News: Turn 12 (October 1647 - March 1648)

News in England is distributed by a wide variety of ways. These include notices pasted on the boards of Churches and Taverns and notes sent around the courtiers by the messengers of the nobility and gentry. The most popular distribution however is from the pulpit and the press - the priests and preachers of all churches pass news onto their congregations in town and countryside while many write and publish pamphlets they distribute far and wide. Here follows a collection of the most interesting and important news.

Nearer—The publication closer to your heart

“…all knowledge of Captain Franz's sword. Dame Chandler claims she has never had any interaction with his gigantic…”

“…advice from Witch Jones, our etching artist went to vist a monastic cell, however he found it…”

“…Morcant on an “exotic”, “hot” and “wet” trip. Nearer hopes Lady Annwn's tastes…”

“…severe. The Captain's parrot is apparently threatening to explode at any…”

“…to Dame Eliza and Lord Walter. Remember, Nearer readers, you heard…”

This edition of Nearer includes an etching of Lady Gwen verch Morcant, Viscountess of Cymru Newydd, and Lady Megan Annwn, Viscountess of Ballynabooly, both lying back, eyes closed, in what is apparently a tropical lagoon, each with an arm around the other. Although the water comes up to both of the ladies' necks, an impressionable reader might think from the vague shapes that can be made out that neither is wearing anything below the waterline. Naturally, a tactfully placed rocky outcrop prevents the image becoming too salacious.

“…poetry competition at the Midnight Rose. Lord Haroun ibn Rasheed is offering…”

“…relationship with her husband's best friend, who, in turn, was seeing much of the rest of the court. In an exclusive interview, Lady O'Farrel…”

“…military wife to both Cassidy and Lord O'Farrel, seeing both so infrequently she could not tell the two apart, even when visiting…”

“…event organised by Lady O'Farrel. In celebration of the forthcoming marriage of one of our reader's favourite couples, the fantastic event organised by the good Lady was only marred by the unexpected appearance of…”

A Child Out of Wedlock

From a sermon preached at a church near Hexham

Harlot! Whore! What other words can be used to describe a woman so slatternly that she fornicates and then conceives outside of the sacrament of marriage? It does not matter whether the unborn is truly the bastard child of a German Duke, whether the assignation were in love or force, or even if the wildest rumours true that it be the product of the abominable sin of two women lying with each other with the twisted cooperation of a mad conjurer. No! The mother, even if her blood mistakenly label her noblewoman, is no better than the lowest creature in the rankest dosshouses of Oxford. And if any such pitiful sinner should be seen within this church then let this congregation shun her.

The Oxford Idler

An extract from the latest issue of “The Oxford Idler”, a popular pamphlet which mostly devotes itself to reviews of the literary world.

”…a further competition, attracting the finest Poets and Playwrights for the elusive Lady of the Midnight Rose. Speculation is rife as to the precise Identity of this mysterious Lady, but it is certain that, since the the Baron Eynesford is willing to be quite so lavish in his unding of her priases, she must be a very impressive creature indeed…”

”…furthermore, the Tragic Comedy of Captain Nicolas Greybeard, performed by the Earl Amurray's Men, has been attracting some notice this season. The Comedy tells the story of a pirate lord, Captain Greybeard, once a brave and honorable man, fallen to folly and corruption. He in the opening act greets the Prince of a foreign Kingdom, who he has been sent by his own King to negotiate a treaty with. Though the Prince's intentions are honorable, a hilarious sequence of coincidences and misunderstandings lead the Pirate to believe the Prince is plotting against him. Whilst it is clear that the Prince is not necessarily entirely blameless in these misunderstandings, it is Captain Greybeard who is most at fault for his stubborn refusal to let the matter rest. At every turn each amicable gesture by the Prince is misread as an attempt to undermine the Captain and his growing unfounded paranoia is the subject of many japes and hijinks. The play, however, takes a more serious tone at the end. Captain Greybeard, now utterly overcome by his disillusion, convinces himself that the Prince is planning to launch an assault on his homeland, which of course the Prince is entirely innocent of. He determines on his own to launch a pre-emptive strike on the Prince's Kingdom, much to the dismay of his loyal colleagues. In the end hundreds of lives are lost in the needless fight against a friendly country, including the life of the Captain himself. The play delivers a sombre message about the nature of paranoia, ignorance and unnecessary conflict…

