comes from the well-known Brandage twins, fuelling further rumours that the anonymous script is the work of one of the twins' playwright parents…”

A Report on the most Dolorous Circumstances of the Death of the Traitor, Jack Hooke, Erstwhile Earl of Invictus

Invictus, Unconquered, the name of his Earldom; and Unconquered the Traitor stood, no more a Peer of Albion, but only a Man, on a cold and lonely morning in the courtyard of the great Bastille of Port Paris. Defiant and silent to the last, with almost superhuman - some have said Diabolic - courage, he was heard to mutter something quietly to himself; perhaps an imprecation, or perhaps a prayer - before the executioners set to work.

I will set those of my readers of a more Nervous Disposition the precise Details of the Affair, but being conducted in the Traditional Style, it was neither Swift nor Merciful. The wrath of God and of the sovereign nations of Europe was surely visited upon the Treacherous Heretic, and his Demise must surely have come as a release; for the Body perhaps, but surely, despite his final blessings by Priests of Albion, his soul is Eternally Damned to Torment in the Pit Eternal.

His head, being transported with all due ceremony to the new Duchy of Liverpool, will doubtless serve as a Timely Reminder to these new Subject-Citizens of Albion of the value of a Keen Loyalty to the Crown and an Unswerving Dedication to God's Work.

Warring Albion

From an articles in “The Dragon”, a popular military pamphlet published in Dunkerque since before the Civil Wars

We all here thank the Lord and the efforts of our King and his government for securing such peace as has been possible. Liverpool is at last reconciled and returns to its rightful place in Albion, the political acumen of the new Duke of Liverpool is notable and his desire for peace a great trait. With France, and armistice, that in due time our differences may be put asside now that the major obstacle of the most Trecherous Jack Hooke has been removed. The Dragon is sure that Albion could be victorious against France's armies of course, but the bloodshed would be needless and much Christian life would be lost in a futile struggle which can only advantage Spain. Perhaps now the Queen of France might see that Albion is a peace-loving country, but one more than able to defend itself and its virtue and that King Matthew shall not bow to provocation. Soon may she see the sense of friendship, though she may be a Spaniard.

With the Vatican, alas, relations stand distraught though we might note that it is little able to threaten the shores of Albion's territory. Who has ever heard of the mighty conquering armies of the Papal States!?

From “The True Menne of Englande” an occasional pamphlet supposedly published by exiled English Catholics

… see this newest action from the Pope who hath commanded with God's Grace the death of the Heretic King Matthew. The Papal Bull now loudly proclaims to all Catholic Europe that this man is condemned for the evil that he hath wrought on all Englande. We must take arms and return, by his death, the rightful state of All Albion that it might once more see the Light of Our Lord. And have our Spanish cousins not already taken note? For we know that His Most Catholic Majesty King Philip is even now preparing his country for war to destroy these Heretics!

Treasure hunting

A hastily printed pamphlet signed by the famed treasure hunter Jacob Freeman

“What, my friends, is Albion coming to? A nation of great treasure hunters, and what have we found of late? A soggy fish and a copper piece under the floor boards. Before long, there will be no more treasure hunters; the gold on the sea floor, abandoned in Albion's sunken cities, will sit unmolested and useless

“My friends, the situation is desperate. In this nation, with such a proud history of treasure hunting, the Church leads the way!? It is time for us to return to the old ways! Join me, my friends! Let us dive down to London, to Dover, to all the great sunken towns and cities. Let us not be shamed by the church, of all people, leading the way in underwater exploration!”

New Bishoprics in Scotland

Typical conversation heard in towns throughout Scotland.

“…You'd be surprised! I was expecting the Highlanders to go mad, with Archbishop Henry Lockett trying to push Anglican bishops up into north. But somehow he's managed to keep them placated! He must have a tongue like the devil, 'scuse my French…”

“…The Archbishop himself has been travelling 'round the country, giving sermons. Y'know, I was expecting him to be telling us to knuckle under the Anglican Church, but he really seems to want Scotland to take its proper place in the country. About time too! Still, it does mean being all Anglican about it, but I suppose if we want to make our country great again…”

GM note: Anyone making 'bishopric' innuendoes will be docked AP. That joke died three turns ago. It's not big, and it's not clever. *snigger*

A Righteous and Final Disproof of the Copernican Model

A philosophical pamphlet published in Padua and circulated around Europe, finding some favour in Albion, though subject to several hot counterpublications.

“…Further to these proofs Spiritual and Temporal, I must implore the Gentle Reader to accept the recent Evidence from the English colony of New London, implaced as it is upon the shores of the Southern American continent. Having reported a most Unsettling Disturbance in the Surrounding Territories, akin to an Earth-Quake or Tremor the like of which are common in times of great Astrological Conflict or Alignment, the colonists of this Coast have further sent news that the Sun no longer sheds its Wholesome Light upon the Earth of their Territories. This Phenomenon extending some miles from the American Coast, and with some reports of Spanish Colonies on the Western Seaboard of the Southern American Continent experiencing similar Unnatural Darkness, all Right-Thinking Philosophers and even Laymen must surely see as a Final and Unerring proof that the Copernican theory which places the Sun at the Centre of the Spheres is nothing but Rank Folly and Blasphemous Error; for such an Event can only be explained by a Flaw or Twist in that portion of the Crystal Sphere to which the Sun is fix't, causing the Celestial Orb to move in an Arc or Crooked Path, thus Circumnavigating that portion of the Globe upon which the brave, adventurous colonists of Europe have placed their Banners.

