Lady Megan Annwn, Viscount of Ballynabooly - Joe W

Player: Joe W
Rank: Knight
Religion: Church of England

Dame Megan is newly come to court from her country home in Trecastle. A robust Welsh woman in her mid thirties, the Dame has apparently spent the best part of the last decade nursing her dragon 'Vessie' (a rare miniature Eastern Green apparently) back to health. She is now apparently seeking excitement, adventure and the opportunity to go places where it doesn't rain quite as much.


The Wedding

Extracts from Nearer

“…over by a clergyman who, while certainly Anglican, seemed somewhat antiquated in his style, and did not seem to be entirely…”

“…similarly lacking in presence were the flower-girls; while they were certainly there, they seemed slightly…”

“…moment seemed that the couple had overlooked the purchase of rings for the ceremony. That was until Nearer noticed the serpent rising from the cliffs, a small bag delicately…”

“…simple but beautiful ceremony, Gwen verch Morcant and Tavish Wylie were pronounced…”

The Ambassador from Atlantis

From the memoirs of Thiabault O'Connor, political commentator

March 22nd, 1822

…The new ambassador from Atlantis was announced in court today. He looks very different to the last, but his mannerisms are remarkably similar to her. Indeed, his mannerisms are remarkably similar to the past three ambassadors, and my correspondence to my compatriots in France, the Holy Roman Empire and Rome report the same situation there. These Atlanteans are a strange lot…


Somewhere, a figure sits muttering to himself, alone despite being surrounded by Valkyries

“…He tricked me. Bastard. I can't believe I let him trick me. I just need to work out the loophole in this oath. Then it'll be snake-venom time. I'll get him. Bastard…”

Mapping problems

As noted in the centre of the Pacific Ocean on the maps of almost every boat that doesn't know better

“Here be dragons1)

1) No, really. Lots of them. Big fucking mechanical ones. Don't even try to fight them; you really don't want to see what happens when they join together. Trust us on this.
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