News: Turn 14 (October 1648 - March 1649)

News in England is distributed by a wide variety of ways. These include notices pasted on the boards of Churches and Taverns and notes sent around the courtiers by the messengers of the nobility and gentry. The most popular distribution however is from the pulpit and the press - the priests and preachers of all churches pass news onto their congregations in town and countryside while many write and publish pamphlets they distribute far and wide. Here follows a collection of the most interesting and important news.

Nearer—the publication closer to your heart

A noticably thicker edition of Nearer, with many articles illustrated by small etchings, all at the very high level of taste Nearer is famous for…

“…and Wells' great interest in thrashing, specifically himself and his wife. Recently returned to court after finding a number of gold sovereigns…”

“…Fitz's lack of confidence in relationships. Not only lying to a Nearer reporter about his past conquests, Zacharias has claimed to be “involved” with the King. Nearer does worry about…”

“…without a trace. Captain Smashing, Admiral of the Venerable Order, has apparently absconded…”

“…accomplished artist. The Marvellous Magnifico’s depiction of the exploding Franzberg cannon is, in particular…”

This edition’s centrefold depicts Duke Takevirgin and Lord Devereux striding through a forest. There must have been some sort of fight, as whilst neither man is injured, the clothing of both is in tatters, and indeed Lord Devereux is merely wearing shreds of his military dress uniform on his torso, and his muscles bulge in plain sight. The two men appear to be talking companionably, with Lord Devereux resting his hand on the hilt of his sword, while Duke Takevirgin carries a riding crop.

“…both Lord Devereux and Duke Takevirgin. Nearer’s readership has never been in finer company, and indeed…”

“…Magnifico can be seen around Oxford on Tuesdays and Thursdays at…”

“…monkeys seen flying around the skies of Oxford and the surrounding…”

“…very reliable source close to Dame Meredith. The young lady's lover (bearing a striking resemblance to Adam O'Farrel, Nearer has been told) would meet her on a regular basis, while her husband never entered her bedchamber. Her daughter…”

“…denies all allegations. Dame Meredith claims to be the victim of a vicious…”

Peace and Alliance

An extract from one of the political pamphlets found in the coffeehouses of Oxford and other major cities.

“Thus the peace was quickly concluded and the Spanish Ambassador is said to be most delighted with the return to peaceful relations with Albion which King Philip has so long desired. It has been Speculated much as to why such a Quick peace was sought with Albion - we suspect that the decisive actions in Northern Spain may have caused an understanding qith the dons…”

”… the stability of the realm returning. It has been Fortuitous that France sought the renewal of close relations with sister Albion at this current time, with the Holy Roman Empire so incensed and ready to fight. This alliance with France must surely bring benefit once again to both realms and strengthen the unity of Europe so Foully disrupted by the Empire.”

The King's Council Restated

A notice proclaimed by Crown officials.

… seeing it fit to expand the Privy Council by our Royal Prerogative that it might advise our person with excellence as it once had done. With the spiritual nees of the land much-considered by the Crown and now even more pressing, we appoint His Grace Henry Lockett, Archbishop of Edinburgh, to the Council. The matters military considered and the specifics of our many subjects, such of them being of a non-human nature and needing the care of Albion as much, we appoint Lord Alexander Gray, the Viscount Crieff, to the Council…

Wells Waterless

An extract from a pamphlet encouraging people to move to the newly raised land.

The Duke of Bath and Wells put his wealth, newly found in the curtains, to good use as he raised up a 2 mile diameter circle of land in Wells from under the waves. Scouted out by the explorer Hans von Fassel, this was some of the most fertile farmland of Wells.

On the day of the raising a boat was sailed out to the centre of the land to be raised and the potion of groundswell, invented by Prince Ali, poured over a large weight of celestim, which then expanded both up and down into a huge Celestium spike and plunged downwards into the water, parting the waters around it, and penetrating down into the earth below. Once it touched both the now dry earth below and sky above, it spread out, under the earth, flattening out into a disc, pushing skyward all of the rock, and earth beneath it.

