News: Turn 13 (March 1648 - October 1648)

News in England is distributed by a wide variety of ways. These include notices pasted on the boards of Churches and Taverns and notes sent around the courtiers by the messengers of the nobility and gentry. The most popular distribution however is from the pulpit and the press - the priests and preachers of all churches pass news onto their congregations in town and countryside while many write and publish pamphlets they distribute far and wide. Here follows a collection of the most interesting and important news.

Nearer—The publication closer to your heart

A very thin edition of Nearer

“…apologise to anyone offended by past Nearer articles. Nearer always strives to ensure…”

“…true to the best of Nearer's knowledge. Naturally, anyone able to provide any information on any story can contact…”

More Sorcerers at Invisible College

From a pamphlet about the Academic Institutions of Oxford

Surely the recruitment of more students to one of the country's most noted academic establishments should be little more than a footnote, if that. But when that College is the Invisible College, most known of late for the Sorcerous Misadventures of the old Master, and the recruitment is for a number of new Students of said art, one must wonder what is going on at that College?

Indeed, from recent reports the Administration have been most adept at removing the last traces of demonic Taint from the establishment. So why are more potential Diabolists being accepted into their ranks? Surely in these dangerous times what is needed is less trafficking with Demons, not more? Does the Position of Master cause brainfever and Demonic taint? We can only hope that the new Master knows what he is doing.

Our Archbishop is a Papist!

Extract from a pamphlet about recent actions of the Archbishop of Edinburgh

And to Think, once We had Acclaimed the once Reverend Lockett! But Reverend no More, at least Not in Spirit! For who can countenance gifting – Gifting, I point Out – of a House of the Lord, a Cathedral made of Gold, no less, to one of the Papist Horde! Had he hoped that the Distant Location of the Building would lead us to Ignore or maybe Dismiss his Actions? Surely not!

Content not with Disestablishment of our Church, now the Wanton Archbishop has Laid himself low by Lust; For we all know, Such is the only Reason that he would Gift this House of God to a Woman of the Catholic Faith! But no, these Papists who Sell themselves, their Morals and their Women to Debase and Destroy our fair Anglican Church! For all Know, the Pope Himself countenances the Women of Catholic Europe to lay their Bodies down to Corrupt the once-pure Clergy of our God-touched Land! And Lockett is a Case in Point of how far we have Fallen, the Debauchery prevalent in our Church!

And so I Call upon ye Loyal Men and Women of the Anglican Faith, abandon this Adulterous Archbishop and Shun his hypocritical Sermons, for he shall surely Burn in Hell for Eternity for his Crimes against God, King and Church! The Vengeance of the Lord will be Seen in Edinburgh, its Cathedral shall surely Run with Blood, just as that of Leeds when the Foul Deceiving Lockett was Bishop! Stand fast, Loyal Churchmen of Albion, do not let this Snake in our Midst keep us from the truth! Cast him Out, and let him Burn in Hell with this Immoral O'Farrel harlot!

Horticulturalists in York

An extract from a parish sermon

“…Good lord, once again we thank thee for providing us with Lord Alexander Gray. Once again, he has saved the lives of those suffering from the vile Jesuit attacks upon our nation. Those poor souls trapped in York cathedral have been saved due to his intervention. Verily, all good Anglicans of Albion should look to his shining example. We must give our thanks also, to Professor Meredith, who did her very best to repair the damage and allow Lord Gray to do his work.”

Prince of Cornwall

From noted pamphleteer Archibald Seasonal

In a ceremony in Cornwall, the Prince was crowned Prince of Cornwall, in addition to his status as the Prince of Wales. Previous he had been merely Duke, but the King has shown great favour on Cornwall (and the Prince) with this act. Whether this is anything to do with noted Privateer Captain Nathaniel Greyhawk I cannot say; it is well known the Captain has the ear of many in Court.

On a related note, the Prince seems somewhat improved, although still far from recovered.

