News: Turn 8 (October 1645 - March 1646)

News in England is distributed by a wide variety of ways. These include notices pasted on the boards of Churches and Taverns and notes sent around the courtiers by the messengers of the nobility and gentry. The most popular distribution however is from the pulpit and the press - the priests and preachers of all churches pass news onto their congregations in town and countryside while many write and publish pamphlets they distribute far and wide. Here follows a collection of the most interesting and important news.

The Tales of Noble Deaths

A new popular form of pamphlet appearing across Albion is the so-called 'Obituarie', detailing the lives of recently deceased people of note.

Alcaide Dom Alonso da Veleta - Our Godfather

… and even when the servants of the people did not care for the people of Oxford, this remarkable foreigner came to their aid. With good heart and bottomless capacity for mercy, he drove away the villains of the city and provided the good people of Oxford with all they might need. Working tirelessly at the Portugese Embassy, in Oxford, and at home, he was known to be an honourable and beloved figure whose death is not just a tragedy but a travesty…

Colonel Sir Christophe Swal of Willoughby-on-the-Wolds - A Soldier of Resolve and Seaman of Courage

… and ever did work for the Good of all His Majesty's military, that the Defenders of Albion might not squabble among themselves but protect her Blessed Shores. Colonel Sir Christophe thus remains the most Notable military man of our generation who sailed the seas in the name of Albion. Engaged in the many recent military conflicts he has proven himself truly a man of Resolve, Resource and immense capabilities, unflinching in his services right until the end. Were he poisoned or taken up into heaven by God's will may yet remain a mystery, but missed by all Albion he shall be…

A number of 'comedy' obituaries have also appeared on the streets, most notably of the Pope

A communiqué from Prague is posted outside its Embassy in Oxford

“Her Excellency Ruth Levi regrets to report the death of Senior Rabbi Hosiah Grossman, at a venerable and respectful age, from a tragic accident. Rabbi Grossman sadly did not leave behind any heirs. His place on the Rabbinical Council will be filled by the traditional method.”

The Devil's Boat-Race

Announcement from the Court Clerks

The Boat Race will revert to its usual course this year, the New Course having been deemed Inauspicious.

An extract from the journal of Sir Walter Brandistock, amateur magician

”…indeed, the night before the Boat-Race I am quite certain that I saw Christophe Swal and his compatriots the Brandage Twins set off in a small barque, describing a wide circle around the planned course, and chanting as they did so. I cannot say for certain what precise influence their magics had upon the eventual outcome of the disasters which followed, but I can only speculate that a coat of protective Theurgy around the outskirts of Oxford's waters can only have assisted the brave efforts of those involved in stopping the diabolical plans of…”

An extract from a pamphlet by Sir Arthur Bevving on the race.

Thee boats set off, but some Invisible College boats Diverted from the newly reinstated Course and onto one Encircling Oxford. These Boats left a Foul Trail in their Wake, and the Occupants were engaged in Strange Chanting. With Dashing Speed the Boats of Scone turned to Pursue them, Ships attempted to scoop them from the Water and Sea Serpents and Creatures of the Waters themselves tried to Haul them Back. Though this accounted for all but two of the Boats, the Invisible Sorcerers went on!

Extract from a rather.. colourful.. pamphlet about the business of the Church of England

And once again, His Grace Henry Lockett has Saved us from the Blasphemous Creatures of Hell and their Servants on this Earth! The Master of Invisible College, who many had Suspected of Diabolerie Most Foul had planned a Ritual to Suck the Entirety of our Fair Country into the Bowels of Hell! But the Bishop of Edinburgh does not Stand idly by when His Country is Threatened, Oh No! He came, flanked by a Host of the Angels of Heaven, to Arrest the Master and Throw him into Darkest Dungeon.

But Alas and Alack, the Master called forth Demons most Horrific to Rend the Walls asunder and Escape! But not to be Thwarted, the Archbishop called to Heaven to Aid him in his Holy Duty to Protect His country! And Answered were his Prayers! When the Master's Ship was boarded, his Throat had been Cut from Ear to Ear, and his Blood drained to the Decking. So Fare the Enemies of our Lord God and our Saviour, Henry Lockett!

Modified versions of this pamphlet are found around Oxford coffee houses, with the obvious blasphemies crossed out.