The final land had the same contours as the land beneath once had, apart from the fact that a circle of land had been raised up, though the farmhouses and stately homes which once stood on it were destroyed, as if they had been hit by an earthquake. The once fertile soil had the saltwater driven from it, leaving behind workable land. The only other mark on the island was the large pit at the very centre, where the spike was drawn down into the earth as the pull of the sky were no longer needed.

The O Farrel Orphanage for Disadvantaged Negros

Extract from a pamphlet circulated in the Americas and, to a lesser extent, back home.

Opened by Lady Margaret and her newly retired husband, the Orphanage hopes to bring enlightenment to the Aztec savages who hope to ally with Albion.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those children sadly orphaned in previous conflicts. They will be able to learn the Christian religion without confusion with the abandoned customs of their nation, and benefit from the scientific learning of Albion. We are very pleased to have the support of Colonel Franz in this venture.” - the Reverend Arthur Stetson.

O'Farrel Retires

An extract from a pamphlet circulated around the army.

It is with regret that I leave this service that has given me so much, but I find my mind turning more often of late to my beloved wife Margaret and son Finley. I have given much of my life to the service of Albion, what is left belongs to my family. The Americas have been my battlefield for years, and with the peace that descends on them now I too shall take my rest.

The Oxford Idler

An extract from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

“…Helen Fervent, apparently bearing up well after the arrest and execution of her brother, takes a supporting role in Fae Follies Fallen, the latest performance at the New Rose. The play is one which taxes the limits of the Rose's Conjurer-In-Residence, the heroic Reginald Grover; nevertheless, Grover bears up admirably to the challenge, providing both small personal illusions for the cast and greater stage-works of the type we have grown so accustomed to – and so impressed by – during his term at the Rose. Your humble correspondent has to admit himself particularly impressed with the 'Arm'd with Errour' soliloquy, a moving if conflicted passage on the twin duties of loyalty to Crown and personal principle. Many among the groundlings in particular have left the New Rose unsure whether to throw their lot with the rightful, if shadowy, Lord Auberon or the sleek, well-heeled traitor Goodfellow and his armies…”

Angelic intervention in Thorngrove

A note passed under doors in Thorngrove

It’s safe to come out. The wolverines have gone. From the church tower, it looked like an angel wielding a giant flaming sword chased them all away. At least two were picked up and taken by the angel when he flew off.

Wolverine Drop

From “The True Menne of Englande” an occasional pamphlet supposedly published by exiled English Catholics

…see this newest action from the Pope who hath commanded with God's Grace the death of whoever caused a wolverine to fall from the sky upon His Holiness. The Papal Bull now loudly proclaims to all Catholic Europe that those responsible for the horrific impersonation of an angel that dropped the distressed creature upon him be condemned for the blasphemy they have committed. All right-thinking Catholics must take arms to find and destroy those behind this bizarre attack.

Attempt upon the Life of the King

From the diary of Martial Frenderwick, apothecary.

“…later in the Night did hear a great Commotion and Clamouring from within the Palace Royal, where it seems that some Murderous Heart, spurred on perhaps by the Riots and Fury without, had made an attempt on the life of His Majesty, and had indeed passed through the ranks of his Body-Guards by some cunning Disguise or Enchantment – but it seems that some warning External drove a hail of Confusion before this would-be Assassin, and as the Palace was sealed off for fear of the Rioters without, His Majesty's Person remained secure. To his Realm, we will look on the morrow…”

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rescued by the Prayers of the English

From a sermon preached at Canterbury Cathedral by one of the Archbishop's close advisors.

“…though the forces of Hell Itself made an attempt on the life of our beloved Pontiff, it is no more possible to quell a righteous and holy man of God than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle. For did not the Archangel Michael himself, tormented by Forces Infernal, himself break free from his terrible Capture to rescue the Archbishop – assisted by His Grace Henry Lockett of Edinburgh – before that great Celestial General was himself retaken? Is it not clear, that on that very night where the Sword of Uriel departed the Tabernacle of the Cathedral, when the Riots which still beset Oxford began, even on that most unholy of nights, the Church of England remains strong and holy in the work of the Lord, and her Chief Pontiff can no more be assassinated by the trickery of Demons than can her King? And is it not true that the power of prayer, of the great virtue of the English people and their love and regard for their spiritual leader, can surely be attributed to this great Rescue…?”