The Eliza Gamut Chair for Witchcraft

An extract from The Invisible Students, a popular pamphlet about the goings on at Invisible College.

The ceremony with which The Eliza Gamut Chair for Witchcraft was awarded was most moving. It had been offered the chair to Mistress Gwen vech Morcant by Prince Ali, the Dean of Invisible College, for her sterling efforts on behalf of the College Spirit.

Much as with the Samuel Harris Chair for Conjuration and the Nathaniel Chair for Experimentation and Co-Operative Invention, the Eliza Gamut Chair for Witchcraft exists to advise the college in matters of Witchcraft, with special responsibility for the health of the College spirit. Some have speculated that this might lead to the establishment of a Faculty of Witchcraft.

Honourary Doctorates of Invisible have been awarded to both Dame Eliza Gamut and Lady Gwen, with the Dame accepting and Lady Gwen submitting a thesis for a full doctorate, which is currently under examination.

Bad omens in Cornwall

A pamphlet mainly found in and around Cornwall, but occasionally venturing as far north as Oxford

Cornwall is Blighted, and the End is Nigh! See, our Crops do Suffer most Chronic, a Sickness that Can be cured by Nothing! Our Cattle, normally the Pride Of Albion, wastes away!

And Nothing for the Hot Cloying Weather that Threatens and Oppresses with a Mugginess that Smothers the Good People of Our Fair Isles. The Lassitude that Passes Over All can Only Be the work of Magics Vile and and Terrible, and the Dreams that Haunt Every Person consist of the Most Disgusting and Horrific visions.

If Nothing is Done, Verily, Cornwall will be a Wasteland in just A few Years.

Corruption Stalks Albion's Fair Shores

A pamphlet found around much of Oxford and the surrounding isles

Repent, sinners, repent! For fair Albion is in Danger! Corruption stalks the land; Corruption, Hedonism and Violence! Bribery is rife, the Churchmen ignore their duties, Depravity and Lustful Acts are Rife throughout the Country! Mobs rove the Land, Bandits and Murderers and other Brigands, intent on Acting on their Basest Instincts with no Heed of the Honour, Virtue and Chastity that has made Our country Great! Indeed, even the Guild of Navigators has been Beset by Mercenaries and Pirates too Lazy to find Honest Work! Indeed in the isle of Invictus, the Worst of the Lot, has seen Roving Gangs of Men hunting Innocent God-fearing Women for we know what Deeds.

What is causing this Degeneracy and Debasement of the Morals of this Country? Some say Criminal Syndicates, attempting to spread Unrest and Misrule that their crimes might be harder to discover. Some say Hellish influence, Diabolerie and Heresy. But whate'er the Cause, the solution is obvious; Honesty, Clean Living and the Worship of our Lord God. At this time, we Must keep Trust in the Lord in our Hearts, lest we be Led Astray!

For those who would Fight the Recruiters that have been Seen in the Land, finding Men and Women to fight the Great War in Heaven and Save us from the Infernal Forces are surely Helping the Enemy Himself with their Actions, whether they Mean or Not. Still, at Least we can look to Hereford, that Bastion of Light in the Darkness that is taking Albion in its Grip. Hereford, our Last, Best Hope for Peace with our Lord God and Redemption for us Poor Sinners. Let the Charity, Hope and Faith of Hereford be the Guiding Light that keeps us Safe from the Forces of Misrule and Corruption.

Invisible College and the New Chair of Witchcraft

From the Diary of the academic Roger Connery, a junior lecturer in theurgy at the Invisible College.

It must be said, in the interests of fairness, that the Moorish Prince has a good speaking voice, for a heathen. The topic of his speech was the matter of the creation of the new chair of Witchcraft. I hear that the Master of the College shall be giving the conferment speech when the first to sit in the new Chair is announced, but the Dean did want to speak about the College now being complete, encompassing within it expertise in all forms of magic, heralding a new age of magical research where magicians of all creeds and traditions can work together for the betterment of Albion.