An extract from Tyburn Tales, taking a break from those executed by the King's Justice, to describing a different grisly death.

… great Demons formed from the Blood of that boat's crew, leaving only one mortal alive to carry out the unclean Master's orders. The Royal Serpent leapt ahead of the pursuers Confused by the sudden appearance of the Fugitive Master aboard, performing the same Evil Rite as his cultist minions…

…attacked by a Great Angel of the Lord against which no demon could stand and gave Hamilton the opportunity to disrupt the magics of the False Captain of her ship…

..and so that Damnéd Monster, the Master of the Invisible College, met his end in a most Deserved Manner. Inflating like a giant Pig's Bladder in the Backlash of the foul rite that rumour says was intended to Dispatch our Capital to the Blackest Pit of Hell. Seeking to Murder or Corrupt all Oxford in one fell Swoop instead the Dark Master was himself destroyed. The great explosion of that fleshy mass upon Admrial the Lady Hamilton's Royal Serpent was seen by all the boat race spectators as that swift vessel approaced the end of its Circuit of Oxford…

Nearer—The publication closer to your heart

“…Franz seen leaving her college rooms late at night, and an anonymous neighbour of Dame Chandler has told Nearer that it sounded as if somebody was having a very good time in there. In entirely unrelated news, Nearer has heard that Master Johannes has a gigantic sword…”

“…seen to be doing very well for herself of late. Master Brandage may do well to ask the Court Astrologer for charity…”

“…handsome man has been seen entertaining Prince Richard of late. Nearer wonders if the Major-General will be taking our good Prince to one of the New Rose's excellent musical shows. Naturally, Nearer will have the first…”

“…seen to be spending a lot of time of late with a very attractive young lady. Nearer hears that the Admiral has been snubbing Lord Mandrake in favour of seeing her…”

“…in the company of another man. Christopher Orion, so recently awarded a commission in Lord Devereux's forces, appears to have ingratiated himself very well with his superior, spending considerable time…”

“…marital disquiet. The rows between the Lord and Lady Wyndham have been heard many streets away, and Nearer hopes…”

“…most alarming. If reports from the Americas are to be believed (and Nearer has them from a very reliable source), Colonel O'Farrel has been neglecting his wife in Albion for an Aztec princess. Nearer would like to apologise to the Colonel's family in Albion, but we feel it necessary to release the news of his many Aztec children for the good of…”

A Royal Decree

“WHEREAS Brother Joseph Chalk has provided most excellent services to His Majesty in the form of Divinations, Astrological Warnings and the Exercise of the Sciences…

AND WHEREAS His Majesty wishes to express his gratitude and ensure that all true and loyal servants of the CROWN may be free from harassment in the course of their work and worship…

….THEREFORE it is decreed this day that Brother Joseph Chalk shall remain EXEMPT from the Recusancy Laws and fines therewith pertaining, by His Majesty's Will.

….God save the King!”

There have been distinct grumblings in Parliament heard over this unusual exemption, especially since it has been issued directly from the King's secretaries and passed neither through the Commons nor the Lords.

Disturbance at Public Hanging

An extract from Tyburn Tales, a rather gruesome pamphlet detailing the deeds of those clearly destined for the gallows, and those who’ve already been there.

”…Master Ketch reported himself most disturbed at the incident (the execution of one Billy Scoggins, a thief and vagabond convicted of recusancy, bastardry and scrope by the local magistrate); for not only did a Manifestation of most gruesome aspect appear upon the young criminal's head just as the rope was stretched, but indeed all in the crowd heard a Horrible Keening noise, as of a pheasant being rent asunder by wolves, and felt a Rush of Wings over their heads as if some invisible presence had flown through the air!

…Master Ketch is being treated by the finest chirurgeons and is expected to return to his normal duties within the month…”

The Stafford Memorial Speech

The funeral of His Grace Major General William Stafford, though said to be poorly attended, was host to a number of brilliant speeches. Some, including the following from Major-General the Lord Devereux, have even been published.

“I first met Major General William Stafford, Duke of Stafford, Earl of Virginia, Lord of St. Albans when I was but a small boy. My father came home from a campaign in 1624 from the Americas and brought with him, from this fair city, a book of tales of the civil war. Key to these was the name Stafford with his defence of the Midlands and his siege of Dudley. His name was written large on every page and his skill and acumen as well as his heroic virtue were evident; Loyal to the end. When I met him at court but a year ago he was unchanged, despite the passing of years.

