News: Turn 8 (March 1646 - October 1646)

The Oxford Idler

Extracts from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

”…the particularly startling illusions provided by the Conjurer Extraordinary, Reginald Grover, whose general work at Lady Hamilton's Masked Ball were complimented perfectly by his provision of effects for the special production of The Rose Bride, performed by the company of the New Rose. The showers of rose-petals upon the audience, the moment where the Prince draws his sword from the very breast of the Princess - such sterling examples of stage-magick have surely not been seen since the heyday of the theatrical arts in Elizabeth's London! Long-serving advocates of that Company who gained the privilege of a ticket were also particularly impressed by the appearance of writer and patron Karl Orizon in the role of the cassock-clad Papist villain. Conjurers and illusionists will be speaking for months of the climactic fight scene, where such a convincing illusion was performed that it seemed Helen Fervent, in the role of the Prince, actually ran Master Orizon through with his stage-rapier!– indeed, some guests swooned and cried out, so realistic was the effect; and your humble correspondent must admit that even he himself was convinced that some hideous accident, such as the New Rose was once famed for, had taken place until Master Orizon rose to give his bows at the curtain, stage-blooded but apparently unharmed…

…changes to the script of the Rose Bride, including a rather more sympathetic portrayal of the bumbling but well-intentioned General Camford, have attracted the attention of editors both appreciative and otherwise. Rumours of a folio publication are widespread among the taverns and playhouses of Oxford, and I have no doubt that the Printing-Houses are sharpening their awls even as your humble correspondent writes…”

Hamilton's Masked Ball

Overheard at an exclusive dressmakers in Oxford.

It is normal to expect news of fashion and gossip about the pairings of the aristocracy from a Charity ball and dinner and, while one expects an event hosted by Lady Hamilton to be an event, well… I don't believe anyone expected a surprise Princess! Perhaps if we had we wouldn't have been surprised to find yet another claimant to the Habsburg throne and the departed Holy Roman Empire. Of course I'm not saying that the Admiral has been duped by some convincing conwoman - I would never say such a thing you understand - I didn't hear much actual evidence. And the “Princess” is about thirty years too young besides! Its the poor Ambassador from Saxony I feel most sorry for. Poor dear having to sit there and grin while all this was going on. Mind you have you heard what they say about his date…

MISC now Demon Free

And the cancer of Diabloism and Infernalism stretches beyond the Invisible College. But where that Vile Building has been almost consumed by the Poison of Satan, the Molyneux Investment and Stock Company retains enough Good Men who understand that demons must be Fought and not Bargained with. Where the Professors of Invisible muffled their Ears to the Cries of the Damned, MISC has been purged with Cleansing Fire of those who would Corrupt it. Frederick, that foul servant of Mammon, is cast down and his Network of Liars and Scoundrels broken about. He burns in the Courtyard of the Stock Market for his Crimes and the demon Mammon is thwarted for a Generation.

Victory in Rome!

”…Mightily did our brave soldiers of Albion Smash the Undead hordes! Bravely did our Navy sally forth, again and again striking into the very heart of the Roman islands! Europe called, and Albion answered, for this glorious Tenth Crusade was not won by the machinations of a Papist plot! No, rather it was brave flesh and steel of Albion soldiers who liberated the ancient Seat of Emperors from the foul Witch-King, whose soul even now lingers in the pit of HELL as his body has been consumed by fire and water…!”

The number of plays, pamphlets, songs, stories and tavern tales about precisely who did what in Rome, and where, and why, and when, is too high to count. Many are highly fictionalised and romanticised; some are utterly inaccurate; some are insane. It seems that to know the real truth of the assault on Rome, one would honestly have to have been there. However, the simple truth: The Witch-King is destroyed, the Pope lives, and Rome is back in Roman hands.

The Trials of a Traitor

A report published by the Crown regarding the trial of Sir Nicholas de Grey is discussed in various pamphlets.