He seemed to think that somehow his own degenerate faith and the simple-minded spirit-talking of the Witches should be accorded the same respect as the true Anglican faith, and the ancient respectable study of the three queens of the Sciences: theurgy, sorcery and alchemy. I did clap along with the end, when his pretty words were done, but it is sad that such a fellow should be set above us.

Mustering the Faithful

A set of similar sermons preached from the pulpits of all Anglican Churches.

”… and so even now Archbishop Lockett gathers the True and Faithful. Those who can yet fight shall join with the soldiers of Albion, and those Skilled in the Arts shall strengthen the resolve and enchance their power. Thus we shall be led to Victory over the forces of Hell.

Yet it is not a task for any man or woman. The sinful and Damned shall be but hinderance and the weak and infirm will be slain mercilessly by the Cruel and Twisted Devils. For there must be those on Earth who will every day Pray to Almight God for their Victory and the Casting Down of the Infernal Horde. The Lord God will listen to our Prayers and EMPOWER his followers with STRENGTH OF ANGELS and they shall SCATTER and DESTROY the fallen that they might never Rise again…”

A report in some local pamphlets

Training in the Moors is currently conducted by the Army. It is believed that Major-General Devereux, the Earl of Hereford, is preparing the troops of Albion to march into Heaven and defeat the forces of Hell. The engagement in Egypt many months ago has served as an example of the effectiveness of our forces against the Demonic Armies.


From a pamphlet “The Exotique Easte Explain'd” published by the East India Company and distributed amongst some of the opinion formers of Oxford.

The two Mightiest Armies I ever saw or heard tell of in this Fallen Age. Not since Xerxes sought to Destroy Greece and place it under Asiatic Despotism have so many Men marched to War. The scholars of Cathay agree that one Million fought for the Empress Chang Ping and twice that number for the Manchu Invaders. And though such numbers are Scarce to be Believed, I saw with my Own Eyes that the Armies of the Empress did stretch for more than a League, and aye, in closed ranks many Dozens Deep.

And yet the Warriors of the Manchu were more Numerous still, like Sand upon the Beach. For the Manchu did empty the Imperial City of Beijing of all Men and Women able to hold a Pike, Spear or Sword and that great City be many times the Girth of proud Oxford.

It were the Cannon of the East India Company and the bravery of the Loyal Cathaymen, like the “Wolf and Dragon” company of brave Sir Láng that did redress the Terrible numbers with which the Horse Barbarians pressed upon the Rightful Heir of the Ming. Some do say that it was Láng hisself who did slay the Manchu Regent Prince Dorgon and break their Eight Banners in a single moment.

Whate'er the truth the Empress Chang Ping do now Sit upon the Dragon Throne in the Forbiddden City, and a true Friend of Albion do now rule that land and Expel the Jesuits and Papists that once Beset it.

Three Great Proclamations has that noble woman made to Commence her Reign in truth, and two will sound Passing Strange to the Sensible Albion Ear. She do Seek to Establish in Beijing a Great New University which will Spread Wisdom and Knowledge and in this she follows Belatedly the Good Example of the Universities of our own Kingdom, and none can say this Strange but otherwise than the Mark of a Good Queen.

For the first of her Stranger Laws she did Abolish the “Meanie” class who are by birth Denied Education and permission to Rise in Society or take the Imperial Exam which the Cathayman do Prize so Greatly to become Scholars (or “Jinshi” as they name them). And is a Wonder that such Exist to Be Done Away with. Only of Sense to the Foreigners of that Distant land, too, she has Abolished the Taking of Life by the State and in her Name. There shall be No more Executions in all Cathay by her word. For she be a Nun, though not of the Christian faith, and do Abhor all Death.

