Lord Reginald Grover, Baron Marlborough - James G

Lord Reginald Grover, Baron Marlborough Player: James G
Rank: Baron (Rank 2)
Religion:Church of England
Email: reginald_grover@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

A relatively well-known and competent Conjurer recently returned to court. His estate was recently raised from below the seas with magical assitance.


The New Rose

The History of the New Rose (Prague, 1834)

The Grover Governorship

Lord Reginald Grover, rising to head the New Rose after the quelling of the Oxford Riots, proved a remarkable director. Though there were concerns for his health, he was soon cured of some ill and fell whole-heartedly into his duties of running the theatre.

Experienced and skillful in its operation, Lord Grover rose beyond mere Conjuration entertainment he excelled at and brought ever-innovative projects to the New Rose. Under the patronage of the Duke of Hereford, the entertainments kept Oxford and Albion involved in the theatrical scene. Indeed, even today a small stipend is paid by the Duchess of Hereford to the brightest new actor at the Rose.

The Grover Dynasty

The remarkable success of Grover's sons and descendants in controlling the New Rose has well been documented. Though some have suggested that a Master of Conjuration such as Lord Reginald Grover, who was lately the Court Conjurer to King Matthew and then King Richard, could easily create himself new identities, it is impossible that Grover himself could extend his life with his art. I myself find it a little suspicious that the Grover line has produced so few female heirs, but the interview with Lady Victoria Grover in the research for this book has assauged many fears…

The Grover Contingency

Explore the deepest mystery. Enter an ever-changing world. Be amazed by sights that nobody can explain. The Grover Contingency is the deepest, most profound and intense experience you are likely to go through. Opening in Summer 2008.

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