My own time in his company was little but it was always filled with his character. He was proud, patriotic and none could say he did not say what he thought. Straight forward in a way that few men are. His last military engagement was the taking of Venice and it was accomplished with panache. I saw him in that battle, commanding his troops on the streets, his fire and passion driving them forwards; “For Albion! For Albion!” he cried and I have no doubt that when he died he died with those words on his lips.

Major General William Stafford, Duke of Stafford, Earl of Virginia, Lord of St. Albans - an example to us all of what it means to be a man of Albion. He rests with our Lord now.”

A Notice upon the Matter of Research for His Majesty's Royal Navy

A notice placed in the laboratories, workshops and meeting places of Albion's magic workers and craftsmen.

To all Inventors and Alchemists in Albion,

The Royal Navy seeks the aid of students of the Advanced Sciences to expand its resources. We are keen to invest in new advances in technology and can provide ample funding for any interested parties. In addition to substantial grants, working for the Royal Navy can bring prestige and vast opportunities for advancement through doing ones patriotic duty. Persons interested in working for us either on the basis of individual commission or on an longer term should contact Admiral Hamilton.

A Charity Ball

A letter distributed amongst the great lords and ladies of Albion, immaculately written on pure white paper.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of King Matthew,

I am delighted to inform you that I will be holding a grand masked ball on my estates in Hexham on St. George's Day. The theme of the ball will be the Underwater Court of King Neptune and appropriate masks and costume are strongly encouraged. In addition there will be a charity banquet beforehand, taking the form of a sumptuous five course dinner, to help raise money for the wives and families of those killed or injured in service to the Crown in his Majesty's armed forces.

Accommodation on my estates will be provided for those travelling from further afield. I sincerely hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend.

Signed: Major the Brevet Colonel (Earl of Essex' Dragoons) the Colonel (Royal Marines, inactive) the Admiral (Royal Navy) the Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton, Viscountess Hexham, B.Herm”

Simply attending the party next turn, with a ticket, will be a 0AP action. Cost for dining tickets are set to be affordable for anyone with wealth 3 or above. There are also seats on the High Table, which are priced to be affordable by someone with wealth 4 or 5. It is expected that this will be the most fashionable party of the year.

The Rose Bride

An extract from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

”… Lady Hamilton is, of course, now well known for the attention she has been paying to the New Rose in recent months. With her own private box at the theatre the Admiral has made the Rose the place for the lady or lord of fashion to be seen in Oxford. Although some of the less wealthy regulars have grumbled that they are reduced to standing with the groundlings as peacocks take their seats, flaunting themselves while ignoring the stage, it is clear the influx of patronage has benefited the theatrical arts. Rumour has it that to stay ahead of her rival the Lady Luton plans to build her own theatre…”

From the program of “The Rose Bride”, a new play running at the New Rose.

“The opening scene begins with the heroine, a beautiful and generous Princess, sitting in her rose garden. The tranquil scene is swiftly disrupted by bloodshed, as the Princess's family is murdered by sinister figures in back cloaks. The Princess herself manages to escape. She falls into a trap set by her family's murderers, however, and their leader, who the observant will notice is modelled closely on the regicide William Howard, attempts to seduce her. She proves to have too pure a heart to fall for his machinations and, when she refuses him, he imprisons her in eternal torment. The scene moves to the hero of the story, a brave young knight (a breeches part), dressed in what vaguely appear to be Albion's colours, as he travels across the country righting wrongs and bringing Christianity to heathen kingdoms. Much needed comic relief is brought by his well-intentioned but arrogant and inept general and his long-suffering 13th Camford regiment.

Through a bizarre set of coincidences the young knight happens upon the cave where the Princess is imprisoned and one by one his strength of spirit is able to overcome the challenges placed before him. He reaches the Princess and frees her from her imprisonment. Fearing for her life the pair return to the Knight's castle rather than her home country. Meanwhile the villain of the piece has corrupted the Princess's kingdom and has covered it in a reign of darkness. In the end it takes the Princess's purity of spirit to restore her kingdom to its former glory.

The ending is left somewhat open however, as some of the taint of the vanquished villain remains on the land.