And it is her Vows that do excite much talk in Cathay, for whence will an Heir springforth when the Empress be celi[…]

The Peace Disturbed: The Damage Begun

Several pamphlets, sermons, diaries and reports try to make sense of the chaos that is engulfing Albion.

”… have received no powder these last three weeks and more and what is more have received orders that I am to surrender what little stocks I have to the new Logistics Corp. The incompetence of that body means that my men will be relying on bayonets if any attack should come… ”

”… men with black cloaks ran down the street and with dagger drawn did stab all that came within their reach, and about them were crosses in the Papist style and they did shout that Albion be a home of “schismatics and heretics”, but when the militia arrived they could not be found and all were in fear lest they return…”

”… great flash in the distance and then several heartbeats later came a great boom that I can not describe but the trees did recoil from it and I felt the wind upon my face and was startled. And from the fortress on the cliffs came great back smoke and flame did like high into the air. Men and women did run out into the street and word spread that the Spanish were come and had blown the powder store and killed the garrison and they would now come to town and build a great auto-de-fé and kill all those who gainsayed them. And before the hour was out I sat upon a cart and the contents of my house were in it…”

”… and I saw the smoke of shot and thought that war was come even here to Bristol. And then I saw that the ship with its sail raised high flew the flag of Albion and in great rolling volleys it fired and I cheered. For surely no enemy could stand against the sailors of Albion as they fought to defend their free land. But the ship that received those iron balls flew the flag of Albion too and as I watched her high masts tumbled and her decks ran red and I did cease to cheer for I knew not now whether it was enemy or friend that was victorious. In the night the ships of the White Fleet sailed and the Red was laid low and all was confusion and dispair…”

”… knowing that he had dealings with Spaniards he was let in chains through the streets and the fruit and rocks were hurled at him. He pled himself guilty until the end but to escape the noose he answered true when we named his conspirators, and then we hanged him anyway. None would have thought that so many servants of the Pope could hide in our small village but in the morning the gibbets hung with a dozen men and women and we counted ourselves safe for a time and left them as a warning. Some five of them died denying they had ever taken the Black Mass of Rome and even some amongst those alive did believe them but I heeded them not, for would a Papist admit to such?”

”… Lady Hamilton did miscarry when faced with the wrath of the King, for the Lord Devereux and Lady Weaver did poison his mind 'gainst her and Baron Wyndham. For they plotted a coup, see how well-prepared they were when the loyal councillors sought to oppose them. The Army lacks not for powder and moves with suspicious speed about the country…”


Only one Bill was voted 'pon in this most Tumultuous Session of Parliament. For even as the matter of Equal Representation in the House of Lords for the Academics, Scholars and Scriveners of Albion was brought before the House of Commons, the whole Land did descend into Brief Chaos. Jesuits were believed to be Abroad and Killing, soldiers marched and ships sank and many of the Arsenals of Albion did trail black smoke into the Air. No little Wonder then that the House of Commons stood next to empty as the Bill received its quiet lack of Debate and was passed by Healthy Majority of those Handful there.

The only relief in that Dark Time the sight of Baron Mandrake being called from the Chamber by a most unusual Alchemical Creation, a small ape that some do call a Monkey upon which sat two wings which did Propel it through the Air. The Deputy Speaker did littel know What to Do or if this were an Insulte to the House and did not Shape a Decision before the Baron departed.

When the Bill did Reach the Lorde's though the Late Troubles that had Visited our Kingdom were Mostly Spent and vigorous was the Debate. And outside was a Great Mobbe, for the Students of Oxford did Arrive in their Hundreds to support their Hero the Lord Quinn. Alle of Oxford's public houses and taverns Hosted Parties in Suport of the Bill and the noise was clamorous within the Chamber most especially from the Visitor's Gallery which was ordered Cleared from the Woolsack but could not be So made.

Many, most especially amongst the Lords Spiritual, were even more Unsettled by the Strange Ticking and Clockwork woman, who 'peared Made of two different types of clockwork working at Once, standing in a Gappe amongst the Drunken students.