…Some critics have claimed that Greybeard's actions are in fact motivated at petty jealously at seeing that the Prince's kingdom is stronger than his own. This is particularly evident when the Prince show's the Captain around his estates and at each new marvel his is shown the Captain makes a comical aside to the audience decrying it as pointless or impractical. Excellent conjuration illusions are provided in this scene to demonstrate the wonders of the Prince's palace. It is claimed that the plays commentary implies that the Captain ought either to concentrate on taking on board what he has learned from the Prince's Kingdom and focusing on ways to implement it to improve his Homeland or that he ought to show the Prince the respect he is due. Unusually, although neither country seem to reflect any real world place, both the colours worn by the Prince and those worn by Greybeard are subtly chosen to reflect Albion (although the observant will note that the Prince favors a more smart and regimented style, whilst the Captain chooses more relaxed form of dress)…”

Support provided in Scotland

From a sermon in the Scottish town of Crieff

“…And let us once more give thanks to the Gord Lord for providing us with our Viscount, the Lord Alexander Gray. Truely, he is a divine blessing! When the foul, cowardly Order of Arundel attacks our good country, we are protected! The Good Lord sent his servant to us, he sent Lord Gray, and Lord Gray provides! Lo, he provides for those Scots injured and harmed by the foul Jesuits, and still he remains a paragon of society. To those foul creatures who doubt the existance of the Good Lord, you need look no further than Alexander Gray for evidence that the divine exists!”

The Tales of Noble Deaths

A popular form of pamphlet appearing across Albion is the so-called 'Obituarie', detailing the lives of recently deceased people of note.

Perhaps it is too early to name the saintly Bishop of Bristol dead, though he be missing almost six months now. The mystery of his disappearance has brought the whisper of Jesuit mystery with it. For the Bishop was one of the last of the Anglican clergy who knew the secret of the ritual Cry God for Harry that protects our noble King. How much easier to end our noble lord when his last theurgic protector is gone.

Smashing Shines!

What man of the Order would be told what to do by a man who spends his life behind a desk, rather than the helm of a ship? Not many, it seems, as a vote was called by popular acclaim to determine who should lead the Order, and the dashing Captain Smashing (actually an Admiral and Viscount of Tartargua) swept to victory over the studious Samuel Allen, who has taken over leadership of the Order after the death of his mother in the search for El Dorado.

Samuel Allen becomes the first leader of the Order not to have been claimed by the search for El Dorado, and it seems likely that Smashing will achieve a similar triumph since the golden city has been found and destroyed. Indeed, Smashing was instrumental in this.

Great things are hoped for the Order, and certainly the men are getting used to Tartaruga as their second base of operations – its exotic location all the better for raiding and enjoying the spoils!

There is no plague

A pamphlet circulated by some of the Sisters of Hecate to counteract various ones announcing a new outbreak of the plague.

There be no plague.

There is some illness which many of the young children in Oxford are suffering from. A number have already died from this. Plague usually kills young and old first, not just young. No old people have been reported suffering from this. No adults either, noone over the age of 2.

If you have children under 2, then keep them away from Oxford if you are able, but there is no need to panic.

Potions of Groundswell

A pamphlet written by Accurate Advertisements Association on behalf of Lady Margaret O'Farrel.

Lost Land beneath the Oceans? Lament no More! Raise it above the Waves, and back to it's old Glory! Be the envy of your friends with this display of your wealth and foresight – the value of the land is sure to increase!

Smallprint: Land values can go down as well as up. The AAA accepts no responsibility for any actions taken after reading this pamphlet, or for any side-effects of this potion, up to and including raging star goats.