Another extract from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”. ”… and what heart could fail to be moved when the young Prince finally kisses the Princess? Our brave knight, and rising star, Helen Fervent certainly performs the scene with gusto and passion though the passivity of her co-star Annie Himmelman seems to play against her strength in the first act…”

…an open secret that the play has been commissioned by the Lady Hamilton herself, though no such dedication is to be found announced on stage or in the handsome folio publication which has been produced. When a noblewoman takes such a sudden interest in the theatre, and then funds such a clearly allegorical play, it seems all too clear that politics is involved. … the obvious sly dig at the play's general however seems insufficient motive in itself …”

Demons in MISC! Prices plummet!

A semi-regular pamphlet commenting on the happenings in Albion's merchant world

Rumours abound of demons in MISC this trading season, and MISC profits have taken a massive tumble. Traders have been abandoning the troubled company in droves, while MISC's smaller rivals have taken the opportunity to attract business they would never normally see. The source and veracity of the rumours has yet to be established, but if true, MISC could stand to lose its royal commission.

MISC profits were further hit by the trading activities of the court astrologer. It seems Mistress Gamut saw a quick profit in investing in MISC's rivals at the expense of the larger company, and her gamble paid off. Other investors followed suit, spurred on by Gamut's past accurate fortellings, and prices tumbled further.

A preacher on the streets of Oxford (before being gently removed by two sizeable gentlemen)

For so long, we knew the devilry in this unholy trade in money, and now we know it's real! Those worshippers of Mammon must pay for the unholy rituals of which they partake. If the soul of Albion is to be preserved, we must do away with these evil forces, before the… oi! Get your hands off me! Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!…

Galgenvogel on the Nistarim

An extract from translated notes on Jehozadak Galgenvogel's recent lecture series

…and if one of them is to be corrupted, plagues worse than the time of Moses will be wreaked! Demons shall walk the earth, livestock will become as if possessed (for that is as they shall be), and the stench of blood and decay shall fill the nostrils of every man upon this land! For if the Nistarim are not protected, the souls of all men will be worth naught, and the lowest reaches of hell will be luxury compared to the eternal torment…

The lectures continue in a similar vein, and the popularity of the English translation has been cermented by Professor Galgenvogel's insistence on lecturing in Angelic and the number of times the ceiling of the lecture theatre has caved in.

Archbishop of Edinburgh Engaged

In a pamphlet about recent court events.

The Archbishop of Edinburgh, His Grace Henry Lockett, has recently become engaged to Lady Mhairi MacKinnon of Fife. The pair seem well-suited, although Lady Mhairi does have a certain reputation for acerbic comments – but so far none directed at her husband-to-be. In fact, the two seem to get along surprisingly well.

And this is an astute political move by the Archbishop. Lady Mhairi is a believer in Scottish rule of Scotland; their marriage should cement the Archbishop's position with the Highlanders and may even help convince some of the less militant that the Church of England is suitable for the Scots too. Let us hope that the Lady's influence doesn't move the Archbishop too far the other way.


A short pamphlet entitled “All Westminster's Men”, distributed around Oxford and some major towns.

What to make of the Lord Wyndham now? No longer the ineffectual Windbag but the mighty Wind that Sets the Course of the entire Parliament. The previous Parliament was a Teahouse for the Mighty of Albion to Snore while the Kingdom crashed from one Crisis to another, but now we see a great Stream of Bills pass through each Meeting.

And no Bill is ever rejected, for what Wyndham does Say becomes Law the next Day! We are minded to name this Parliament ”Reformed” of its Sloth, but perhaps it would be more Accurate to say that Great Albion's King is advised by the Complicit Parliament.

From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. A Bill providing funding to dispatch more troops to the troubled Kingdom of Navarre with the purpose of quelling any troubles beginning there.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Baron Mandrake Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel, His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The Bill was PASSED in both Houses with little debate and additional monies have been made available to the soldiers and sailors of Albion.

2. A Bill which will make it illegal to obstruct elected Members of Parliament in their lawful, Parliamentary Duties.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler Abstain Baron Mandrake

Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

Although there was some disquiet about the vague wording of the Bill, all Members of Parliament understood the importance of ensuring the unimpeded conduct of parliamentary business. The motion was carried in both Houses and the Bill PASSED into law.