… arranged by Lady Weaver, who doubtlessly directed these proceedings. For it cannot have been without the King's watchful Council that this was accomplished. Indeed the respect with which the Traitor hath been treated is remarkable. No less than a Lord would deserve and provided with a respectable and fine Oxford lawyer, moreover the defendant given such evidence as the prosecution was to present for review…

… entirely unchallenged. Those documents as were presented at the trial shewed Clearly that Sir Nicholas was involved Deeply in the correspondence of the the Jesuits. It is perhaps worrying that this evidence, clear as it was, left a suspicion that perhaps more of the affair was left concealed. For rather, it seems that the further leads might have proved a deeper and more worrying involvement with Jesuit actions…

… position became undefendable. That which Master Thou-shalt-not-suffer-a-witch-to-live Jones presented and testified to the Court, together with the Main evidence, undeniably tells us that Sir Nicholas was responsible for the death of the Bishop of Carlisle. There is little doubt in my mind that this man was a traitor as foul as fair Albion has ever seen…

… and as is fitting to be stripped of land and rank afore facing the executioner's axe…

Geopolitical Ramifications of Rome's Liberation

Various notices, pamphlets and speeches circulate Albion regarding the situation following the Tenth Crusade and the removal of the Witch King and what shall be done now.

… mighty Albion, capable of such miracles as we saw, cannot be but rewarded by the Catholic nations whom it hath saved despite such differences as are between them. If not for the lead of King Matthew of Albion, the Witch King might yet rule all of Italy and more and the Pope still languish in Ravenna…

… the French are to re-affirm the friendship that still may exist between our Kingdoms, should Albion cease to interfere in the ruling of their Kings…

… was it not Philip of Spain that in restored Rome named Albion as 'Noble and Righteous Heretics'? Whether to take this as an insult or benefaction we do not yet know…

… NAY! Must GROVEL at the feet of Matthew and SUBMIT before his Righteous power on this EARTH. For it was the Grace of God bestowed upon ALBION that saved Catholic Europe from CERTAIN and COMPLETE Destruction. For THEIR sins did God send the Witch King, to the Cruel and Vile Pope did he send the Witch King as TUTOR. And if the recognition DESERVED is not laid at Matthew's feet then all the states shall be MADE to accept our LEADERSHIP…

… and might not this pave the way for a Resotration of the German states into a Kingdom once more as Friend to Albion and return balance to Europe?

… and even the Moslems of the Ottoman Empire did Rise to help Christian Europe. Shall we repay them now with scorn and shed more blood across the Mediterranean sea? All Europe must make peace…

All Is Not Sweet At Court?

Several sensationalist pamphlets have acquired a tantalising snippet of communication between the Privy Council. Supposedly copied by one such pamphleteer, the contents is quickly distributed across Oxford and much comment is made regarding the King's Council. It is possible to piece together the full contents of the letter, from Lady Weaver to Baron Wyndham, from several pamphlets.

My Dear Baron,

I write mainly to you, Wyndham, with copies also sent to the individuals you mentioned (Various commentators suggest that these are Baron Mandrake, Major-General Devereux and Admiral Hamilton) in order that they see my confidence in them is neither changed nor diminished by your previous letter. Perhaps it would have been better, however, had you approached me in private. As things stand I can barely refuse your suggestions for their advancement without making enemies for myself. Regardless of the good honour of the individuals involved, this is not a position that you should have put a fellow council member in.

I understand and share your concern about our many duties. However, there is nothing that we do outside of court that could not be accomplished by a private individual. As privy council members we exist to advise the king, (your recent deviation from his wishes notwithstanding.)

Regarding the worries around court regarding your fitness, I can claim to have had these worries brought to me and to have felt them a little myself. Your skill for loud speeches and mine for quiet diplomacy have always worked very well together in the past, but I can understand why a member of the court observing your speech last court session when you dramatically announced “We are at war,” would believe that the kingdom might, as you put it, be in the sway of just one individual. Your recent decree which outlawed the loosely-defined crime of obstructing members of parliament in their duties was also brought to me as evidence of your growing power. (My appointment as Speaker of the House deprives me of any power to vote in parliament, an appointment that I seem to remember you supported.)

With public opinion wary of your power, might I then point out to you the irony of suggesting the advancement to the privy council of three individuals that you yourself have handpicked? Individuals who have never been seen to publicly disagree with you upon any matter, and individuals with whom you seem to spend an inordinate amount of court time in private conversation with.