The Destruction of York

All that is left on the once great city, the hub of magical activity in the north, is the cathedral, protected from the waters by theurgic wards. A huge cannonball crashed into the retaining walls which kept the sea back from the city in the early morning of June 12th. Many were killed by the initial impact, and still more by the inrush of the water. Those who could made it to the sanctuary of the cathedral, but even they will have to live with nothing other than what they could carry.

Execution of the Brandages

The charges that the Ottomans presented against the Brandages in the Court of Albion and at the Council Meeting of Prague were grave beyond compare. The Ambassadors of the Sublime Porte of the Great Sultan cried out that the Brandage twins had journeyed to the heart of their wide Empire, to the ancient land of Egypt recorded in Bible and Torah both, and that there they did entreat demons and more than grant them their souls and wallow in the depravity of those who had fallen from the sight of the God of Abraham. For they sold the great multitude that dwelt in Egypt, yeah even unto the least child and oldest grandfather. Sold them into slavery and death at the hands of a great foul horde that they did bid enter into the lands of the Empire. That the Brandages did wage war upon the Ottoman armies and strike down with devilish magics. That if the Brandage twins were not given over to the righteous justice that they deserved that the war they had made in past with the devils could but spread.

The Brandages did deny their intent was ill. Sister and brother pleaded that their intentions were pure and that they acted only to break the power of the demon-king Dalembertus who plotted war more terrible and foul than ought that had happened in Cairo, yeah even worse than the babes upon spikes driven into the ground. The siblings did proclaim that if their honour and arguments were scant enough for the implacable Moors then they would surrender themselves into their custody and accept the judgements of their ruler.

And this the councils of Ottoman, Albion and Prague did agree and the Brandages were handed over to see justice done in Istanbul. There they were beheaded for the murder of a countless mulititude and their skin flayed from their bodies that it might be dispatched to the few survivors of their madness to be desecrated and mutilated in each of the territories of the Empire. And all would see that justice had been done.

Theurgic Academy in Leicester

From a pamphlet concerning church matters.

The Church of England, in association with the Invisible College, has recently opened the Bishop Mary Academy for Theurgic and Theological Learning. Sited near Leicester, where the famous Bishop Mary spent much of her life, the Academy has already begun accepting ecclesiastical entreatments from the Bishop of Bath and Wells among others, the aim being to teach Theurgy to those Bishops suited to the discipline and to advance the knowledge of those of lesser skills, to ensure there will always be loyal Anglicans able to cast the Cry God for Harry ritual that keeps the King and his Court safe.

The Invisible College will be in charge of running the Academy, providing lecturers in Theurgy and administering the buildings and all courses. The Anglican Church will provide funding and students - although many Bishops have objected to the term 'student', and so the Church has settled on the term 'docent' to refer to those who take up Theurgic study at the establishment.

Some conservative members of the Anglican clergy have grumbled about the teaching of magic to the Clergy, particularly by those known Diabolists and Inverts at the Invisible College, but support from both the Archbishop of Edinburgh who masterminded the idea and the Archbishop of Canterbury has shown the church the way forward. Indeed, if our country is to be kept safe, surely we need as many loyal Anglican Bishops as possible able to protect our fair country from the ravages of foreign Magicians; not to mention the Jews on our own doorsteps.

The Archbishop of York was unavailable for comment.

New Bishop Sutcliffe of Exeter

From the same pamphlet on recent church matters.

The Synod of the Church of England has seen fit to appoint (previously) Reverend Anthony Sutcliffe as the new Bishop of Exeter, a well deserved appointment in the eyes of the editor of this humble pamphlet. Indeed, the Bishop has been doing sterling work for the Church (and indeed, the entire Anglican faith) for so many years, working tirelessly for the good of our fair Country.

And not before time has he been Ordained as Bishop; with so many of our Bishops dying and their replacement taking so long, surely the Lords Spiritual are in danger of becoming influenced too much by the Jews? They have their votes in the House of Lords, their pound of flesh. The more Bishops are killed, the more they benefit and the freer their reign. Of course, this pamphlet would not dream of implying that the baby-eaters are behind all these recent deaths; surely some are from other causes.

