Sir Randolph Blenham, MP - James I

Sir Randolph Blenham Player: James I
Rank: Knight (Rank 1)
Religion: Church of England

The Blenham family are known to be quite poor, and Randolph is their hope for redemption. Sent to the La Valette College of Magics on Malta to pick up an education, he has become an Inventor and has now been sent to court by his family. Quiet and studious, Sir Randolph seems unsuited to courtly life (Gauche), but many believe he is the last hope of his family to get out of debt.




A court case: The Crown versus Randolph Blenham

“The Court finds Randolph Blenham guilty of treachery against Albion, for assisting in the building of a Franzwenger Cannon recently used against Scotland and in the Flooding of York. He was acting under duress under threat to his life, however if he had provided fuller information sooner the disaster in York could have been avoided. Taking all these factors into consideration, the customary sentence of Death is commuted to Exile. Let him never set foot on Albion territory under pain of death. Let no man or woman of Albion give him aid or succour on pain of charges of treason.”

From 'Notable Inventors of Albion' by Dr Azcatelcl Zittixi, 1894

”..fortunately Sir Randolph had some time to set his affairs in order. Divesting himself of a barrel of water from the Fountain of Youth, collecting up a number of rare tokens (including the blood of one who does not die), assisting Professor Quinn Smith with his Artificial Person research (and gaining a number of useful insights for his own work), reorganising the League for Magical and Mechanical Insight (under Professor Alexander Nathaniel) and having his equipment and library packed on a ship. It is almost as if he knew the verdict before it was given!”

American Tales

From a history lecture circa 1822, New Oxford

“And if you'll open your textbooks to page 130, you'll find the subject of today's lecture; Randolph Blenham. This remarkable man was exiled by Albion for a crime he was coerced into committing; however, this turned out to be most fortuitous for the United Aztec Kingdoms. His advanced Invention and the freedom granted him from the worst strictures of the Anglican Church allowed his experimentation into human augmentation to progress with great speed. It is him we have to thank for the United Aztec Kingdoms' presence at the forefront of body replacement technology. I'm sure many of you will have come across Professor Blenham, who currently teaches in the Invention Department..”

Return to Albion

From 'The Self-Made Man: A Biography of Randolph Blenham (so far..)' by Randall Hopkirk c1935

“After some negotiation Albion agreed to repeal Sir Randolph Blenham's exile and allowed him to return to his homeland in 1850, almost two hundred years since he'd left. There he set about pushing for many of the reforms that he had hoped to see before he left. Of course, by this point the lobbying by Nathaniel Medici and the League of Magical and Mechanical insight had granted Mechanical Men the same status as Humans (as long as they have a soul). He was instrumental in pushing through reforms in medical magic and pushing forward the Academic agenda. With the return of Blenham, it was obvious that the last barriers to Progress were finally to be knocked down..”

Sidenote: A personal quest

A note found in Blenham's quarters in the League for Magical and Mechanical Insight, which hovers half a mile above the lands of Albion

“I have received a strong lead into the whereabouts of Professor Quinn Smith. I will be leaving forthwith to pursue my own enquiries. If I do not return within the year, assume I will not be coming back and enact my last will and testament, enclosed.”

The Will was put into effect a year later, when Blenham had still not returned. Its main provision was for the creation of the Quinn Algonon Bertrand Smith University of Invention.

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