With this in mind, I suggest that you delay your mention of this matter to the king, and allow me time to think upon the matter of which individuals I myself would support for privy council membership.

Yours in service to the king,

Lady Elizabeth Weaver, MP.

The Fate of the Invisible College

”…indeed, it seems that with renewed Legal Aid, and several surprisingly large Anonymous Donations, the Court itself was forced to concede the Legality of the University's case. Celebrations and bellringing throughout the University greeted the Court decision, while several of the more sarcastic Invisible Undergraduates were seen to wear black armbands in mourning…

…while not requiring the College to remove itself from Christchurch Land, the Court did elect that the position of the Buildings fell under the normal terms of Lease-Hold, and therefore the court has moved to charge them to pay the entirity of the back-rent owed to Christchurch, for use of its land at a rate of £100,000 a year, with a 50% rate of annual interest on the outstanding portion…

…in the event that such a sum (utterly unraisable under the current circumstances) does not manifest, the Court is willing to accept in lieu the Incorporation of the Invisible College into Oxford University, Faculty, Buildings et al., where the Vice-Chancellor's office can make certain that the courses offered by the Invisible College are of a high academic calibre, and that the college can never again present a threat of the highest order to the sanctity and security of the realm and peoples of Albion.”

This announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that Professor Sir Alexander Nathaniel has won the hotly-contested race for the position of Master. Sir Alexander will indeed find himself with a Herculaean task to raise the money in time, while simultaneously uniting the legendarily irritable and uncooperative College Faculty…

OC Note: £100,000 is a truly ridiculous sum of money, easily enough to bankrupt any single institution, even one as rich as the Invisible College once was.

Flying Island

From a sermon preached in the decaying town of Cambridge

And I say to you that God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. That is what the Good Book, the Holy Bible says, and it is not the place of Man to go against his words. But what do we see in the Heavens? What blights the firmament? An island plucked from the water and sent into the sky by diabolic magics!

It has not escaped our eyes that as it crawls through the sky in defiance of the Natural Order and God's Law, that it trail about it a host of merchants. There goods are plucked into the sky and more pours down from above. What business is it that usurers and parasites are about. Do they seek not to thieve from the Heavens now the Earth cannot answer their greed?

Irish Items

Extract from a regular pamphlet on the actual state of affairs in Ireland.

Ireland's support for Albion has never been greater, thanks to the sterling work done by O'Farrel beyond the Pale. Rebellious Lords have been quieted, young bucks sent off to the colonies or into the army to prove themselves men, rather than battling Albions brave boys on the border. Bravo! The Dream of our Beloved Queen Bess can once again be Reality! O'Fair O'Farrel!

Disruption in the Oxford Colleges

The following notice is found posted on the front entrance to the Department of Supernatural Development, Cain's College Oxford

'Regrettably, and upon the orders of Prof. Quinn A. B. Smith;

All experimental and magical usage and experimentation in this department is hereby suspended until such time as it becomes safe(er).

All students are hereby granted permission to leave and follow private study untill this situation concludes itself.

Research on site is only permitted if NO magic is to be used.

Further to this;

Any student finding a way to end this bloody ritual will be awarded a full Doctorate in Exeprimental Supernatural Development, and Full scholarship to remain as post-doc. Indefinately.'

The Progress of our Damnation

A series of extracts from pamphlets, sermons and overheard conversations in Oxford over the period of six months.

”…dying in his bed. The gout having progressed so far, that his Physician was forced to pronounce him beyond all hope; and yet even a peaceful death was denied the poor man. His relatives, finally, being no longer able to bear the Screaming, nor in good Conscience, leave him to rot while still alive, forced to employ the assistance of several strong men and a Theurgist, at prohibitive Cost, to carry him from the household and onto a small boat, whereupon, being transported with great difficulty some miles from Oxford, the gentleman passed beyond this mortal Coil.