3. A Bill declaring Martial Law in Navarre by reason of Undesirable Elements attempting to destabilise His Majesty's Fair and Just Rule.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Baron Mandrake Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Abstain: His Grace Henry Lockett
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The motion was carried in both Houses and the bill PASSED into law.

4. A Bill providing for the application of the Census to Ireland.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Baron Mandrake Absent: Lady Elizabeth Weaver, Sir Randolph Blenham, Witch Jones
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett Lord the Colonel O'Farrel Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

There is some dissent from the Irish Lords who object that that Island is not peaceable enough to conduct a thorough Census (and more privately that some areas are not truly part of Albion and will send back dead census-takers) but the motion is carried nonetheless. It is PASSED into law.

Edinburgh Cathedral Saved!

Extract from a rather.. colourful.. pamphlet about the business of the Church of England

Egads! And Gadzoooks! Those foul Diabolists, the Corinthian Order, have their Sights set on Edinburgh Cathedral! For months They have sat in their Dark holes, Planning their Foul Magics, to summon Satan Himself to this Earth where he might Raze fair Albion to the Ground, Defile her Altars and Corrupt her Womenfolk! But the Culmination of this Blasphemous Ritual, an Attack on Edinburgh Cathedral itself, has been Thwarted!

Yes, the Twisted Sons of Dark and Leery Scotland had planned Foul Slaughter on the Children of Edinburgh, the Cathedral itself to be Site of Sacrifice and Murder of the Youth of the Fair city! But the Archbishop, praise be to God, has Saved us! He cried out to the Heavens, 'Let these Monstrous Fiends not find Solace in the House of the Lord!” And the power of his Faith and his Holiness was so strong, the Heavens spoke, and the Lord God himself did come down and Bless the Cathedral of Edinburgh with a Warding of Righteousness, that None with Foul Thought or Misdeed in their Hearts might enter!

Praise Be to the Archbishop, who has Once more Saved us from the Heathen Scots and kept Fair Albion's heart alive! Our saviour, our most Righteous Sword of Faith, we put our trust in you!

Around Oxford can be found many versions of this pamphlet with the most obvious blasphemies and blatant mistruths crossed out or corrected. In particular, this version notes that the Bishop of Durham is known to have cast a powerful Theurgic ritual around the Cathedral.

Pembroke Crippled by Octopus

In a pamphlet describing notable events in Court circles

Owain Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, has regretfully informed the Court that he will no longer be attending court meetings, claiming ill health. However, this publication has uncovered the truth behind these claims.

It appears Lord Owain was set upon by a giant octopus whilst taking a morning constitutional on the beaches of his estate in Wales. This horror, at least ten yards in breadth, was washed ashore in a freak storm and caught the Earl unawares from behind.

The Earl is now confined to his manor house, and his elder son William is now managing the estates on his father's behalf. William's wedding to the daughter of the Duke of Edinburgh is now expected to take part on the Earl's estates, and the couple will be moving in to assist the Earl on a more permanent basis.

Excommunications to be Lifted

An official announcement made by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

… and so have made the decision to life the Excommunications from Captain Richard Smashing, Mistress Gwen verch Morcant, Master Marcus Fervent and Sir Nicholas Lovecraft. For they shall make public penance and bless the Church with funds that a Cathedral might be built upon the soil of the New World. Thus may their cruel and wicked deeds that so shook the Church be lightened and may they see a return into the fold and glimpse salvation of the soul once again…

The speech went on for an hour more

The Birth of Unity and Death of Queen Joanne

A notice widely circulated by court clerks.

On the morning of 5th November 1645 Queen Joanne gave birth to a girl, christened Unity. Both mother and baby are doing well.

A notice circulated in February by the court clerks.

Whilst out hunting after the birth of Unity, Queen Joanne was Set Upon by a number of foul brigands who had been posing as huntsmen. Though her guard rushed to her rescue a number of the assassins made it through and inflicted wounds which caused the Queen's death several hours later, before being Cut Down themselves. No leads have yet been found as to who was responsible for this atrocity. The French Council of Regents is in uproar.

