The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Lists

The Fifth List

  • Acquire a cat-o-nine-tails and a set of thumbscrews with instruction for their use
  • Recruit one fiddler of surpassing talent
  • Write down recipe for a soup of beans
  • Acquire one rabbit of mild and solemn demeanour
  • Discover how one may dig an ink well, and measure the buckets used to draw ink from same
  • Acquire a mechanism of bronze by which one may observe the movements of the orbs, preferably one in which his celestial Radiance's own palace is visible.
  • Recruit a maker of silk gloves in the English style
  • Measure the tallest hat in the kingdom
  • Discover whether hopping is performed differently in England
  • Acquire one ropeladder for comparison with the Zilmatillian silk ladder
  • Visit the highest and lowest places in England and write a report

The Sixth List

Acquire pelts from the following animals:

  • The red squirrel
  • The stealthy and subtle green squirrel
  • The fieldmouse
  • The housemouse
  • The doormouse
  • The windowmouse
  • The hellhound (a small specimen is acceptable)
  • The roe deer
  • The pinemarten
  • The housemartin
  • The doormartin
  • The windowmartin
  • The badger (along with descriptions of the way in which it doth badge)
  • The otter (along with descriptions of the way in which it doth ott)
  • Sketches of badging and otting grounds
  • Pelts of enough furry caterpillars to make a cloak
  • 7 and a half lbs of moth of the English breed to feed to his Celestial Radiance's favourite spider

The Seventh List

Visit the following provinces and reach an accord with their rulers:

  • Bath
  • Maggot-on-the-Haye
  • Upper Whistle
  • Bentwater
  • Oxford
  • Cholmsley
  • York
  • Applethwaite
  • Ugglebarnby
  • Brighton
  • Clenchwarton
  • Middle Smearing
  • Mapplefester
  • Cheesehurst
  • Ducklington
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