On the advice of the local parish Priest, the gentleman's Widow is thus arraigned for Murder, and will be executed by Drowning some weeks hence…”

”…starving. For having passed down towards the Meadows by way of an Observationary Expedition, I did observe many small Wretches, some no more than Five or Six years old, of the sort most commonly seen in the Gutters of that part of the City. Yet these helpless Creatures were of gaunt and skeletal Appearance, seeming more to be living Corpses than Men and moaning most Pitifully in their Grief. When I questioned the nearby Burghers, I was informed that the Hunger striking at the very heart of our great Capital, now that the cattle and livestock markets at Ox-Pens and Elsewhere cannot be slaughtered, is such that these poor Creatures would, in any other such lean year, pass away and be with their Lord; but with lives so unnaturally Prolonged, they lie about the Streets in Agony and Misery, spreading Disease and Distress with the foul Humours of their Grief…”

”…six washerwomen on the Abingdon Road injured most foully, beyond Recovery, by the Effects of an otherwise standard Theurgick ritual intended to shore up the crumbling Support-Wall of a Laundry-House. The Theurgist, known to be a Competent and Respectable practitioner, was struck with some unexpected Backlash from the Magickal Interference surrounding our benighted Capital. The Washerwomen remain apparently Unharmed in all but one aspect - that their Eyes, Lips, Noses and Ears have disappeared entirely from their Heads, leaving a blank and immovable Mask in lieu of each Face. Those treating the injured souls have reported that a terrible, quiet Sound, as of Screaming in the far Distance, hangs about them at all times, no louder than a Whisper but as hideous as the Infernal Choir itself…”

”…University reports no Deaths resulting from unexpected Magickal Interference. Despite attempts to cease all Scientific and Theological Experimentation for the duration of the Crisis, however, the Oxford Colleges report three cases of spontaneous Combustion leading to Eternal and Unquenchable Burning, with attendant screams and safety risks; six cases of Chymickal or other Accident rendering students permanently Deaf, Dumb or Blinded; seventeen Accidents classed as Minor (loss of single limb, spontaneous Illiteracy, the Pox, Possession &c.); twelve cases of irreperable Infernal Translocation; and five disappearances classed as Miscellaneous. Outside the University, meanwhile, licensed Magicians, their Assistants and Associates have fared rather worse…”

”…Sisters of Hecate advising most strongly that those Ladies who find themselves Expectant remove themselves from the Island of Oxford forthwith, the process of Labour being so dangerous for both Mother and Infant, and the results of those Births so far seen under these conditions so Detrimental and Traumatic for all involved as cannot rightly be spoken in Publick…”

“On the advice of several eminent Court Philosophers, His Majesty and the Royal Family, still in Mourning for Queen Joanne, have removed themselves to their Country Estates, where they intend to Remain - but for vital Court business - for the forseeable future…”

The Evils of Mechinisms which Look Like unto Men

Extract from a sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury

“And just as Demons are simply a reflection, a foul Mockery of Angels, there are those Magicians who would create a Machine and call it a Man! And as Demons have not the blessings of the Holy Spirit, nor do these abominations which seek to imitate our Lord's handiwork! How can anyone claim such beings have a Soul? Are we now to claim that Mechanisms have can have souls, can be blessed by Almighty God? Are we to believe that such Blasphemous imitations of His Divine Will can be accepted as equal to Men? Surely not! For if we accept this, we throw down the very basis of our great Church!”

A Notice from Lanik College

Publicly distributed on behalf of the head of Lanik College.

”…the eminent Professor Galgenvogel will be sorely missed from Lanik and from the University; however, it is with the warmest good wishes that we bid him Farewell, and not without a certain pride that Lanik College will once again provide a member to serve upon Prague's most eminent Council of Rabbis. We hope that Rabbi Galgenvogel will think fondly of his friends at Lanik in the years to come, and that the Prosperity and Friendship so long enjoyed between Prague and England may continue in the sight of G-D…”

Rabbi Galgenvogel is to replace Hosiah Grossman on the Council of Rabbis in Prague, and will no longer be able to attend Court due to his duties there. OC: Mark Brand is retiring Jehozadak Galgenvogel.

Our Beloved Godfather

A very popular and inflammatory anonymous pamphlet is distributed across Oxford. Though its contents has riled the masses who enjoyed Dom Alonso's charity, no violence has yet broken out because of the continued presence of Cry God for Harry. It is suspected however that tensions may continue to rise.