Venetian Conclusion

An article in the military pamphlet 'The Dragon', published in Dunkerque

We have heard of the final settlement for Venice, recently Defeated in King Matthew's war against it. The Dragon can reveal that after negotiations, the Doge of Venice has agreed to pay reparations for any Venetian aggression and cede some of its other territories to Albion, who will place them in the guardianship of the Ottoman Empire. Venice has accepted the blame for not ensuring that its agents and servants might not be used to Hurt the Royal Family of Albion so that the King has been satisfied and peace restored. After a quiet and calm occupation of the city we may now see Major General Devereux's troops withdraw and return to Albion, but perchance not for long - we are abreast of rumours that Albion must fight the Witch King…

News from the Colonies

Tartaruga – a Smashing Place to be

Already becoming known as the best source of rum around, Tartaruga is the best place to be in the New World if you're in search of Adventure or Relaxation afterwards. The girls are all friendly and eager to please (provided you've the money to pay them) and the weasel fights are thrilling! Bring your own weasel and see it tear its way up through the ranks! All thanks to the new governor, Captain Smashing!

Also under new governorship are La Pays de la Resurrection, which was gifted to Lady Morag, Cymru Newydd, governed by Lady Gwen and New Farrel, governed by Colonel O'Farrel and the site of the new Cathedral of Gold.

The Fall of Rome and Rise of the Witch-King

An account of the fall of Rome, by Gaius Piso, a common citizen who escaped the city, widely circulated in pamphlets.

The slaughter was most horrendous. I saw a Snake, like unto the largest of sea serpents, that did entrap one of the hills of Rome in its coils, and devour all who were Upon it. Legions of the Dead swarmed over the hills, and the Vatican was Cloaked with a black Witch-Fire, that caused Terror in the heart of all who saw it.

I saw the Witch-King standing upon the Basilica of St Peter as the storm raged. He spoke in the tongue of the Beast, and glowed with an Unholy Light. Surely it is the Devil Himself that has taken this man, and caused him to cast off all decency.

A message circulated by the Witch King himself.

In Just Recompense for Wrongs done him by the Church of Rome the Witch King has Seized that City and Hereby Asserts his Right to Rule. The Witch King further Lays Claim to the Kingdom of Spain and bid the Pretender Philip Hapsburg Step Down from the Throne before he is Removed with All Force. To the Rest of his Fellow Monarchs of Europe the Witch King extends his Warm Greetings and Bids them Heed the Following Message-

Send your Ambassadors to Rome bearing Words of Friendship within Six Months or you will be Considered to Desire War. Your Lands shall be Taken from You and Added to the Witch King's Domain. No Mortal Army may Triumph against his Legions of the Dead, and Every Battle Simply Strengthens their Numbers. Know that Any Attempt to Give Succour to the Enemies of the Witch King shall also be Met with the same Dire Retribution.

For those Misguided Monarchs that are Fool Enough to Believe they May Find Victory against him, The Witch King Invites them to Combine their Forces and Attempt to Wrest Rome from his Possession. Let all the Catholics of Europe Rise up and March and Still they will be Brought Low.

To the People of Europe the Witch King Extends his Hands. If You are Persecuted, Outcast, Despised by your Countrymen, then know that you will Find Solace in Rome. The Witch King promises Sanctuary and asks Only your Loyalty in Return. Rich or Poor, Sickly or Strong, Jew or Moor, Living or Dead, you will be Welcome.

A Papal Bull has since been issued condemning the Witch King and urging all Catholics to overthrow him as soon as possible.

Witch Hunt

Madame Selene, the informal leader of the Sisters of Hecate and brothel owner, was recently found dead in her local church. She had been tied, upside down to the cross, and a string of rosary beads were hung around her neck, along with a plaque marked “C.B.” on one side, and “Exodus 22:18” on the other. Some suspect that this is the Jesuits taking revenge for the Witch King's taking of the Vatican, others that it is part of a general turn against the Sisters, with the Jesuit symbols used as a cover.

Senior Navigator dies in suspicious circumstances

A news rag passed around parts of Oxford

Reverend Arthur Bellevue, Navigator and assistant to the Guild Master, was found dead earlier today aboard his boat, The Lord's Hand, which had been left adrift off the coast of Wales. The boat was found as it floated into the path of the floating isle of Canterbury. All other crew members were missing, and the Reverend Navigator was found crucified upside-down, rosary beads hung round his neck with the letters “CB” inscribed on each.

This death follows the recent death of Madame Selene, a senior member of the Sisters of Hecate, in similar circumstances.

The church and the Guild of Navigators are understood to be treating the deaths as suspicious.