In this Atmosphere it was Deemed Wisest to Return the Bill to the House of Commons since that August Body had Little Thought upon the Matter and the House of Lords did deem there Council and Consideration most wont. Nonetheless a Show of Hands were made and Only the Votes of the Lord Spiritual were Enough to Defeat the Matter should it have Been a Matter for the Lobbies Aye and Nay.

Of the Bill proposing “That the sacrifices made for Albion by Baron Wyndham and his Lady Wife Lady Hamilton be recognised and remembered forevermore” we shall Not Dwell. It received No Second and the Gentleman of the Commons who did Set it in the Record of the House is now Fled.

From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

A motion for Equal Representation in the House of Lords by Professor the Right Honourable Lord Quinn Algonon Bertrand Smith of Cwmdauddwr: This Bill mandates the creation of the 'Lords Academic', to represent Albion's interests in the Sciences, Academics and other areas of interest. Since the disestablishment of the Church of England, there seems to be no reason why the Churches should receive special representation in government. The lords Temporal represent the landed interests, the Lords Spiritual represent the Churches, it is unfair that Academics, as the key to the city of Oxford, and the superiority of Albion, should go unrepresented. These will be created on a one-for-one basis with the lords Spiritual, with a proportional balance, based upon current students, of each university. A Lord Academic, like a lord Spiritual, would be a person from any background, holding a doctorate from any of the recognised Universities of the Realm, including, but not limited too, the Invisible College, The University of Oxford, The School of Malta, and The Academy of Alexandros.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Sir Randolph Blenham Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Absent: Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Witch Jones, Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo
Lord Quinn Smith, Viscountess Megan Annwn Lord the Major-General Devereux, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Abstain: Lord Alexander Gray

The Bill is returned to the House of Commons for further debate and will be resubmitted in the next Session (subject to any amendments).

The Hellgate Destroyed

News relayed from Ottoman Empire by various merchants and observers

”… and took possession of the artefact by which the Demons of Hell did enter and destroy Cairo. Though with the help of our own Major-General Devereux the Demon Army was quelled, the means by which they had arrived had not been eliminated. Now it has been taken by the Ottoman authorities and it seems must have been Destroyed. For we did witness a great conflagration followed by a sound which would have knocked any man off his feet and an explosion to match. Surely the threat is now gone from our world…

The Travel of the Invisible College

A pamphlet published by Sir Andrew Irvine, an observer of the curious and the wonderful

”… already suspended in the air, but now lifting Higher into the air by some forces of the Magiks. There, resplendent in a decorated blue robe, was the Prince Ali al-Malik, Waving with both hands and conversing with some Professor of the Oxford Colleges, and directing the proceedings it seems the College began to Move.

The Master, Alexander Nathaniel, did now Emerge and accompanied by a Few Other Inventors directed the attachment of some Devices to some corners of the College. So attended by the details of the work the Inventors had been conducting, I was only Distracted when an Argument of some sort broke out. The Professors, as I later discovered, Christina Tompkins and Eleanor Mabwick, one of the University and the other of Invisible, were coming Almost to Blowes and it was but the Attentiveness of Prince Ali that prevented an great Upset. As I understand the Question was over the safety of some Sorcerous rituals and Aspects and once ascertained and deemed Satisfactorie, a command was given by the Master.

The Devices sprung to life and propelled the College slowlie out of the Meadows. Now gathered on boates at the edges of the city, a smalle group of Conjurers, assisted by the Marvellous Mystico (on whose works a further pamphlet muste be published), had been conducting some sorte of Spell. It was as if the water had become solid and immovable in a Narrow strip and upon it the College was taken.