People of Oxford, we have recently lost our Godfather, dom Alonso da Veleta. I am one of you, I have lost a godfather - but he was more than that, he was the friend of those in need, the shelter for the homeless, and the aid for the hungry… his treacherous murder is a most villianous and repulsive thing. It is time for us, the people, to ask for responsibilities. His dead body is about to be shipped back to his home town and we all must be there to give him our last goodbye! But, has the crown court done anything to solve this horrendous crime? Will the nobles in court bother to attend his final depart from this city which will have him forever in his heart? Has the college were he lectured bothered for his widow? Let me answer… No!

Who would be such a dishonourable scum to want our godfather's death? Many people were jealous of his charity and plotted against him! Those who oppressed us in the past wanted to get rid of him, for they do not care for us. But who would be an enemy of our Godfather? only dishonourable scum! What about the merchant companies, who were envious of the fair trade dom Alonso had with us so we didn't have to buy their rotten food at scandalous prices? Those new comers, the Cathayans, who for the same reasons saw how their exhorbitant prices pay them back? Or even maybe our most pious church, who couldn't stand that a Papist was so good to us that their “charity” became useless if it ever was delivered!

People of Oxford! let us say our last goodbye to our Godfather! Dom Alonso, we all shall pray for you and relieve your pains in the purgatory, and we shall make sure that your memory remains in Oxford as a challenge to your evil murders!

The Angelum

Extract from the sermon of the Bishop of Oxford.

From the rooms of this most selfless of women, from this Bishop who gave her life for the People of Oxford, was taken the Very Essence of the Angelum, the Foul Firearm of the Traitor Jack Hooke! The Theurgist examining her possessions noted No Trace of magic on the Weapon. Was this the Work of some Demon? Or was it the Passing from this world of a Force that Did not Belong?

Prince Richard Survives Assassination Attempt

A very unusual edition of Nearer, having more than two legible sentences on a single topic.

…poor Prince. It is only thanks to the efforts of Lady Hamilton and Baron Wyndham that his injuries were not worse. In an exclusive interview with Nearer, one of the Hexham Ladies Guard praised her superior:

“Were it not for the fantastic foresight of the Admiral, and indeed of Baron Wyndham, in placing us on duty that night, the Prince would probably be dead now. Certainly the assassin had murder on his mind.”

Nearer further understands that despite the fantastic work of the prince's guards, the unknown assassin managed to escape, leaving the prince in agony, his leg…

Outrage at the attempt also produces a response from the Crown wherefrom an official statement is issued.

… so foully assailed. Such actions against members of the Royal Family, whether from our enemies within or without, shall not shake the foundations of Albion. For we shall be determined to discover these perpatrators and visit upon them the justice of Albion an its people. Prince Richard's brave stand against these assassins has come at a cost and the injury shall be repaid …

Nearer—The publication closer to your heart

“…spotted accompanying Mistress Gamut to a quiet meal, together with merely a hundred or so of his regiment. A fine way to court the Court Astr…”

“…being courted by both Dame Chandler and Lady Morag. Prince Richard is certainly of an age to marry, and both ladies seem to be competing for his favour most admirably. As always, dear reader, Nearer has all the…”

“…choice of costume to this year's charity ball. The Major-General and the Court Astrologer must certainly be courting now. Nearer understands the upset many of its readers feels, and hopes the Major-General will ensure he entrusts his heart to someone truely…”

“…giving considerable sums to the Church. Nearer feels obliged to wonder where Sir Nicholas' newfound piety…”

“…managed to obtain one of these treasured wingéd kittens, and Nearer is now able to testify that they are both as useful and as cute as they…”

Ambassador Lang's "Wedding"

An editorial in a rather thin copy of Nearer which was to have reported on Ambassador Lang's wedding

It seems hardly possible that a single man could gather so many of the great and good of the Realm of Albion, including no less a personage than the monarch King Matthew himself, and then fail to appear himself. To do so at a Wedding merely compounds the insult and heaps ignominy and disgrace upon the Blameless Bride.