I am sure Bishop Sutcliffe will join with me in condemning their heathen ways. But we should not hate them, despite the poor innocent Christians who they have killed to use in their strange rites. We should pity them, shepherd them back to the path. We trust Bishop Sutcliffe will be able to do this in Exeter.

Invisible College

From a sermon preached at the Jericho parish church

It seems that a task, a great litigation, a sop for every lawyer and law-sayer that has ever fallen upon hardtimes in Oxford does draw at last to a close. For the resolution of the dispute between Christchurch and Invisible Colleges, which has seen the ushering in and adulthood of almost two generations now, is ending. The good graces and clear sight of such learned men as the Baron Mandrake and the new Master of the Invisible College Sir Alexander Nathaniel have done much good. Much greater good than the army of solicitors of judgement and the sudden interest of our august Parliament have managed certainly. Although rumour may say that a great sum of money has been exchanged to purchase acquiesence is not much better than that another hundred laws be passed to disrupt the skies above our heads.

Fiery Angel

Oxford has filled with puritans and others with strong religious convictions prophesying that the end of the world draws near.


Hath not an angel of the Lord, his wide spread wings aflame, plunged from the sky?


The great cathedral of Christchurch in our city of Oxford is destroyed, smashed, annihilated by the fury of the Lord. Destroyed by a fiery angel of justice!

A heckler in the crowd loudly declaims, “Fiery all right! Had to jump into the sea put itself out.”

A Scholarly Treatise upon Recent Meteorological Phenomena

Since no theurgist nor theologist would countenance the idea that angels would fall from Heaven as if casualties of a great and bloody war we must perforce seek alternative explanations for the regular rain of beings which so closely resembles angels and fall from the skies of Christendom with such ruinous disregard of those who live upon the ground.

It is well-known that from time-to-time there are strange rains of fish and frog fall the cloudless sky. Reputable natural philosophers have speculated that such beasts are carried into the aery realm by waterspouts. Thus there must be a race of men 'pon the earth that so closely resemble the messengers of the Lord as to fool empiricists not guarded against such folly by theory. Perhaps this race is native to such a distant land as Zilmatillia, though what has made them to take to such long and tragic journies the authors cannot fathom.

A notice posted on a board at the theurgy faculty of the University

I did ask the angel Barachiel what be the state of affairs in Heaven that the Heavenly Host does fall upon us in flame and chaos, a state that did not upset our fathers.

And that mighty cherubim, a stranger to martial might I thought him though upon entreating him he held a mighty burning sword, did reply that all be well. But his fingers be strangely crossed upon the hilt of his greatsword.

Navarre! Navarre!

A new regular pamphlet called the “Navarrese Observer”, published by Chauncey Osbert Wayland in Pamplona, is being widely circulated in the coffeehouses and salons of Albion's major cities.

Once more Don Inigo Arista has addressed the nobles and people of Navarre and once more he has made overtures of Calm, Peace and Prosperity. Indeed, many have noted that the 'JNE' has delivered on all these promises, at least in Don Inigo's home of the Barony of Tolosa.

It has been seen that other members of the gentry have chosen to adapt to similar Changes as the localised JNE. I have seen representatives of the organisation across all Navarre, it is indeed slowly gaining some popularity with the Basques, though I cannot imagine that this euphoria will Hold. Still, all the best wishes to Don Inigo in creating whatever he may be creating and let us hope no further disturbing signs are shown by this popular movement.

As they have said, “this wind blows from Albion”…

The East India Company goes to War

From The Dragon a pamphlet published in Dunkerque for the soldiery of Albion

[…] revealed from the shrouding cloud a great mass floating in the sky. Like a fist of rock it floated in the sky above the demon-ravaged land of Egypt. And unlike any rock tossed into the sky it did not fall, instead from it flew two great flags that seemed but tiny afterthoughs upon the great island in the sky though they were surely the size of an Oxford college or more. And these twin flags were the first the flag of Albion itself and second the flag of the East India Company. Upon the banks of the Gerard Canal were many observers well practiced in the art of judging distance for is it not a basic skill of an artilleryman to know where his shot will fall. These many witnesses did agree that the great island of the East India Company was not less than one mile across.

