Puritans are grouped together as one religious group, but in reality there are many different sects that make up the Puritan body. These rarely believe in the same things, except in the need to burn Catholics (and probably Anglicans, and of course everyone else) and the need to preach morality to the corrupt and decadent world.

They are very small groups at the very extreme of Protestant belief looking to reform the Church even more (a great deal reject any sort of structural Church outright). They are tolerated only as much as the Catholics (and probably loathed even more for their intrusive and disruptive attitude).


Common beliefs include: the need to remove any sort of church structure, leaving only lay preachers to deliver sermons and the sacrment of the Lord's Supper. That the world is extremely sinful and that most human activities are sinful, a particular favourite is anything vaguely associated with sex and/or consumption of alcohol. They are however very supportive of women in all positions of the world.

Puritans and Magic

Puritans abhorr the use of magic, believing any use of such arts to come directly from Satan. They see magics as harmful to the soul itself or both the practicioner and those around him. In their view the users of magic cannot be tolerated and must repent of their sins, primarily of blasphemy since the use of magic is usurping God's place as the omnipotent force of the universe.

Puritans have been known to find sorcerers in the middle of summoning rituals and attempt to disrupt those. On more than on occasion this has resulted in Puritan individuals testing their faith against demons and subsequently using. Other Puritans usually conclude that they were unworthy and move onto the next sorcerer to disrupt.

Puritans and Women

Puritans are generally pro-equality and have had no qualms about women taking up important positions in their churches and organisations. There are perhaps a few very rare denominations who follow some specific Biblical teaching and are thus conservative, but they are a minority within a minority.

Puritans Abroad

The presence of Puritanism is even more scare abroad and apart from England are generally confined to Scotland and the Protestant German states. These are also extreme minorities at the moment and there is no general support for the Puritan movement.

Puritan Names

Puritans like good, Christian names, these include:

If-Christ-had- not-died-for- thee-thou-hadst- been-damned

Emerging Popularity

The Puritans are currently a tiny minority in England (though more populous over the border in Scotland) but there is a fear that their influence and ranks may be growing. It has been suggested to the King that some sort of conference is called to more clearly identify the views of the Church of England and thus satisfying and reassuring the people, stem the tide of extremism. Otherwise it is not inconcievable that the Puritan groups will become a major player in the future.

Playing a Puritan

If you are to play a Puritan, you should really have an appropriate name to inspire the fear of God into the unclean and unworthy at court. It will also be a good idea to have a good sermon ready for some preaching when the place clearly descends into sin and immorality (e.g. having a glass of wine, a woman touching a man, the Archbishop sneezing) so that you may turn them into true believers.

Of course as practical Puritan will see sense in co-operating with some members of court in order to achieve his/her ends since everyone must have some good in them. Perhaps your presense and involvement may influence them to adopt a better life.

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