The blackguard Ambassador Lang, once styling himself a Prince, has done this. First he sets his ridiculous conditions upon the guests, demanding they attire themselves in cheese knives, and then he repudiates them by sending no more than a messenger to his own Wedding! Is this man a fool? Doubtless! But what kind of a fool? A madman or a jester? And in either case will the Nobility of Albion stand for his antics?

A Great Inventor

From a popular pamphlet found in all the best places

We've heard much recently about Alexander Nathaniel; or rather, we've heard less that we'd expect. Whilst researching Inventors of recent history I came across a biography of his father Jerome Nathaniel. Jerome was the first to sit in the Nathaniel Chair for Experimentation and Co-Operative Invention. However, his son Alexander has avoided the limelight, working hard for Albion with little public recognition. It is time this changed.

Alexander is one of the driving forces behind the military superiority of Albion's navy. With new advanced cannon specifically designed to fire underwater (and so deal with offensive Bathyscaphes used by some advanced countries) and massive improvements to the accuracy of their cannon, the Navy is by far the best-equipped fleet at sea today. Hundreds of lives have been saved already by Alexander's sterling work.

However, not all his work is practical. Indeed, Alexander is a capable administrator, making the Department of Invention in the Invisible College what it is today – a forward-looking, fast-growing department ready to take the lead in the World's invention stakes – not to mention his work with the League of Magical and Mechanical Insight to further the cause of Invention. If you ask me, Alexander Nathaniel is destined for great things.

Surprise Result in Invisible College Elections

From a pamphlet reviewing the latest goings on in the various Colleges

Well, I don't think anybody was expecting that outcome from the Invisible College's elections for a new Master!

It started simply enough. Professor Wurthel claims he never was a candidate, and so de facto withdrew his nomination. Looks like the old fellow's getitng a bit past it. Gideon Jacobs, never really that serious a candidate considering the rumours, got almost no votes. Katherine Chandler, supported by Eleanor Mabwick, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Prince Richard and much of the Faculty was expected to get in with very little trouble. However, there was somewhat of an upset to come!

Alexander Nathaniel, the moderate candidate who came from nowhere. Announced late, he quickly gained support from much of the faculty – we have yet to find out exactly why. Sir Randolph Blenham declared the support of the League of Magical and Mechanical Insight, Admiral Hamilton spoke out in his support, and the pamphlets that've been going round can't have hurt.

After a couple of weeks' hard campaigning, Alexander Nathaniel eventually gained the position of Master, sixty-five to fifty-five votes, narrowly beating Katherine Chandler. Lets hope he's up to the challenges – Oxford University have successfully prosecuted a case for back-rent on the Christchurch Meadows, valued at £100,000 with 50% interest! The new Master has a difficult few seasons ahead of him.


A short pamphlet entitled “All Westminster's Men”, distributed around Oxford and some major towns.

The Houses of this Parliament continue to pass Laws with Fervour. None can deny the Ceaseless Industry with which our Parlimentarians serve us, but doubts Begin to Grow about their ability to say “NAY”. Only a single important Bill has been Defeated this last year, though it gives us Pause to think that even the Influential Baron Wyndham is unable sometimes to stop a bill from passing through the Compliant Parliament.

This sitting has been interesting for Other Reasons than the Learned Debates. We refer of course to the Incident in which the Suffering Baron Mandrake was hauled from the Commons by his Friends. None besides the Right Honourable Baron saw the Snake hiding in the Woolsack and perhaps the Noble Member was simply suffering from Overwork when he made his Claim and missed the Debate upon the Funding of the War 'gainst the Witch-King.

From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. A bill proposed by Right Honourable John Wyndham [Peter], Baron Wyndham, MP:

“That no Member of this Parliament shall be permitted to stand for elected office within a society, guild or institution with members numbering one hundred or more lest they become corrupted and beholden to that electorate and place those few before their duty to the Kingdom of Albion and its Parliament, with the Exception of Institutions deemed vital to the Realm, namely the Mercantile Companies.”
Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Baron Mandrake, Witch Jones Sir Randolph Blenham, Don Iñigo Arista Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Dame Katherine Chandler
Major-General the Lord Devereux Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

The Bill was PASSED in both Houses. Debate was intense and heated in the Commons, with the bill eventually passed by a slim majority. In contrast there were only a few speeches in a poorly attended Lords, the bill passing that House with a small majority due simply to the low turnout.