A few days after this sermon is preached, the Archbishop returns to his normal duties, though those who see him claim he seems a little shaken and perhaps chastened by his experiences.

No Pilgrimages to Jerusalem

From a pamphlet about religious affairs. Proper Christian religious affairs, not any of those diabolic Jews.

What do the Ottoman Empire think they are doing, trying to limit our pilgrimages to the Holy City of Jerusalem? Damned Moors, they think they run the World. And the one 'legal' way they say we can go on a Pilgrimage? Be officially recognised by the Archbishop of Edinburgh. And he's not allowing anyone, either! He seems to be in bed with the moors as well as the Papist scum. Who does he think he is, preventing True Englishmen visiting the Holy City? More interested in getting onto the Privy Council than defending the faith, that's what I say!

Well, we're not going to take any more of this! Next season, I shall be arranging an expedition to Jerusalem with or without the permission of the Archbishop! And see the Moors try and stop us! We'll prove once and for all that the Christian Religion isn't scared of a bunch of blackamoor savages, even if Lockett is in their pocket! Rally, true Christians, don't let our religion be trampled beneath the heel of Politics and Foreign Religions! Join us at the Oxford Docks on the 7th of April! Be Proud of your Faith!

United Aztec Kingdoms

Pamphlet circulated through the Colonies and copies sent back to Albion by order of Queen Tlalli of Movement Kingdom.

It is with pleasure that I announce that both Fire and Water Kingdoms have joined in Alliance with Movement. Wind Kingdom, its oppressive ruler Zipactonal overthrown by the good Tototl, who was so moved by the words of the missionaries that he has worked without cease to spread the Word in Law and Popular Thought. We welcome to this alliance.

This is no Conquest of Movement Kingdom, but an Alliance of Kingdoms, for the good of All. As the United Aztec Kingdoms we look forward to a future of Shared Peace and Prosperity, working with, not against, those of Albion who would seek a New Life in a New World.

Already this Alliance has brought fruit, with the O'Farrel Orphanage giving those children who lost their families in the Aztec-Albion wars New Chance for a Bright Future.

Great creatures of France

A (translated) pamphlet spotted across France

Come, join the military! Work with dragons, serpents and gryphons! Receive training from some of the greatest military people men and women of Albion — Lord Alexander Gray and Lady Megan Annwn amongst them. No longer will France be denied some of the most lethal weapons in Europe.

Be part of the future!

Unity Rescused from Hamilton's Grasp

Reported in The Dragon, a regular pamphlet published in Dunkerque and favoured by the military.

… whisked away, we are reliably informed, from the foul traitor. Brave men, in the services of Army and King, were able to infiltrate the palace and, with unparalleled skill, found the Princess before any harm should come to her. Master Zackarias Fitz and Major Altair ibn La-Ahad must be praised for their daring, bravery and fortitude, the qualities demanded of any man or woman from Albion!

Death of the Traitor Hamilton

Reported soon after the event in several different pamphlets.

… fleeing from the palace to escape with some of the Navy ships under her command, Hamilton took to the sea. Yet her treachery was not at an end! For no sooner did she meet the resistance of the Royal Navy, that she used the most Devious and Evil tricks known in Alchemy to cause a great Storm and the seas swirled into a funnel, sucking the ships beneath. Engaging the few ships, Hamilton fought bravely, that must be admitted, but she was vanquished and her ships destroyed.

The cost to the Royal Navy was not insignificant…

Glory of the Lord in Edinburgh

From a rather extreme religious pamphlet usually seen mostly in Edinburgh, but this edition found throughout Albion

The Vengeance of the Lord has come Down upon Edinburgh, Smiting those Foul Persons found Sinning in the Eyes of the Lord! For They have been Struck Deaf, Dumb and Blind! We have Seen them, the Prisons of Edinburgh Overflowing with those who Cannot see, hear or Speak! Those Few who were not Touched by the Lord should be immediately Freed, for their Crimes are Obviously False!