I am tolde that the shortage of Angels, given the Terrible War in Heaven, did not allow them to be Asked to lift the College to its new Island, but such may have been possible. The island itself, Alchemically treated by Prince Ali, had been readied several weeks before and now received the College with grace after an hour of Travel. I did accompany it in a small boat with several other observers - it was a true marvel of co-operation not only between the Magiks, but between the Rival Institutes of Learning…”

As the Dust Settles: The Terrible Damage Revealed

Several pamphlets, sermons and reports try to make sense of what had occured during the attempted Coup

”… the Royal Family attacked in their residence. But the attackers were repulsed and the King safe from assassins and revolutionaries. Beset unexpectedly, the Guard had only been in part prepared, and some large faction of it found to be treacherous. Though many were slaughtered and the Royal Chambers breached, the King, together with Princes Henry and William, fought off the attackers for some time as more soldiers arrived, summoned to aid. Prince Henry, fighting valiantly, was mortally wounded…”

”… Princess Unity, seized in the confusion, snatched by Lady Hamilton's loyal troops and now believed to be in Austria, the pursuit of Lord Gray violently overturned by the traitors of the Fleet of the White…”

”… claiming a Great Threat from the Jesuits and rousing all the land against Phantoms! Such Confusion was thus caused by Wyndham's agents that many turned on their Neighbours and did perform great Purges of 'Jesuit' traitors…”

”… defending from confusion, these bands of Militia, gathering to protect the villages in towns, soon turned to banditry and pillage, causing harm to innocent folk. Only with the arrival of Soldiers despatched by Major-General Devereux could…”

”… Murders and Abductions, great Tragedies besetting all the families, as Confusion and Chaos descended upon our fair country. No part left untouched by this Traitor-Spy's agents who waged war upon Our People…”

”… The Army and Navy greatly crippled. The newly-formed Logistics Corps had been Packed with those loyal to Wyndham and Hamilton and upon receiving orders, caused the powder-stores to be Destroyed and all the Provisions of the Forces ruined. Then killing innocent men and disappearing into hiding, left the Military of Albion without good communication. The Navy, losing some third of its ships and captain, and the other Fleets away in the Mediterranean or Atlantic did suffer the worst, the Horticulturalists, of their unique nature, suffered least…”

”… by some Miracle some Regiments were preserved and Major-General Devereux, who had Provisioned himself against such an eventuality, Set About keeping the Peace of the land and quelling unrest. Though Powder was in scarce supply, the Loyal Royalists did establish lists of those to be Trusted and the sale of powder from the EIC commenced after some time…”

”… Lord Alexander Gray, commanding many detachments of the Horticulturalists, was Aided by Accurate information that allowed the capture of many Wyndhammite agents and their elimination before any Greater threat may have been caused…”

”… that which allowed Major-General Devereux and Lord Gray to act so effectively has been speculated upon, indeed it is supposed that Great Magick was used at the time of crisis to save Albion from the brink of destruction…”

”… holding the Investigation, once the True Coloures of Wyndham and Hamilton had been revealed, the Archbishop Lockett, presiding over a tribunal at the House of Lords moved to accept the evidence presented. Lady Elizabeth Weaver had provided much, convicting Wyndham of Blackmail, Spreading False Threat and Danger, Perpetrating 'Jesuit' Attacks and Keepinge Dangers to the Kingdom secret from the King. Hamilton was found guilty of the Death of the Admiral of the White and together both was Clearly Seen as would-be Regicides. Declared Traitors and Enemies of Crow and Parliament, stripped of Land and Title, Archbishop Lockett…”

”… attempting to escape, was nearly caught by a comapany of Soldiers sent in Pursuit. Wyndham was able to escape, but badly wounded. It has since been heard that the former Baron Wyndham has died in the arms of Hamilton, some suspecting that they were secretly married after he had killed his own wife…”

”… the land remains shaken, but the damage may begin to heal. Albion has suffered much and the recovery may take many years…”

The Estates Near Abingdon

An article in “Oxford's Observer”, a relatively regular pamphlet, usually devoted to the all-important issue of housing in the Capital.