The Noble Sacrifice of the Bishop of Durham

A survey of the Theurgic backlash following the boat-race, to inform those country lords who have elected to remove themselves from Oxford for the duration.

”…It seems that at the culmination of the ritual, some quirk of magical backlash had sealed the ritual which the Brandages cast in permanent place. Across the Island of Oxford - gradually at first, but faster as the season progressed - strange occurrences marred the apparent peace. Farmers found that their flensing knives slipped from the hides of animals in the slaughteryards. Old men, dying of the pox or lungrot, held on weeks past when all physicians have given up hope. Dice in the taverns rolled five sixes, time after time after time; and when brawls began over loaded dice, every cobblestone missed its mark, every punch struck a table, every bottle refused to break….

As to the effect which this has had on magic within the academic community, I am widely informed that it was terrible, and incalculable.

The Bishop of Durham, in her role as Court Theurge, instituted emergency measures to stop the terror. Working night and day, the Bishop and her advisors provided a series of buffer zones throughout Oxford, halting the chaos and allowing city life to return to a semblance of normality. They succeed up to a point - for the rest of the season after the boat-race, things progressed largely as normal in Oxford. However, to-day, with but two days to go until the Grand Court, the Bishop made what is generally agreed to have been a heroic, though excessively risky, attempt to move Oxford out of the area of influence of the circle entirely.

It has not succeeded. By the time the Court meets, the skivvies will almost have finished cleaning what is left of the Bishop from the paving-stones of the royal dockyard…”

Important OC Note:

There is effectively a permanent version of the “Cry God for Harry” ritual around the entire Island of Oxford. This will have severely adverse and unexpected effects on magic cast within Oxford within the next season, in addition to making it difficult or impossible to damage, harm or kill anyone within the ritual area. Please see the usual Court rules for how this might affect your character's actions.

Due to interference by the Bishop of Durham, this has not effected actions in the previous turnsheet. However, unless the situation is managed, it will affect actions in the next turnsheet.

As usual, ask the GMs if you need any clarifications.


  • The Clockwork king is a Jesuit
  • Jeltzalea Nafarroako Erresuma is coming to get you!
  • The Baroness von Pomerania is a Jesuit
  • Wyndham wants to kill the King and wear his skin as a trophy
  • Irish Catholics are sneaking around the EIC!
  • Aitchoo!
  • Gora Jainiko Nafarria ta errege
  • Posing? The Captain? Never!
  • “Demons? In MISC?” “You'd better believe it! My uncle's mistress' daughter's laundry maid said so!”
  • Jainiko Hura hilotz hori ustel hilak mkanikari errege da?
  • The Witch King is a Jesuit
  • The Order of Arundel now answers to the Witch King.
  • The Order of Sir Walter Raleigh now answers to the Witch King.
  • The Ordo Dicti Domini now answers to the Witch King.
  • The Order of the Illuminated Eye now answers to the Witch King.
  • The Sons of Set now answers to the Witch King.
  • House Lystra now answers to the Witch King.
  • The monstrous corpse of the undead clockwork king is in perfect health, and now answers to the Witch King.
  • There's no time like Ragnarok.
  • Hamilton has been seen at a dressmakers! Perhaps the new man in her life likes her to look a little more feminine.
  • The East India Company is trading in some very esoteric items from China. Who'd have thought there was much demand for treebark?
  • I heard the Prince is engaged to a foreign lady? I can't imagine who'd have him though!
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury is the Devil's dressmaker.
  • Dashing Devereux knows nothing about girls I hear. Stands to reason, all that warring and stuff don't leave time for that.
  • Lady Weaver remains unmarried, and yet I swear she isn't looking older than ten years ago. I smell witchery.
  • You heard about them foreigners from the East? No, not Cathay, them other ones, the Muscovites, they even have a small trading company in Oxford. Live in a land of bears and dragon-wrestling. That's right - Dragon-wrestling! Crazy.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury is the most holy man England has ever seen.
  • Venice belongs to Albion and the Doge wants to become an Anglican.
  • Does anyone actually know anything about the Ottoman Sultan? Has anyone seen him? I didn't think so - that's because he doesn't exist. The whole Empire is run by Albion and nobody knows. What? Well yes, except ME.
  • Hamilton's uniform doesn't look pretty.
  • The Ghost of Andrew has returned.
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