Shelters have been Set up by the Duke of Edinburgh, who was Out of Town at the time (a Good thing for Him, for he is Surely a Sinner as much as Any), to Help those who were Touched. But these are Full, with Sinners Crowding at the Doors, Conditions inside most Unsanitary. Many cannot reach them Unaided, and are Wandering the Streets! The City is in Chaos, the Markets Closed – Surely None would have Believed that so Many were Sinners, Despite our repeated Warnings that the Country is falling into Depravity! Be glad that Only Edinburgh was Touched, or else Albion would Be at her Knees!

Villages Near to the City were also Touched, leaving Farmers unable to Earn a Living – and All to the Good, say I, for even the Lowest man should Keep Pure of Heart and Sin not!

The Swords of Uriel

Translated from the diaries of Alessandro Bussola, consultant Philosopher to the Office of the Chief Pontiff, Rome

“…around an hour after Matins, still being at my studies of the aforementioned engravings while most others in the Basilica were abed, heard a terrible noise from the Basilica. Hurrying towards it, I thought perhaps that an earthquake had struck and wrenched some of the pillars from their accustomed posts, and with no little trepidation lest the roof collapse in on me where I stood, I entered the Holy of Holies…

…quite gone. No trace of the Sword of Uriel, which has guarded the innermost sanctum of the Basilica and the treasures kept therewithin since time immemorial, save only the wickedness and theft of the heretic Protestant agents; but this was surely no theft, for as my eye fell upon the great rent torn in the roof of the Basilica, I saw a flash in the Eastern sky, and I am certain that the Sword has departed of its own accord, to return to that Angel of the Lord who guides it. We can but pray that it goes to guard some direr need, some greater treasure against some more terrible foe…

…reports from our agents in France and elsewhere in Europe. It appears that England, too, has suffered some similar loss from their Canterbury “cathedral”, and a reliable gentleman reports having seen a great column of steam and smoke over London, about the spot where the Tower once was. In France, also…

…unknown what terrible work the Lord requires of the Angel Uriel, but to thus recall his Swords from their several locations, it must be great indeed.”


From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. Proposed by Professor the Right Honourable Lord Quinn Algonon Bertrand Smith of Cwmdauddwr:

This Bill mandates the creation of the 'Lords Academic', to represent Albion's interests in the Sciences, Academics and other areas of interest. Since the disestablishment of the Church of England, there seems to be no reason why the Churches should receive special representation in government. The lords Temporal represent the landed interests, the Lords Spiritual represent the Churches, it is unfair that Academics, as the key to the city of Oxford, and the superiority of Albion, should go unrepresented. These will be created on a one-for-one basis with the lords Spiritual, with a proportional balance, based upon current students, of each university. A Lord Academic, like a lord Spiritual, would be a person from any background, holding a doctorate from any of the recognised Universities of the Realm, including, but not limited too, the Invisible College, The University of Oxford, The School of Malta, and The Academy of Alexandros.

This motion is submitted with an amendment:

The Lords Academic will be appointed by the University from which they hail. As, under the Bill, every University has a certain number of candidates, this will establish precisely which University candidates are representing for those with Doctorates from multiple institutions. The king will be Equipped with a power of veto over appointments, as will the Lords themseves with a majority vote.

Removal will require both the agreement of the Commons and Lords, and the king, in order to prevent troublesome lords being removed by whosoever desires.

The University of the representative Lord will be able to revoke lordship as required, and re-issue to any apropriate candidate. In addition, in order to prevent abuse, only candidates with academic doctorates will be admitted, honorary doctorates are not sufficient.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Sir Randolph Blenham, Don Iñigo Arista Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Baron Wilson Mandrake
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler, “Witch” Jones
Lord Quinn Smith, Viscountess Megan Annwn His Grace Henry Lockett, Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Absent: Lord Alexander Gray, His Grace Anthony Sutcliffe

Despite His Grace the Archbishop Henry Lockett's attempts to have the bill thrown out before a vote, the motion is carried through the Commons to the Lords, where it is narrowly DEFEATED.