And even as the cloud that hid the impossible sight was scattered, a new set of smaller clouds did appear about the base of the base in the clouds. After a moments pause all heard the sound of cannon in the distance for the flying island was girded all about with cannon. The shots from on high did fall amongst the demons and cause them such consternation that all the mortal soldiers and sailors thereabouts did cheer loudly. The East India Company fortress did drift over a great mass of the diabolic enemy and as it did so, its innumerable cannon still sounding shot after shot, a great rain did fall from its sides. And where the rain did fall explosions did follow as if powder packed and set alight.

Egypt Scoured of Demon Taint

A sensational news item published in 'The Dragon', a popular military pamphlet, published in Dunkerque, and reprinted as a seperate pamphlet.

… and with Great speed this floating isle appeared over the Mediterranean seas as if from Nowhere, the colours of Albion flying Proud aloft with the East India Company's standard behind. We had landed upon the shores by then and could Clearly see the Mass of Demons across the Gerard Canal, setting upon the Turkish soldiers…

… as the Bombardment from air caused great worry in the Demon army, it became somewhat reduced. Major-General Devereux, coming now at the front to the Ottoman Commander exchanged court words, for they appeared Acquainted with each other and the Ottoman all the more happy for our Major-General's arrival. Then slowly the Carriage of the Turks changed and they began to fight anew…

… commanding my company to fire as one with the others and Felled the knight of Hell, our previous training Aiding our cause. On the left Another coming upon us, driven on by a greater monster…

… the Navy, under Admiral Mandrake, I understand, held the coast then and raked the Demon flank with fire as the floating Isle did come to rest low over the Canal, as a protector. Our Ottoman Allies then bringing up great Alchemical guns using which their mad Alchemists burned the demons with a Fire more terrifying than that of Hell! One's form being turned into Cinders after moments…

… the Major-General suddenly Set Upon by one such Duke held up the ornamental musket he had carried. The ball, aimed True, went lean into the demon's head and caused it much Anguish as drawing the fine sword, Lord Devereux sliced clean through it's hand, the enormous axe dropping from its grasp. Thus one of the Eynesford companies came up and aiming their muskets struk the Demons's body…

… leaving the field strangely empty, as though not one of the Hellish denizens had Fallen upon its ground. Yet the bodies of our Comrades still lying there, no cause of their death apparent. A Victory, though costly…

A New Home for Invisible

Overheard in a public house close to the crest of Headington Hill frequented by the wealthier class of merchant

“As I was taking my morning constitutional on Sunday, I was surprised to see an amazing sight in the eastern skies. As the sun was rising, the sky was shimmering over the Horspath shallows. Irridescent colours, too beautiful to describe, seemed to be just hanging in the sky. Soon after the sun was fully risen, the colours faded but on Monday morning they were back again, only the area of sky was had almost doubled in size. By yesterday the area of shimmering sky was as wide as Christchurch meadow. Whatever it is that's going on, one can't deny it's beauty.”

From a notice posted by the Guild of Navigators some days earlier

That in agreement with the Invisible College and Royal Navy the Guild does adjust those navigational routes in the waters south of Oxford in accordance with the schedule set out in this notice. These changes shall be marked out with buoys and other such navigational aids as shall be deemed proper and necessary for the safety of shipping. This is to allow the construction of new foundations for the Invisible College, which shall be both magical and glassy in nature. Masters of vessels are advised to take good heed of such warnings and markers as may presetn themselves as the nature of the hazard is like to reefs for it is not visible to the watch of the boat and should be approached with caution.

At His Majesty's Pleasure

”…delightful to see His Majesty pleased by something, for once; really do think that affairs of state have been weighing him down recently.”