Further study of this Phenomenon might lead to an Expedition into the Aether Itself, in an attempt to Repair or Realign the damaged Sphere, thus casting God's Light once more upon the Southern portion of the Americas. The Great University of Padua wishes it to be known that funding would be available for such a Brave Expedition, if undertaken by Accredited Academics, and that Applicants should communicate their intentions to…”

The Advente of the Royal Navie

A pamphlet entitled “Our Ship of Albion”

Rejoice people of Albion for a new saviour of our hallow'd isles hath been decreed by King and Parliament. For now, with the will of alle Albion we may be Defended by a Royal Navy, the like of which no one in Europe can have ever seen. Many ships are now the very centre of the Royal fleets that will across all time defend all Albion from any foe that threatens on the seas. With the support of Parliament and organisation unmatched, this organisation may yet grow more famous than the Army!

To further increase the force and power of our Navy, we are to have also the Regiment of the Marines, such soldiers who may be trained in fighting on and from the ships. That through them the Navy may be unconquered in all events. I myself see particular hope as the commander chosen to administer these soldiers of the sea is none other than Colonel Anastasia Hamilton who has proven herself a truly excellent officer of the Dragoons.

Help Needed in London

Mentioned in a 'recent news' section of a pamphlet distributed immediately before court.

The Guild of Navigators have reported a green distress cloud above the sunken City of London. As I'm sure you are aware, these are generally used by Bathysphere pilots when travelling beneath the waves, the green smoke created by some strange and arcane means no doubt close to Blasphemy of some sort, as all these Magics surely are to some extent or other. Everyone knows these blasted Inventions are powered by Demons, and Hellfire is a component in almost all Alchemy. And don't go telling me that trying to talk to Angels isn't Blasphemy.

Still, someone appears to be in danger in London, and somebody should likely do something about it, if the pilot is to be saved. Although I doubt they deserve saving, using foul Magics to travel in ways Man was Not Meant to, and trying to loot London, which as everybody knows was the cause of the Flood, all the Debauchery and Lewd Conduct at King Henry's court. I don't doubt he's trying to get hold of some Demonic artifact or suchlike. Probably a Scot, or a Jew, or a Papist. Or a Scottish Papist Jew. They're all as bad as each other, anyway.

The pamphlet continues in this manner for quite some time, meandering further and further away from what seems to have been the original point.

The Parliamentary Session

A short pamphlet entitled “All Westminster's Men”, distributed around Oxford and some major towns

Once we named Wyndham a Windbag. Once we compared this Parliament to a Teahouse in which much was Spoken and nothing Done. Once we thought Parliament a Dosshouse, content to Slumber while Albion Burned. Oh that it were True!

For now it is Revealed that this is a Parliament of Atheists and Worse, that it is a home to Diabolists and the Demon-tainted. For how else to explain the Madness that has seized both Commons and Lords alike? How else to explain the DISESTABLISHMENT OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND?

The crypto-Catholics and secretly circumscised Jews and Worshippers of Lucifer have revealed themselves now and have exerted their Baleful Influences upon the Stout Yeomen and Noble Lords of England. Even the Archbishop of Edinburgh has been Corrupted by their Foule Whispers and votes against his fellow Bishops to admit the Killers of Christ into the role of Advisors Spiritual to the King.

The pamphlet considers on in a similar vein, stopping only a little short of Sedition.

From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. A Bill of Attainder, stripping Jack Hooke of his titles, lands and life; further authorising that he be tried in Liverpool, the Papal States and France, and that sentence be carried out at the pleasure of the Queen of France, save only that his head be returned to Albion.

Ayes Nays
Lord Edward Marshal, Earl of Glastonbury Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel, Viscount of Athlone
His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh
Major the Brevet Colonel the Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton, Viscountess Hexham
The Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, Baron Wyndham, MP
Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Earl of Hereford
Lady Morag Douglas, Countess of Kyle of Lochalsh
Lord Owain Herbert, Earl of Pembroke

The motion was voted on by a Grand Committee of the Houses of Common and Lords sitting together and the bill passed into law.

2. A bill to establish a new Royal Navy to protect Albion and her shipping, the initial funding to be provided by the sale of the estates of the traitor Jack Hooke.

Ayes Nays
Lord Edward Marshal, Earl of Glastonbury Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel, Viscount of Athlone
His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh Lady Morag Douglas, Countess of Kyle of Lochalsh
Major the Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton, Viscountess Hexham Lord Owain Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
The Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, Baron Wyndham, MP
Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Earl of Hereford

The motion was carried in both Houses and the bill passed into law. The bill was passed comfortably, the extensive lobbying by Baron Wyndham and the Lady Hamilton being supplemented by discrete support from certain members of the Venerable Order.