2. Proposed by Don Iñigo Arista:

A bill to Levy the veterans of Navarre in their former regiments so to help in the war against the Holy Roman Empire

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Don Iñigo Arista Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Wilson Mandrake
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler, “Witch” Jones
Lord Quinn Smith, Viscountess Megan Annwn, His Grace Henry Lockett Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Absent: Lord Alexander Gray, His Grace Anthony Sutcliffe

Little interest is received in the bill in the Commons, with but one vote of Aye, and none of Noe, and the bill thus passed through to the Lords. In the Lords, the debate is much fiercer, where the bill narrowly PASSED into law.

3. Proposed by Don Iñigo Arista:

A bill to propose a Damnatio Memoriae to Baron Wyndham for his treason. May his lands be confiscated for the Crown, his heirs exiled and his moneis given to the Agricultural Fund. May his name be erased from any inscription. Same to be done on the traitoress Hamilton.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Don Iñigo Arista, Baron Wilson Mandrake Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker), Sir Randolph Blenham
Absent: Dame Katherine Chandler, “Witch” Jones
Lord Quinn Smith, Viscountess Megan Annwn, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett Absent: Lord Alexander Gray, His Grace Anthony Sutcliffe

The bill passes easily in Commons, and is hard fought in the Lords, but is eventually PASSED into law.

4. Proposed by Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux:

A motion for the inclusion within the House of Lords of the Lords Martial: This Bill mandates the creation of the 'Lords Martial', to represent Albion's interests in the Sciences Military. Since the raising of the bill in relation to the Lords Academic it is clear that if the body Academic requires representation in the house then so must her military forces, for no-one can deny their essential role in the defence of our nation and her success past, present and future. These will be created on a one-for-one basis with the lords Spiritual and Lords Academic, with equal numbers being given to each branch recognised by his Majesty. A Lord Military, like a lord Spiritual, would be a person from any background, holding a military rank of Colonel, equivilant, or above, from those military services recognised as such by his Majesty. The head of each service would propose a list of candidates to his Majesty who shall have the perogative to agree or reject the candidates. His Majesty shall also hold the right to dismiss a Lord Martial from that role at which point hsi service should take no longer than 1 week to produce another candidate. The House of Lords also reserves the right to remove a Lord Martial by common assent of the house when a house bill to remove the candidate has been borught forward in accordance with normal practice.

This bill is hotly debated in both chambers, but it seems that both would pass the bill into law. However, Lord Devereux has the bill WITHDRAWN before it is voted upon.

5. Proposed by Major-General the Lord Walter Devereux:

A motion for the inclusion within the House of Lords of the Lords Mercantile: This Bill mandates the creation of the 'Lords Mercantile', to represent Albion's interests in the Sciences Economic. Since the raising of the bill in relation to the Lords Academic it is clear that if the body Academic requires representation in the house then so must her mercantile forces, for no-one can deny their essential role in the health of our nation and her success past, present and future. These will be created on a one-for-one basis with the lords Spiritual and Lords Academic, with equal numbers being given to each corporation or company licenced, chartered and recognised by his Majesty. A Lord Mercantile, like a Lord Spiritual, would be a person from any background, holding a Senior rank within the corporation or company he is part of from those chartered by his Majesty. The Director of each company/corporation would propose a list of candidates to his Majesty who shall have the perogative to agree or reject the candidates. His Majesty shall also hold the right to dismiss a Lord Mercantile from that role at which point his service should take no longer than 1 week to produce another candidate. The House of Lords also reserves the right to remove a Lord Mercantile by common assent of the house when a house bill to remove the candidate has been borught forward in accordance with normal practice.

This bill is similarly hotly debated in both chambers, but it seems that both would pass the bill into law. However, Lord Devereux has the bill WITHDRAWN before it is voted upon.