… so we learn with great Interest that Professor the Dame Isabel Meredith has made purchases of many houses in the area near Abingdon. The property there often Cheap, after tennants find they are Incapable of withstanding the rigours of living near the Demon-Ravaged lands, Professor Meredith has attracted students. Not requiring lodgings for overlong periods of time, such occupants are anyway more careless of any dangers. Indeed, though a small room in the City must be supplemented by the income of Ambassadors and Noble lodgers, the house near Abingdon are Palatial and Cheap in comparison. It remains to be seen whether the idea takes hold…

The Execution of Marcus Fervent and the Trial of Lovecraft

A number of shocking revelations were made in the courts today! Marcus Fervent, noted Alchemist and producer of explosions, was shown to have signed away his soul to the demon Choronzon in exchange for…nothing! The diabolist must have been so devoted to the demon that he gifted him with his soul. All that remains for Fervent is for the church to attempt to save his soul, and then the noose.

Lovecraft, now known to be immortal, appears to have gained this from a contract with Choronzon in exchange for closing a Hellgate. Why a demon should encourage such a good action is uncertain, and Lovecraft protests that the contact was faked, and the immortality from backlash involving the Oxford wide Cry God for Harry ritual. That seems unlikely, but with no evidence of diabolism could be found, only normal sorcerous dealings. He has been placed under the probationary care of Christina Tompkins of Cain's College, and the Cain's College chaplain. He is barred from practising Sorcery without their supervision and must at all times report on his activities to the Chaplain or another approved clergyman.

The Navarrese Observer

An interview with Don Inigo Arista is published.

”… though some may have doubted his intentions, it seems that there is little to be feared. Perhaps with troubled times ahead, the protection that the JNE can offer may protect Navarre from hardships. Don Inigo continues to owe his loyalty to Albion and King Matthew…”

Nearer—The publication closer to your heart

“…court food. The newest conjurer is making himself very welcome…”

“…must be very worried about the threats from the Lilim. An exclusive interview with…”

“…Spain. Captain Greyhawk has apparently something very pretty to take a special conjurer to…”

“…catagorically not an alchemist. Dame Chandler has supposedly never…”

This edition, as opposed to the earlier mini-edition, does contain an etching. The likenesses to court members is not quite so clear in this edition, but if one spends some time studying the etching, one can make out Isabel Meredith, apparently in some sort of tavern, although it appears to be a highly reputable venue. Nonetheless, she seems to be very happy, and her clothing, dislodged from its usual place, is showing more shoulder than Dame Meredith normally makes visable. Next to her is a lady bearing a passing resemblance to Elizabeth Weaver, apparently toasting her wine goblet to the artist, and wearing a remarkably tight-fitting outfit, hugging and displaying her figure.

“…expected Lord Wyndham and Lady Hamilton to “wriggle out of it”, this being their way. Their trial, according to court sources for conspiracy against the King, has…”

“…accused of being a dishonest person. Lady Weaver, however, refused to speak any further about Captain Smashing, her point evidently…”

“…unwell of late. Nearer can only wish the court astrologer a speedy…”

“…considerable time in Oxford's numerous college bars. Professor Meredith has seen to be…”

A Declaration of War by the Holy Empire Upon the State of Albion

“Citizens of Albion,

It is with a heavy heart I write this. It saddens me deeply to see how our once great nation has fallen into mediocrity. The great heroes of the Civil War, Lord-General de Vries, Sir Alexander Cross, Viscount Molyneux, have faded away. And tell me what has replaced them? The complacent and foolish Major-General Devereux, a man who hands out commissions to demons in the place of good Christian men and women? The incompetent Lady Weaver, who allows her private correspondence to be leaked to the press? The Venerable Order, a simply laughable organisation, more worried with handing out petty jibes than with sacking the Ports of Albion's foes, as they should. And above all an arrogant King more concerned with strutting about in shiny armor and declaring brash crusades than with furthering Albion's greatness before the nations of the World! His grandmother, the great Elizabeth I, would turn in her grave to know of it!