“Yes, and you have to admit, this Marvelous Mystico chap really does know his stuff. Did you see those skyflowers?”

“And the doves!”

“Yes, the doves were particularly impressive. I have no doubt the chap will get on well at Court, with an attitude for showmanship like that…”

The Case of Countess Morag

From a pamphlet about the more interesting court cases tried recently.

Countess Moray Douglas has been found guilty of the murder of Queen Joanne. The prosecution, headed by Archbishop Lockett but ably assisted (and evidence mostly provided by) Witch Jones made a most convincing case. Numerous character witnesses were called, but in the end the case was just too convincing for Countess Morag to escape.

However, the King himself intervened to have Lady Morag's death sentence commuted to Exile; she is no longer welcome on Albion's shores, and any who gives her succour is guilty of Treason. Many in the House of Lords have muttered about the King's meddling in the legal system of the country, but it is after all his perogative.


From Hansard, the voting records for the most important Bills presented to Parliament these last months.

1. Proposed by the Right Honourable Baron Wyndham, MP:

That a new Military Organisation be created, to be called the Logistics Corps, which will centrally stock and distribute those materials deemed vital to any War Effort which are required in common and in large quantities across the different Services. The Logistics Corps will hold Stockpiles in Albion and will distribute necessary Resources to the different Branches of the Armed Forces. The Logistics Corps shall have no jurisdiction of the Use of such resources once they have been handed over to the other Branches of the Military. Its actions shall be periodically reviewed by the Heads of the Armed Forces. Members of the Army & Navy logistics corps shall be seconded to the New Organisation to provide adequate Manpower. Relevant Materials will include the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Gunpowder
  • Non-perishable Victuals
  • Non-perishable Animal Feed (excluding Dragon/Griffin etc. which are deemed sole purview of the Horticulturalists)
Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Dame Chandler, Baron Mandrake, Witch Jones Sir Randolph Blenham, Don Iñigo, Lady Weaver's faction Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Lady the Admiral Hamilton, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Major-General Devereux Viscountess Megan Annwn Abstain Lord Gray, Lady Margaret O'Farrel
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The bill is extraordinarily hard-fought in the Commons with Baron Wyndham expending a great deal of political capital and energy to eventually secure a narrow victory. It is noticeable that the faction that normally votes with Baron Mandrake, chiefly concerned with Merchant Companies matters, votes against the Bill. The passage through the Lords is much smoother and the bill is PASSED into law.

2. Proposed by Major General the Lord Walter Devereux:

A bill that will allow for an increase of the contributions of the landed to the parishes of the counties in order that the improvements noted by the Hereford parish in the condition of the community and of the poor at large, and on to the rest of that county's populace, may be spread throughout Albion. It is noted that Hereford weathers the storms that beset our nations through famine and sickness better than all other places in the nation and it is hoped that these provisions will allow that same success to show throughout our land.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Mandrake, Witch Jones, Don Iñigo Dame Chandler Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
Viscountess Megan Annwn, His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord Gray Lady Margaret O'Farrel Abstain: Lady the Admiral Hamilton
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The bill enjoys wide support in the Commons and Lords and is PASSED into law.

3. Proposed by Major General the Lord Walter Devereux:

A bill that will allow for the raising of fund's for the greater maintenance and necessary improvements to the King's highways within Albion and the buildings extant under the authority of his Majesty that require further repair. These measures will allow for the greater facility of commerce as well as easier transit of the people of Albion betwixt locales.

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo Witch Jones, Dame Chandler Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord Gray, Lady the Admiral Hamilton Viscountess Megan Annwn, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The bill enjoys wide support in the Commons and Lords and is PASSED into law.

4. Proposed by the Right Honourable Baron Mandrake, MP:

The air above the land of Albion shall be considered much like the sea which surrounds its islands. It is part of the sovereign territory of Albion but this does not preclude private individuals from possessing estates which encompass items in the air.