Demons in Hereford

From The Dragon, a pamphlet published in Dunkerque for the soldiery of Albion

…monumentous battle in Hereford. All seemed lost, as demons poured forth from the hole wrought into the very air itself. The brave forces of Albion, bolstered by angelic forces and the golems of Prague, faced down this demonic threat, and were it not for the bravery of Albion's army, dragoons and Horticulturalists, it is sure that Albion itself would by now be beset with the demonic hoards of Hell.

Only together, the forces of righteousness, led by his Highness Prince Richard, who fought with supernatural strength, and a hoard of angels to support the true and faithful of our good country, and together with that gigantic floating island flying the flags of Albion and the East India Company, were able to wipe that demonic scrouge from the face of Albion.

Lord-Director of the Honourable East India Company

A notice distributed to staff at East India House and sent to the Company's factors throughout the Middle East and Orient

It is with Immeasurable Sadness that the Court of Proprietors has accepted the Resignation with immediate effect of Baron Hugh Inglis, Lord-Director of this Merchant Company. Baron Hugh does wish to Spend more Time in the Bosom of his Familie and better Fulfil his Duties and Obligations to His Wife who do Stand Beside Him. Reluctantly the Court of Proprietors have Acquiesced to the Desire and Bade him Farewell.

Proprietor the Baron Wilson Mandrake has been Appointed as the new Lord-Director in his Stead and all Officers and Staff are hereby commended to Obey his lawful commands and Directives.

The Fall of the Holy Roman Empire

A large pamphlet printed across Albion soon after the end of the war by Doctor the Captain Edward Downs of Oxford University.

… a great battle of the seas. The Royal Navy, Bravely drawn up before the Imperial Ships and the traitors and led by Admiral Mandrake prepared to engage and crush the enemy. The battle was the greatest Naval engagement that Europe has seen in centuries - the storm called up by some artefact of Commodore Stirling breaking apart the Imperial ships, Lord Grover distracting the Imperial fleet with a Marvellous display of Conjuration and Captain Greyhawk's Privateer squadron holding up its own against all odds.

Never before had there been so many ships sunk and surrendered, for now the Imperial navy lies at the bottom of the German sea, else captured and manned by the Royal Navy. That the Navy still exists is a marvel, for surely without the bravery and determination of its leaders and captains, this battle would have carried all the ships to a watery grave…

… now deploying the forces on all fronts. Captain Greyhawk gone to help beseiged Prague and Commodore Stirling chasing away the remnants of the Empire's navy, Major-Generals Devereux and de Vries landed their forces on the continent. As that occured, the forces of France and the Ottomans were already engaged. Such engagements must be briefly noted, though they do not concern this work directly. The French armies drew away the Holy Roman Empire's forces to their borders and kept them engaged, unable to assist others. The Ottoman Empire, in what must have been a brilliant assault from land and sea stormed the southern states and advanced far into Austria, sweeping several armies before them…

… Lord Alexander Gray, taking his Horticulturalists to the extremities of the Empire forced surrenders from the willing Princes and Dukes who were already uncooperative with the Empire. Harrying the main armies the Horticulturalists delayed them enough to allow General Devereux to pick a battleground of his choice and easily defeat the major force…

… would have swept into Vienna, its Palace already in ruins from the strike by the EIC, were it not for the Empress coming to reason. She corresponded with Major-General Devereux and revealed that she was finally released from the thrall of Hamilton and, seeing the loss of life she had wrought, saw fit to call for Peace…

… signed the Treaty of Vienna and finally brought what we must hope a lasting peace. Albion, Prague, France, the Ottomans and the Former Holy Roman Empire at peace. Thus an Empire falls and so are the states returned to freedom and independance. Yet the damage has been great and significant, we cannot forget the death visited upon Prague, shaken by two earthquakes and its armies and people reduced by Hamilton's vengeance…

Praise Be for our Saviour, Prince Richard!

From a pamphlet which seems to imply that Prince Richard is the Second Coming of Christ. Although it doesn't actually say that. Because that would be Blasphemy. And of course, no pamphlet writers would publish Blasphemy. Of course not.