2. A bill proposed by the Lady Anastasia Hamilton [Vicky], Viscountess of Hexham:

“Parliament would see the Island of Malta fully integrated into Albion. Those nobles of appropriate rank who profess to the Anglican faith or are Catholic and have sworn an oath to His Majesty King Matthew above the Pope will be permitted to sit in the House of Lords. Those nobles of Catholic faith who have sworn an oath placing King Matthew equal to the Pope shall retain their lands and titles but shall not be permitted to sit in the House of Lords.”
Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wyndham, Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo Arista Witch Jones Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Major-General the Lord Devereux, Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

PASSED easily in both Houses with only token debate.

3. A bill proposed by the Bishop of Hereford [NPC]:

“That the Invisible College, twice being demonstrated a nest of diabolists and servants of the Enemy, be abolished and that its lands and chattels be confiscated by the Crown and Church in equal measure. Furthermore that the qualifications from that abominable institution shall be deemed null and void unless their current recipients be subject to approval and examination by a bishop of the Church of England and a Professor of the University of Oxford.”
Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wyndham, Witch Jones, Don Iñigo Arista Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler

Heavily DEFEATED in the Commons it fails to reach the Lords where observers believe that opposition would have been almost as heavy in case.

3(a) An amendment is tabled proposing instead that the Invisible College is abolished as a separate institution and becomes a College within the University of Oxford, subject to the rules and regulations of that larger institution, and that its degrees and doctorates - past and future - be deemed to originate from the University.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wyndham, Witch Jones, Don Iñigo Arista Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler

The amendment fare no better and is also DEFEATED with little debate. Observers believe that this bill would have fared considerably better in the Lords and might well have passed that House.

4. A bill proposed by the Right Honourable John Wyndham [Peter], Baron Wyndham, MP:

“A Bill to raise taxes to Fund His Majesty's Crusade against the Witch-King”
Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones Sir Randolph Blenham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler, Baron Mandrake
Major-General the Lord Devereux, Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

With patriotic fervour behind it the Bill is easily PASSED in both Houses and enters into law.

5. A bill proposed by Thou-Shalt-Not-Suffer-A-Witch-To-Live Jones [Stuart], MP:

“In light of the recent heinous actions of the Master of Invisible College, recognised as the latest in a long line of actions by practitioners of Dark Magics, including the framing of Mistress Scoggins of Dumfries and the defilement of Leeds Cathedral.

A bill is proposed to ensure the safety of the Body and Soul of the people of Albion by restricting the use of dangerous magics such as Sorcery. It is recognised that Albion's prosperity is based in many cases upon Magic and no attempt wil be made to curtail those who practice their craft in a godly and safe manner. Those who practice sorcery and other magics with plans to impede the great nation of Albion should tremble in their beds for once this bill is passed into law the agents of the Crown will be able to act quickly to prevent those who would use magics to the detriment of this Nation.”

The bill, if passed, will make it easier to imprison sorcerers in particular (but other magic users as well) if they are likely to pose a danger to public safety.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones Baron Mandrake, Sir Randolph Blenham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett Major-General the Lord Devereux Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

Witch Jones expends considerably time and energy cajoling and hectoring members of both Houses into supporting his Bill. When brought forward his lobbying pays off and it is PASSED in both Houses. In the Lords the Lords Spiritual are united in supporting the Bill.

6. A series of bills proposed by Don Iñigo Arista [Javi], Baron de Tolosa, MP:

6(a) A bill on the Navarrese levy The bill proposes that militia raised in Navarre fly their own traditional quarters with a slight modification: a cross of St. George to indicate the new dynasty. Also allow the Navarrese regiments to be commanded by Basque-speaking Navarrese officers.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake, Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones, Sir Randolph Blenham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Major-General the Lord Devereux Abstain: Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

PASSED in both Houses. Support is almost unanimous in the Commons and interest extremely low in the Lords.

