Don Santiago de Maldonado [Javi]

Player: Javi
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Catholic
Reputation: Respectable

A Spanish Consul to the Court of King Henry, recently acquitted of accepting bribes from smugglers.

Spanish Diplomat (rank 1)


Santiago’s Last Stand

This painting hangs in the office of the Governor of the Costa del Maldonado to this day. To the casual observer both the two central figures, locked in combat, might appear to be angels. They both have white, feathered wings, but the similarity ends there.

On the left is the figure of the false-Archangel Michael. Soot has blackened his wings, which have been scorched in places. His expression is twisted into one of sadistic pleasure as he strikes at Don Santiago with a sword burning dark with the fires of Hell.

The winged figure on the right is Santiago himself, his wings not a sign of celestial origin but of God's favour bestowed upon a mortal. The desperation in his eyes is clear as he looks back towards his wife and son, who stand in the corner. Though Teresa is shown with her arms around Damián, attempting to shield him from the violence, we see the young boy fighting against her to go to his father's aid.

It is important to remember the context of this fight. It occurred in Florida, after the family had escaped the Civil War in England to Spain, and then across the Atlantic to Florida. With the murder of Santiago in what had been considered to be a safe haven, the impact on the family was rather greater than it might otherwise have been. Below is an extract from his son's journal for that day.

My father died today. He was killed by a demon that took the face of an angel. All it said was “Fight!”. No reason, no chance for mercy.

Father fought, though the demon's blow drove the sword from his hand. I saw him die, though Mother tried to cover my eyes. When the demon had killed him it would not stay to face me, though I took up my father's sword.

Duty to my country must come first, but I shall not rest until I have found the demon, and said to him:”

”Hello. My name is Damián de Maldonado. You killed my father: prepare to die.”

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