Lord Richard Molyneux, Viscount of Sefton [Adam]

Player: Adam
Rank: Knight (Rank 3)
Religion: Church of England
Reputation: Graced
Email: richard_molyneux@albion.chaosdeathfish.com

Quite the young man about town (and, it should be noted, eligable batchelor), Sir Richard is the founder of Luncheon Friends, a salon which meets to discuss financial matters, as well as the high-class establishments Moly's, a gaming house, The Card and Coin, a tavern, and a house of pleasure.

He is also a relatively junior member of the East India Company, currently holding the rank of Trader.

Recently married to Dame Karin Mayer and granted the title of Viscount of Sefton by the King.

This character has Stay Thy Hand, Father


A plaque in the Molyneux Museum of Zilmatillian Curiousities Lord Richard Molyneux, Viscount of Sefton (1581-1636)

This museum was founded by Charles Molyneux, in memory of his adopted father.

Though Lord Molyneux will always be remembered primarily for his financial work it is important not to forget that there was a lighter side to his character. His promotion of learning in all forms, as a patron of Cambridge University and strong supporter of students studies of financial markets through practical experience at MISC. Married to his work, he never found time for romantic entanglements, but always found time for his friends.

It is a tragedy that such a life should come to such an untimely end. Despite a life of carefully judged risks, an encounter with an unexploded Franzberg on his morning constitutional took him from the world in the year of our Lord 1636.

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