3. A Bill to authorise a census of the Kingdom of Navarre that the King and His Treasury shall best know His Kingdom.

Ayes Nays
Lord Edward Marshal, Earl of Glastonbury Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel, Viscount of Athlone
His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh
Major the Brevet Colonel (Earl of Essex' Dragoons) the Colonel (Royal Marines) the Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton, Viscountess Hexham
The Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, Baron Wyndham, MP
Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Earl of Hereford
Lady Morag Douglas, Countess of Kyle of Lochalsh
Lord Owain Herbert, Earl of Pembroke

The motion was carried in both Houses and the bill passed into law.

4. A Bill to appoint Rabbis of the Jewish faith as Lords Spiritual to the House of Lords in proportion to the ratio of the population of those of the Judaic faith to members of the Church of England.

Ayes Nays
Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel, Viscount of Athlone Lord Edward Marshal, Earl of Glastonbury
His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Earl of Hereford
Major the Brevet Colonel (Earl of Essex' Dragoons) the Colonel (Royal Marines) the Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton, Viscountess Hexham
The Right Honourable Lord John Wyndham, Baron Wyndham, MP
Lady Morag Douglas, Countess of Kyle of Lochalsh
Lord Owain Herbert, Earl of Pembroke

The Bill was passed by a single vote. The Speaker of the House of Lords was forced to adjourn the House in uproar, the Serjeant-at-Arms being required to remove peers by force. Further sittings of both Houses have been deemed suspended, the Serjeant-at-Arms being unable to guarantee the safety of the Members.

Please Note: Players who are MPs or eligible to sit in the House of Lords may propose motions and vote on them in the coming week. Motions are submitted with turnsheets before Thursday Midnight after which they will be announced and votes must be submitted before Saturday Midnight.


A pamphlet widely circulated after the vote to allow Rabbis to sit in the Lords

When the Jews were allowed to practise in this Country, much was hoped for their Salvation. Yet we see few converts, and more tempted to Damnation by the Gold of Prague. Even the Lords of the Albion cannot be trusted to recognise the True Faith! The Fenians might know little better, but that the Archbishop of Edinburgh should so turn his back on his own Church is not something that could Ever have been Imagined! Pembroke, Lockalsh, Wyndham, Hexham, all turn their back on King and Country, eager for Gold.

Is it so easy to forget the death of a King? Shot down in Court, and the Country tearing itself apart in Civil War even as he died. The Regicide Arundel, who they call a Saint.

Must we wait until all our children are taken for use in their foul rituals? No! Let us begin setting the country to rights NOW!


“Боже мой! Смотри, это же ужасное тело мертвого часового короля!”

“I know that Prince Alis's prayers are blasphemous an' all, but he does seem to spend an awful lotta time at 'em…”

“I hear Eliza Gamut was seen leaving the Invisible College library in the dead of night carrying a heavy bag. I wonder what she's been up to.”

“Of course dom Alonso, we thank you for your help and shall never forget your generosity!”

“Brother Chalk's been getting blood all over the carpet of Pembroke College as well, now. Just before the Ball, apparently. Are we quite sure he's a Theurgist?”

“Vindum, vindum vef darraðar, þars er vé vaða vígra manna! Látum eigi líf hans farask; eigu valkyrjur vals of kosti.”

“The Secretariat will disavow all knowledge.”

Hebrew Text

“No, I swear, I hadn't been on the drink! Just as we were finishing up poor Master Tyrell's grave, putting the headstone in, I saw this dirty great fox make off from the plague-pits with some sort of white thing in its mouth! And when it reached the parish hedge I swear it turned into a naked woman! A naked woman, I tell you!”

“I assure you, I am Jack Hooke and I'm still very much alive!”

“Fellow who runs the Midnight Rose, the Baron Eynesford, I hear he's been asking around after a poet for hire. A love-poet. I wonder who's caught his fancy?”

“Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung; Sondern erlöse uns von dem Übel.”

“Are we sure that the Earl of Hereford does not plan insurrection? I mean, he's got all those soldiers again, and they're awfully well trained. Smells like treachery planned to me. AND he's been wining and dining nobles. Must be revolution.”

“Could the man who was wearing the cassock and the wings to the Pembroke Ball please bring my yarmulke back? Please. My mother knitted it for me.”

“It was horrible, I saw her body mangled in the Quad. Poor girl, if only her sister had been there to save her. What do you mean, who? Gwendolyn de Vries.”

“You know that horse?”
“What, that weird white one with the eyes wot your mum always said brought bad luck?”
“Yeah, that's the one. I sold it!”
“Someone actually bought that useless rheumy nag?”
“Yeah, and at a bloody good price too! Couldn't wait to get his hands on it, the rich bastard!”
“Drinks are on you then, my son.”

“Who was that masked man?!”
“Not. Fucking. Funny.”

“Reginald Grover is another damned diabolist. He has surely caused that mootion at Pembroke. You know, where Hell broke loose and danced all over the Countess of Warwick's toes!”

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