Land masses which happen to be in the air rather than adjoining the sea shall be held of the Crown in exactly the same way as ordinary land and the Crown shall be entitled to grant estates upon such land in precisely the same way that it grants estates upon ordinary land; moreover all types of land shall be considered almost the same in all aspects of law (for example taxation, importation). If a piece of real property should move into the air, all estates previously granted shall be maintained.

Structures which are in the air independently of land masses shall be treated by all aspects of law (including taxation, importation etc) in a similar way to structures upon land masses and will be considered to be a part of any land mass they are above (if any) for the purposes of administration. The Crown shall directly administer (or delegate the administration of on a case by case basis) all such structures not above a land mass, though provided they are above Albion's territorial waters they shall be considered part of Albion.

Vessels in the air shall be treated similarly to vessels of the sea. If there is a dispute as to whether a particular object shall count as a vessel or a structure, it shall be decided by the common law courts following these guidelines: <reasonable guidelines about size, purpose, nature of movement etc supplied>.

Any object which is in the air and prevents reasonable use (to be defined by common law) of the land which it is above shall be required to make land use arrangements exactly as if it were directly upon the land in question. In order to enact this, all estates currently granted by the Crown shall formally be amended to specify that they encompass a region of the air above the land itself whose use might be reasonable in the course of using the land. [As clarified to Chandler, the intent is for those obstructing reasonable use to have to pay up or be liable for trespass. Transitory use (i.e. Horties flying over somebody's land once ever) should not be obstructed by the bill.]

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Sir Randolph Blenham, Baron Mandrake, Don Iñigo, Witch Jones, Dame Chandler Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
His Grace Henry Lockett, Lord the Major-General Devereux, Lord Gray, Lady the Admiral Hamilton, Viscountess Megan Annwn, Lady Margaret O'Farrel Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The bill is PASSED unanimously in both Houses.

4a. An amendment proposed by the Honourable Dame Katherine Chandler, MP:

The rights established within this act commence with the passing into law of this bill and are not retroactive. In order that the time of the courts not be wasted by prosecution of situations extant before the codification of these laws as laid down by Parliament, no recompense may be sought for rents not already collected for situations covered by the terms of the Act. Any rents owed are to be considered to accrue from the date of enacting of this legislation

Ayes Nays Abstension / Absent
Baron Wyndham, Sir Randolph Blenham, Don Iñigo, Dame Chandler Witch Jones, Baron Mandrake Abstain: Lady Elizabeth Weaver (Speaker)
His Grace Henry Lockett, Lady the Admiral Hamilton Lord the Major-General Devereux, Viscountess Megan Annwn Abstain: Lord Gray, Lady Margaret O'Farrel
Absent: Lady Morag Douglas

The bill is easily passed in the Commons but DEFEATED in the Lords.


  • Did you know Philip Silva's.. erm.. juices could cure the pox? It's true! Pity he's gone missing.
  • God is in Excellent Health.
  • Is it treason if I then run away to the Americas reall really fast?
  • Stargoats are just what you need.
  • Isn't Sir Nicholas Lovecraft a kind soul, he has donated so much to orphans and now he's sending money to the kitten sanctuary!
  • Lady Megan's been wearing a fair bit of makeup of late. Tubs of the stuff.
  • Annwn wants to pay for someone to go on a pilgrimmage. No, not that kind of pilgrimmage—she's after a druid to go to Stonehenge.
  • Some angel's been pestering all the courts. It's not right, I tell you!
  • This country Needs Moar Stargoat!
  • Quinn Smith's been spending a lot of time in the bedroom of his closest assistant - she's been trying to get him to notice her for years. Looks like she's finally succeeded. I just wonder what his wife's going to say!
  • Good God! Is that the monstrous corpse of the undead clockwork king and his little undead clockwork minions?!
  • Archbishop Lockett's been holding a lot of sermons in the parks of Edinburgh - is he one of them Druids we've heard about?
  • I heard Stargoats are starting to fall to Earth.. No idea what's going on there. Just hope I don't meet one, you hear stories an' all that..
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