Praise Be to our Beloved Prince for he is Healed once more! His Valiant and Holy Fervour against the Demons of Hell have put him Above all men, True in Faith and Virtuous above all others. For the Holy Grail itself, most Holy of Holy artifacts, the Cup from which Christ himself drunk, has deigned to Bless our Prince! Standing in the Front Lines of the War in Heaven, he showed his Purity, Faith and Martial Prowess, the Cup unwilling to be used until one Righteous enough was to take it.

And the Land now heals; all reports is that the Blight afflicting the Land Itself is leaving, and will soon be gone! Cornwall, which had taken the brunt of the Sickness is recovering well, and should be returned to normal soon. However, the Licentiousness and Violence showing itself around the country has not gone; clearly this is not Caused by some link to the Prince's injury!

Foul Plague Across the Land and All Creation Imperilled

A major pamphlet published across the country and singed by one God-Is-My-Shepherd Williams. Similar pamphlets have been spotted in Prague and other lands.

… the water before Prague runneth red as BLOOD and the raging plague of locusts Scatter across its fields. Yet in nearby Ubrecht are the trees DECAYED and the livestock DEAD and across all France the illnesses are spread to every man and woman. All Europe is PLAGUED by FIRE and BRIMSTONE and worst afflicated are the Jews of Prague. But no less are the Albion's sins REPAID where the people are surrounded by gnats and people are all afflicted with BOILS and foule WELTS. The skies above our lands have now opened with HAIL and FIRE and none have remaine untouched.

Soon all the SINS of creation shall WEIGH UPON US and the world will sink into the HELLFIRES under the burden of DAMNATION. REPENT, for the time of OUR LORD IS COME…

The pamphlet continues in similar vein.

The Riots of Oxford

A later extract from the diary of Martial Frenderwick, apothecary.

”…seems that the streets will run Crimson before this is over. I hear that they have tried to burn the Ottoman Embassy and the Spanish, and that the colleges do hold themselves Besieged within their Walls; that there are not half as many Refugees fleeing on the boats of the Navigators as there are Bravos and Soldiers approaching Oxford to quell these Riots. A Rabbi has been Hanged at Carre-Fax, and a family of Scots burned in their Home. It seems that only with a Regiment within our crowded Walls can we prevent Fire and Chaos engulfing the Capital, and even here, the efforts of the Soldiery are much Strained owing to their business in Hereford and the Holy Roman Empire – not to mention the Narrowness of the Terrain, with the City already near filled to Bursting, which much maligns their valiant efforts to establish a Curfew…”

At the time of session start, Oxford is still suffering from mobs and rioting, though other parts of the country are more peaceful. PCs are assumed to have a safe route into Court (usually bodyguarded by a detail of Dragoons), but the situation is not excellent. If not dealt with swiftly, many are convinced that these riots could spark a civil war elsewhere.


  • Remember how people told you about Devereux's coup? That's just dissenters and agents of Lady Weaver - she's the new Wyndham.
  • “I hear Haroun ibn Rasheed spent the entire season in some hostelry or tavern - maybe he thinks the Midnight Rose isn't safe any more?” “Well, where in Oxford is safe these days?”
  • “That Dame Chandler - been acting a bit funny, hasn't she? Something about demons? Can't trust those Invisible types…”
  • Lord Alexander Gray - a true Man of Albion. Is there anything that can go wrong if he's involved iwth a plan?
  • Hamilton and Wyndham - the traitors kill and kidnap children and then have the nerve to pretend they're some sort of saviours of Albion! The bastards!
  • “I heard there was an infestation of demons on Invictus!” “Yeah, and I heard that that Cathayan, the East India Company Sorcerer, exorcised the lot of 'em. Good riddance!”
  • There is no grail.
  • All those rumours about Devereux's coup? They were all false leads. The real coup is being led by Alexander Gray.
  • The King, all the King's Men, all the King's Children, are in excellent health. Unless they are dead.
  • It's too late.
  • “We missed the fire and snakes. Pray that our chance comes again before the end.”
  • “Oh, you think the stargoats have been quiet these last six months, do you? Do you?! You just don't know what they've been UP to! You don't know where they've BEEN!”
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