The people of Albion have grown complacent, fattening themselves on the riches of an undeserved peace. They have not been made to face the challenges that were brought before our predecessors forty years ago.

Even with my efforts to bring about the Royal Navy and to move Albion forward and into the greatness it once knew, I fear I have not been successful. So now I must offer myself in the role appointed to me by Almighty God, as your Deliverance and as your Saviour. Should it be that I must die to save Albion from herself, then so be it. I shall become a Martyr to the country that I love.

I beseech you to lay down your arms and surrender yourself. There need be no further bloodshed if you choose to cooperate. If you do not I shall be forced to teach my lesson in blood and fire and the Armies of the Holy Roman Empire will destroy all those who resist. I have seen far too many good men cut down in war but you must understand I am willing to do whatever is necessary.


Colonel (Royal Marines; Earl of Essex's Dragoons), the High Admiral (the Royal Navy), Her Excellency the Most Honorable Lady Anastasia Constance Menzies Hamilton Wyndham B. Herm, High Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire, Duchess of Ubrecht, Viscountess Hexham, Baroness Wyndham, Privy Councillor and Rightful Heir to the Armies of Albion, the Earl of Essex's Dragoons and the Regency of Albion.

On behalf of

Queen Maria Anna I, elected Roman Empress, always August, Queen of Germany, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Archduchess of Austria, Duchess of Burgundy, Brabant, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Margravine of Moravia, Duchess of Luxemburg, of the Higher and Lower Silesia, of Wurtemburg and Teck, Princess of Swabia, Countess of Hapsburg, Tyrol, Kyburg and Goritia, Marchioness of the Sacred Roman Empire, Burgovia, the Higher and Lower Lusace, Lady of the Marquisate of Slavonia, of Port Naon and Salines.”


  • “Hyr bewnans dhe an breseler! Hyr bewnans dhe an breseler! Hyr bewnans dhe an breseler a an pyskamyghtern!”
  • The monstrous corpse of the undead clockwork God is in perfect health.
  • “Flying Messenger Monkeys! Who would have thought it - Baron Mandrake clearly has the wildest ideas. But imagine if they breed with the wingéd messenger kittens…”
  • Weaver and Devereux have been planning a coup for years, the confusion in Albion serves them and now they've destroyed their rivals Hamilton and Wyndham and framed it all upon them. When they move there will be no-one left to oppose them!
  • The Lady of the Lake sees all.
  • The Marvelous Mystico is giving some excellent street performances - isn't it wonderful that such a Courtly type hasn't forgotten his roots?
  • Mandrake has twenty-seven times as many guards as a reasonable man should!
  • ”… and Professor Meredith was seduced! I know, isn't it quite a story, but she was young and gullible and these things happen all the time. She denies this of course, and that her daughter was the result of an adulterous affair…”
  • These men are monsters and they march to savage the land.
  • Some might say that Mandrake had Philip Silva killed!
  • Wyndham is alive and well. The King was actually killed and Wyndham has stolen his visage so as to rule in his stead. Does nobody remember the Lord Chamberlain fiasco?
  • With everything in disarray, this would be the perfect time for Lord Devereux's coup.
  • These tales of the Lilim are obviously false, it's the means by which Lord Grover had Jonathanon Clairefoy killed!
  • The Eye was rimmed with fire, but was itself glazed, yellow as a cat's, watchful and intent, and the black slit of its pupil opened on a pit, a window into nothing.
  • Two Kings reign in one land.
  • The East India Company paid Wyndham to stage the Coup, now they control All Albion.
  • (A nursery rhyme heard on the streets of Oxford): “Wire, briar, limber lock, Three blind kittens in a flock. One ran east and one flew west, And one jumped over the Garden fence.”
  • “The ranks line up to march.”
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