6(b) A bill to establish a Mint and new Coinage in Navarre To celebrate King Matthew's rule over Navarre, a new mint shall be established in that Kingdom, its new coinage designed with D•G•MATTHAEUS•NAVARRAE•REX and the Royal Visage upon the one face, and upon the other side the same legend in Basque and the Navarrese Coat of Arms.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones, Sir Randolph Blenham Baron Mandrake Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton Major-General the Lord Devereux Abstain: His Grace Henry Lockett
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

In the Commons representatives of the Merchant Companies speak out against complicating their trade by allowing new coinage. In the Lords turnout is again poor but Admiral Hamilton and Major-General Devereux take opposite sides on the issue. With the clear mandate from the Commons however those in favour have a slight edge and it is barely PASSED.

6© A bill to end martial law in Navarre That the imposition of Martial Law in Navarre be ended, such that the populace of that Kingdom might take up arms against the Witch King, and the weak flee should an attack by that Fell enemy occur.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake,Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones, Sir Randolph Blenham Baron Wyndham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Major-General the Lord Devereux Abstain: Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

PASSED easily in the Commons, the Lords is less decisive but eventually passes it too.

7. A bill proposed by the Right Honourable John Wyndham [Peter], Baron Wyndham, MP:

“A Bill Making a Statement Reaffirming Albion's Friendship with all the Germanic Principalities”

The Bill makes a number of references to the Holy Roman Empire.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wyndham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett Major-General the Lord Devereux Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

Although Major-General the Lord Devereux makes an impassioned speech in the Lords criticising the Bill as a needless insult to Albion's faithful ally Prague, the Bill is PASSED easily in both Houses and enters into law.

8. A bill proposed by Thomas Sedgemore, MP [NPC]:

“That this Parliament holds the desecration of the dead to be an abomination and that furthermore this Parliament shall outlaw upon the most severe of penalties the compelling of the spirits of the dead and their labours physical, whether civil or military.”

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo Arista, Witch Jones, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wyndham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler
Admiral the Lady Anastasia Hamilton, Major-General the Lord Devereux His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lady Morag Douglas, Colonel the Lord Adam O'Farrel

Debate on the Commons focuses on the Baron Mandrake's attempts to clarify the intent of the Bill. The Members of that House satisfied by the answers they receive the bill is PASSED into law by Parliament.


  • “Did you hear about what Queen Joanne did with the Duke of Hell?” “What?” “Well, turns out it isn't just mortals' souls demons are after, if you get what I mean. How do you think she got Unity? Can't have been the King's, just wasn't time.” “I'm not surprised – kind of thing I would expect from a self-obsessed bitch like her. You should hear how she treated her servants!”
  • Tomorrow belongs to me.
  • War is a continuation of politics by other means.
  • The League of Magical and Mechanical Insight screwed up, you can still find bits of wreckage outside Oxford if you want a souvenir of a flying machine which fell…
  • Tewedh dewedhes dhe scurya an dyscryjyk.
  • Don Inigo is the spitting image of Don Inigo. The other one.
  • Katherine Chandler's been suffering from fainting fits and lots of screaming, but seems fine now.
  • Witch Jones is a Rosicrucian.
  • All these parties and marriages…nothing but noble snobbery and self-indulgence.
  • I've heard the Duchess of Walk is offering £100,000…
  • Don Inigo is the spitting image of Don Santiago.
  • Professor Lovecraft really was dead. De Winter used an unholy ritual to transfer his soul into Lovecraft's body when his own was destroyed.
  • ow dew cafos moy bras hyrven en dha dew.
  • Witch Jones is a Jesuit
  • Великий Князь Московский и Всея Руси в отличном здравие.
  • I hear the Witch King was killed by a dwarf and washerwoman.
  • We all wonder what Lady Weaver does with those wingéd kittens.
  • The Dragon flies far, but the ship doesn't need to flap wings.
  • Witch Jones is a Corinthian.
  • Don Inigo is the spitting image of King Matthew.
  • The Witch King escaped to live in a villa in Spain.
  • The Pope is planning to harness the Crusade and make it an instrument of his own will.
  • Prince Richard wants to marry Eliza Gamut.
  • The Witch King is dead. Long live the Witch King!
  • There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.alb
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